Cinematic Puzzle Platformer Monochroma Kickstarter Includes Linux Demo

Thanks to gustavo for screaming about this.

Slick looking puzzle platformer: 
Reasonable funding goal: 
Linux demo: ✔
ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney: ✔

The critters at NowhereStudios need $80,000 wet stinky cashes to complete the last bits of Monochroma. Check with the judge.

Monochroma is a cinematic platformer game set in an industrial alchemic world. It’s about being a child in dark world, having a little brother, growing up, falling down and solving some other puzzles. The game will be released on December 2013 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Monochroma grew out of our passion for games and was supported by people who believed in us. We made it this far, but we can’t get to the finish line without your support. The good news is that we’re already into the third quarter of the project and will only need a small amount to complete the game! We also need your vote on Steam Greenlight! Please click here to support Monochroma.

M1 M5 M4 M3

Play the demo and decide if Monochroma deserves your support.

Kickstarter: monochroma

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