Linux Game Cast Weekly 434: Alcoholic Platforming

Proton adds support for Cyberpunk 2077! Sauerbraten 2020 Edition is ready for testing, OpenRGB gets a gang of new features, and OBS browser docks are headed to Linux.



00:00 Intro
05:12 Steam disables Vulkan caching
09:57 Steam Labs Experiment 010
11:57 Proton supports Cyberpunk 2077
14:02 Guildmaster: Gratuitous Subtitle
16:12 Crumble
17:52 Death Carnival
19:17 Demons of Asteborg
22:02 Space station 14
24:27 On Key Up
26:02 Plugs & Promotions
30:42 Sauerbraten 2020 Edition
33:36 OpenRGB updates
37:46 OBS browser panels
40:31 OBS Jack fixes
42:46 dxvk-async
49:56 WINE 6.0-RC 2
52:51 Review: SUPERHOT
01:03:36 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Beta fixes

  • Properties window has a new look.
    • As usual, I hate it now but I’ll probably stop giving a shit in a few weeks
  • The one on the 9’th Improved performance of processing incremental Vulkan shader database updates.
    • This explains the 30min of thrashing without any explanation as to what was going on.
  • Experimental Proton is now in the mix.
  • That X button in Launch Options needs to go.
  • Oh, they disabled the shader processing for NVidia users.
    • Eh? I have 828MB of cached goodness.
    • It doesn’t remove what you’ve already cached, it just doesn’t do it anymore… Until they re-enable it, anyway.
  • Maybe that was a good thing, since it took about 5 minutes of that to start any Vulkan or Proton games.
    • Enable shader pre-caching.
    • It is, all 1950MB of it.
  • Gyro calibration will let you use gyro aim or whatever that was called, with the dual sense.

Steam Labs Experiment 010

  • Valve be continuing to try an improve searching and discoverability on the exceptionally bloated store
  • Sub genres and tags are now being listed as categories, so you can narrow your search down to hipster pixel soulslike walking simulators if you really need it
  • They’re also so you can search based on genre, themes and player modes. Useful when looking for party games. Also useful for filtering out multiplayer games that don’t have a network mode
  • Doesn’t seem to make much of a difference for my store experience, since I still need to click on Linux and then filter by games and recently released.


  • Hope you run team Red.
  • Still, it was good that they had early access to a build.
  • Wimpy got it running on NVidia day1.
  • Apparently you just need the 455.45.01 driver.
  • This is likely gonna be another one I’m not going to play unless I buy some hardware that comes with a free copy
  • I sending pre-release builds to valve to get running in wine is what constitutes as AAA linux support these days

Steam: New Games

Gratuitous Subtitle

  • Big thanks to Jim for sending us keys.
  • Apparently this is very much a one man job.
  • Jim mentioned in an email that he’s been handling the marketing himself too.
  • Mad respekt!
  • Turn-based YAY!


  • With a name like that, I was expecting pie
  • It’s a runner game. You have quite a few ways to locomote, so I guess if you were tired of just using your feet, this might be for you.
  • $15 price tag is a little steep
  • It looks a lot like clustertruck without the trucks.
  • Tongue your way to victory.
  • Yeah, $15 is steep especially with no online multi.

Death Carnival

  • IT’s a top down shooter, but you can bring some friends along. Over the internet even!
    • Without having to use steam remote play. Wowzers
  • The mixer mixplay extension might be a little ill-timed
  • Crossplay is a good thing
  • I’m down for another top-down arcade shooter.
  • It’s like assault android cactus with proper multiplayer.

Demons of Asteborg

  • So this one’s pretty cool. This is a recently made game for the sega genesis
  • It got kickstarted, and they sent out cartridges you can play on your own genesis if you still got the hardware. Or a retron
  • Trivial to get it running linux, I’ll be surprised if they’re not using gens or something on the backend
  • 50 mb download size. The genesis cartridge traditionally holds about 4mb of data max, but with modern technomologoy, you could just as easily have a 2TB sdcard in there for all I know
  • Thought you needed a video these days?
  • It looks like Alex Knight is Castlevania World.

Space Station 14

  • Space clown is best clown.
  • The source code for the original game this was based off of got released.
  • Apparently it’s a mess to maintain, hence the remake/redo
  • Clearly trying to capitalize on the success of Among Us to bring back a multiplayer space game which didn’t do so well in the past.
  • It’s going to support 3’rd party servers.

onKey Up

  • I don’t know why but I think I want to play that
  • This has the potential for some fuckery
  • I suggest using this with a donor keyboard.


Sour Broughten

  • Now the S in SDL2 can finally stand for Saurbraten
    • Yeah, it’s good to see that.
  • They’ve added a fuckton of new maps (200)
  • Lot’s and lots of new assets.
  • And the health boost mechanic has been redesigned.
  • Only active game still using the 4 dimensional time cube engine?

Blink bling

  • The list of supported blinky shit continues to increase
  • Dualshock 4 is the only thing I got
  • If you splurged on a gaming laptop from asus you’re in luck though. Blink away fam
  • I hope they keep at it, because at this point Linux people have no other options for most RGBlinkies.
  • Not that anyone should want whatever the hell is going in Windows-land for RGBs.

OBS Docking

  • Easy way to have chat up and front.
  • Still having some stability issues.

OBS JAcking

  • Jack should work now.
  • The OBS audio stack is a rats nest.
  • I’m adulting rather hard right now and not going full-metal I told you so on the fkr who kept the bug closed.
  • It will be merged in the next release.
  • Also, in the upcoming release your BM card will probably be knackered.

Better Async

  • This is a fork of a patch originally to better support Path of Exile
  • It uses the state pipeline now, which wasn’t present in DXVK when work started on the original
  • Supposedly there’s almost no stutter in games that require async
  • There’s still some concerns you might get banned from MP games if you fuck with the graphics rendering pipeline.
  • So be careful with this one.

WINE 6.0-rc2

  • 40 bug fixes and most of them are for games.
  • Yes, I consider Quicken 2004 a game.
  • Oh hey, fixes for Grandia 2. I should find my CD of that, the version on the switch is just so buggy
  • Still waiting for a sequel to eFax Messenger 4.4.
  • Or at least some DLC.
  • Sacred Gold will now play the cutscenes!
  • That bug’s been open since 2008
  • I guess if the native Linux version isn’t going to get fixed, this might be the only way.
  • I do want to see the full changelog from 5.0 to 6.0
  • There’s been a lot of stuff happening in WINE land since VALVe started Proton.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Superhot
Devel: SUPERHOT Team
Engine: Unity
Price: £17.99 / $24.99 / $34.99

Wazzat: SUPERHOT is the first person shooter where time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It’s just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing weapons off fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets.



  • Everything worked out of the box.
  • Even picked up the gamepads and that’s not a given from a 2016 title.
  • It’s missing Windowed mode, had to throw the old Unity flag for that.


  • Ladies and gentlemen this is bullet chess.
  • Or bat chess and sometimes punch chess.
  • Time moves faster when you move but don’t think it stops simply because you did.
  • Na, too much thinking will get you killed right proper.
  • At just under 90 minutes I managed to complete the first few levels.
  • They ranged from challenging to FK IT ima go full Pedro and cheese my through this one.
  • I did that last night on stream after getting deaded eleventy times.
  • It’s fun and FSM damn punching and grabbing the gun shooting then throwing it never gets old.
  • I like that it forces you to be 100% aware of your surroundings or ya know, bullet, car, fist.
  • Is it still worth $24.99 at the end of 2020?
  • Nope, that’s why I got it in a bundle but I don’t think I would feel bad dropping $15 on it.
  • Yeah, turns out I like the thinky shooty business.



  • Launches OOTB on AMD and nvidia, holds 60 on both
  • No cloud save though? Really? Go fuck yourselves, making me solve fiddly shit over again
  • The visual style is excellent. The minimalism works for this sort of game, and it’s cool to see dudes shatter
  • Not really much of a soundtrack
  • Controls are standard wasd


  • This is a puzzle game in disguise as an action game. It’s all about managing ticks of the clock
  • In VR this it’s really fun because you’re physically there and the time feels visceral. I think it’s one of the better early VR experiences because of it.
  • I feel it’s a bit diminished playing just at my desk
  • My chief complaint is that sometimes the solutions can be a little brute forcey as you try to figure out the safe spots. Make it fun for speedrunning, less so for casual play
  • But hey, once you hit that sweet spot, you can watch your cool matrix kung fu fight. You can even record and edit them to try and make yourself not look like a spazzing idiot
  • If you folks get a chance, I highly recommend trying it out in VR cuz it’s considerably more fun when you gotta dip duck dodge dive and dodge into your friend’s furniture



  • Launched out of the box
  • Doesn’t seem to like 144 Hz, you have to remove the frame limiter but keep Vsync on
  • And even then it has some occasional dips.
  • Which makes you wonder why, since there isn’t much on screen most of the time
  • Rebindable controls and adjustable mouse sensitivity are very much appreciated.


  • I’m 100% on board with the gameplay.
  • I do like turn based games, for the most part.
  • It’s the story which feels like it was tacked on at best and completely dissonant at worst that I’m not a big fan of.
  • When it comes to narrative vs mechanics in videogames, I’m very much in the mechanics camp.
  • But, games like Half-Life 2 have shown that you can have very good mechanics and a narrative which complements and works with those mechanics.
  • Here, I find myself repeatedly smacking the keyboard in the pointless bs story to try and get back into the videogame I’m trying to play.
  • Could have done without that, I think.



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