Indie FPS Dungeon Crawler Dead Squared Releases Public Alpha

From @gustavoYaraujo

The critters at End Boss Games released the first public alpha of their FPS dungeon crawler Dead Squared. The alpha lacks RPG elements but includes 4 craftable weapons. Check with the judge.

Finally, we released a new playable alpha build of our game Dead Squared.  We had a good E3, and implemented a lot of the feedback from people over the web, and during demo sessions.  It has taken a bit longer then normal but I’m pretty happy with it. Keep in mind the game does not have any gameplay progression, and only 4 craftable weapons.

Grab the alpha from IndieDB.

1.1 4.1 5.1 6.1


  • Random rooms
  • Random encounters
  • Toon render
  • FPS combat
  • Weapon crafting
  • Lots of monsters to kill
  • RPG elements
  • Inventory Tetris



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