Red Eclipse 1.4 (Elara Edition): New Maps, New Modes, And Visible Legs

Red Eclipse, a fun-filled new take on the casual first person arena shooter, makes even greater strides in its development with the release of version 1.4, codenamed “Elara Edition”. The success of “Operation Spitshine” has brought many graphical and gameplay enhancements such as;

  • Vanity items and improved colours: dress up and frag with style.
  • Visible legs in first person: know where you are kicking and parkouring.
  • New and revamped maps: bringing you even more variety.
  • Better viewing: level flythroughs, improved third and first person cameras.
  • Better menus and other HUD elements: easier to see and read at a glance.
  • New weapon: Mines add a new dimension to the existing gameplay.
  • New mode: attack and defend in Gauntlet, competing for the most laps.
  • Automatic demo recording: for those times you just have to watch it again.
  • User Accounts: donate or contribute, and wear the in-game supporter badge.
  • Improved weapon balance and gameplay rules, bugs fixed, and much more.

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Red Eclipse is a fun-filled new take on the casual first person arena shooter, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2, which lends itself toward a balanced gameplay, with a general theme of agility in a variety of environments. For more information, please visit the Wiki.



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