Legends of Aethereus Multiplayer Beta V33: Massive Graphic Improvements And Better Distro Compatibility

Did anyone ask for an updated Legends of Aethereus beta? No? Well, they made one anyway ..and it’s epic. Beta 33 brings new skills, enemies, and “massive” graphical improvements. But wait, there’s more! Beta 33 fixes the Zoom on scroll Linux bug while improving distro compatibility.

For those in the beta grab the upgrade + instructions here. Want in? Throw down $24.99 wet stinky cashes and enjoy.

LoA-01 LoA-02 LoA-04 LoA-11


  • MASSIVE graphic improvements.
  • MASSIVE efforts in optimization.
  • Fixed known issues in Multiplayer Lobby and Chat
  • Many known graphical issues fixed (low visibility)
  • Minimap improved greatly.


  • GUI updated and improved.
  • Blacksmith updated and Crafting System optimized.
  • Last Stand updated and upgraded.
  • Combat trainer has been greatly changed and upgraded.
  • Stats on craftable gear and weapons improved.
  • Settings menu updated and new settings added

Full changelog available here.

Website: www.aethereusgame.com

    • Hello Michal

      would like to look in to your problem. Can you send your player output log and
      we can look into your problem. You find the log file in /home/[username]/.config/unity3d

      my mail is hakan (at) threegates.se

      Kind regards Håkan Mattsson

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