LinuxGameCast Weekly EP52 — Cooked On Phoronix

We’re giving away TEN GAMES! Metro lands in the Steam database, System Shock 2 gets a WINE “port”, and Humble releases the EA Bundle of NOPE. Then we throw the review chairs at Strike Suit Zero. All this, plus your hate mail.


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  • 4 keys for the No more room in hell beta

Runners up

  • 3 keys for Spectraball
  • 3 keys for Gateways

PSA: Stop supporting Phonyx STOP. It’s no longer link bait x=MTQzNDE

Colour key Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Steam Client Beta SDL2.0

  • Aaaaand somehow it’s still responsive as balls.

  • It’s now fully SDL 2 compliant. Don’t mean shit when it needs to check in with Valve HQ every minute, just to be sure you haven’t killed the games you’re holding hostage yet.


Metro: Last Light coming to linux

  • As evidenced by Thom Dushane wetting his panties, this could be a pretty big deal

  • Metro is a fairly big series, and having this be a success on linux could send a very clear message to devs

  • According to america’s finest news source, its out already:

  • AAA games come with AAA prices.

  • There’s a game my calculator may not be able to run… At least not until AMD gets their ass in gear and release some proper drivers.


System Shock 2


Natural Selection 2 Aug 30

  • MLL, NS2… I wonder what’ll come next. ˆ.ˆ

  • Mein wallet is itching

  • WTF is up /w blocking comments on your G+ page?


Football Manager 2014 Available to Pre-Order on Steam

  • Why should fucks be given, you ask?

  • This means SEGA is officially supporting the penguin ..again

  • Here’s the thing, this game won’t bring anyone new to penguin land.

    • It will simply cater to the already existing fan-base playing it through WINE.


A machine for your mom is up for pre-order on Steam

  • Sooner than expected, but after the last four games I’m survival horrered out

  • If they fix the headache inducing wibbly wobbly camera filters, I’ll give this one the perfect 4.


Will it Blend?

  • Sweet! Steamy blenders coming your way!

  • This is an interesting step.  I’m curious is valve will be reaching out to other open source projects like  *COUGH*openmw*COUGH* this


EA Bundle of NOPE

  • Oh, it’s all for charity?AS

  • More like get people locked into Origin

  • Yup, they really don’t like Linux anymore.

  • I could have excused the previous ones as being the developer’s fault. Now it’s just pretty damn obvious they’re trying to fall in good graces with the ESA, of which EA and Microsoft are a part of.

  • Been said before, but I really like the very sudden transition from “DRM FREE” to “MOST RESTRICTIVE DRMZ EVAR”


Lips of Suna 0.7.0 released

  • More than a year since 0.6.0 (05/30/12). Let’s see if it’s any better.

  • Is it even remotely payable?

    • No idea, it refused to compile on my end. Couldn’t find the up-to-date version on any Fedora repo.

    • I’m not going to go in and fix their shitty code.   Thumbs down


Eyes v2.0 released (gustavo find)

  • Oh pewdiepie games, at the very least there’s entertainment value in watching people play them.


Scraps 0.2.0 update

  • Yes, please!

  • Needs moar guns!

  • Needs multiplayer

    • Agree’d


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies 

Game: Strike Suit Zero


Devel: Born Ready Games

Engine: Custom

Price: $19.99

Makes with the working


  • Ubuntu 12.04 CONFIRMED


  • Fedora 18 CONFIRMED


  • Miley Cyrus Linux CONFIRMED


Shiny / Sounds


  • Folding? With something so heavily BSG inspired I would have accepted jump.

  • As I said there is a STRONG BSG inspired soundtrack.

  • Goes all Asian techno when you get the SS0 NTTAWWT

  • On closer inspection the graphics / models are a bit simple.


  • Dug the BSG-inspired soundtrack

  • One of the best looking games on Linux


  • Graphics jacked all the way up, except for Anti-Aliasing, using the Open Source Gallium3D driver and the game is still silky smooth. Thumbs up!




  • You need a controller with the SS0.

  • Auto-lock is not a “feature” it’s a requirement.


  • Keybaord controls for the fighter mode are quite hectic

  • Found myself needing to switch inputs every time I transformed in order to make the game sane


  • Sweet Black fucking Sabbath! SSZ introduces the change in controls, between ship and Strike Suit, the same way a crazed horse introduces its turgid dick.




  • It’s fun once you get use to the SS0 and borrow a friends dual-hat controller.


  • Moar strike suit!

  • Very much agree with pedro.   Escort missions are fucking awful and this game has a lot of them

  • Can definitely see the potential it has to grow on me



  • Doesn’t get 4 chairs because I fucking loathe escort missions.


Verdict –


Legend of Dungeon Available on Steam


That’s all you had to say


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