LinuxGameCast Weekly EP50 — Clusterfu*ky

Coming up on this Linux GameCast Weekly: Tips and tricks for the aspiring indie developer. Humble delivers another anti Bundle and the Skullgirls port is full-metal volunteer. Then we throw the review chairs at Teleglitch. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


Extra Credits – So You Want to be an Indie

  • Soooo spot on about testing early and often but they left out something important.

  • Don’t give the game to friends & family. They might cut you some slack.

  • Let me reiterate that: It’s quality, over quantity!

  • Find the mechanic(s) that lead you to creating the game in the first place and put them on a freakin’ pedestal! Don’t half-ass it (them).

Steam News :

Steam client update released

  • Now you’re no longer fooled by the checkmarks.

  • That particular crash is something I never experienced, but hey! Good on them!


Steam Hardware & Software Survey July 2013 show Linux usage at 1.79

  • No shock here. Ever since DOTA2 is been a bit quiet.

  • C’mon 2%!


Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

  • I wanna GREP this code. Just saying. Can’t believe they ported in a clean room env.

  • Fullmetal Pixel Edition!


Snuggle Truck

  • Now with “Brony Mode” (I’m dead fk mothering serious)

  • So this is happy wheels with pickup trucks…

  • If you kept up with the Android bundles you already have this one.

    • It’s a trial game where instead of bikes, you’re driving stuffed animals back to the zoo.

    • There’s a variant for android called Smuggle Truck, where you have to drive illegal immigrants across the border.

      • Being our resident illegal immigrant, how accurate do you think this game was?

      • Not very accurate. I got in solely thanks to my good looks.


Skullgirls is now available for pre-purchase on Steam ..about that Linux port

  • What’s with this volunteer bullshit? You’re not actively developing the port?

  • What? We end up with a one-off that might not support multiplayer?

  • Hoo boy.   Now listen up little crackers, this is why you develop your shit to be cross platform.   Makes all this crap nice and simple

  • /facepalm


AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta for Linux is now available

  • [379176] “Testing use only” watermark removed

    • Fucking finally

  • OpenGL 4.3 support

  • Dynamic primary surface resizing

  • Kernel 3.10 support

  • SLED 11 SP3 support

  • More Unigine Heaven and Source engine fixes.

  • First install on my end and I got zilch OpenGL acceleration with the 3.10.4 kernel.

    • It simply refused to work on my end:

libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/dri/

libGL error: open uki failed (Operation not permitted)

  • Fuck you, AMD!

  • Found it! Fuckin’ AMD, it takes a Linux user to fix your shit for you.


OpenRadeonBIOS An Open-Source Radeon Video BIOS

  • Only works with the open source drivers.

  • Seems to have been done with the AMD 5450HD in mind.

  • Neat little project, but I don’t see it going anywhere

    • Would absolutely be hilarious if this eventually matures to be better than AMD’s shite


Humble Because FU*K YOU! That’s why! Bundle

  • They no longer want our monies…

  • Is this the second all Windows Bundle of mighty nope or the third?

    • Actual Humble Bundles it’s the 2nd, if you count weekly sales it’s like the 12th.


    • Speaking of Non-Linux bundles, so is the weekly:

      • And even in a bundle that includes no linux games, Linux users are still paying more than a verage.    Bort


And nothing of value was lost

  • The unintended consequences of hipster bashing?

  • What do we win? Anyway, hope Fish is doing alright *checks indie devel deathpool* at least until mid October.

    • Come on end of September!

  • Flibitijibibo is the one who ported the first game.

    • Whether it’ll get released or not, depends on how big a mess Fish made on the way out.


DXX-Rebirth v0.58 released

  • 6DOF Descent goodness.

  • I remember playing the original /w DOS in 95.


MouseCraft, a mix of Lemmings and Tetris is now in free Alpha

  • Needs an Incredible Machine reference!

  • Its pretty much what’s on the tin


Love Shack Hotel (blame madhi19 for this)

  • You best remember the mapped controls. Had to nuke it from orbit to exit.

  • Tiny Tower with spooning?


OpenMW v0.25.0 Update – Morrowind Engine Reimplementation

  • Implemented SoundGen for NPCs and creatures

  • Implemented AI Package: Wander

  • Implemented Hardware mouse cursors

  • Implemented first person animations

  • Implemented mouse wheel zoom in third person mode

  • Plus a whole metric ton of fixes

  • I say keep it up! The whole project is actually shaping up very nicely!


Wings Of Saint Nazaire Alpha: Retro Space Combat Sim Goodness

  • Now THIS is how you make a retro game.

  • It screams “retro pixel goodness” not “couldn’t afford an at guy”

  • The controls are a bit shit but that should get sorted in later versions.

    • Yup, every time I got out of the mothership I was doing barrel-rolls and it took me a bit to get the cursor back to a manageable position.

    • I can’t stop barrel rolling

  • Woa, this is stupidly fun!

  • Sent me down nostalgia lane to good ol’ Wing Commander Prophecy!

  • Finish. This. Game! Pedro demands it!

  • They .tar’d it!

  • Really need to fix the controls, but a very cool project


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies 

Game: Teleglitch: Die More Edition


Devel: Paradox Interactive

Engine: Custom

Price: $12.99

Makes with the working


  • It launched without issue.




Shiny / Sounds


  • Can’t give it zero ..right? This looks worse than the original Wolf3D. Sounds? Ended up throwing on some Slayer to escape the ATARI retro bullshit.


  • I guess pixels was an aesthetic choice.    In that regard, it does it adequately.    Nothing particularly special.    I tuned out the soundtrack.


  • Fullmetal Pixel!

  • The one redeeming thing about the game in this category are the sounds

    • Guns sound like guns! Fuckin’ A! (Thankfully there was no pew pew pew)

    • The eerie atmosphere created by the subtle background noise is impressive

    • It’s a shame the graphics didn’t match up.




  • It controls surprisingly well. Dinging it chair since no amount of control will sort getting jumped by a blob-o-pixels.


  • Aiming got a bit silly as you try to fend off bunches of angry robots and zombies that want to eat your flesh


  • Doesn’t get the fourth chair because changing weapons mid combat makes things even more clusterfucky.




  • I really wanted to dislike this game ..and I did. I would have given it two chairs but the price nixed that.


  • Can’t say I particularly enjoyed it.   Get swarmed by doods, die, restart, get swarmed by doods.

  • Plus the game really should be worth 5 bucks at most.



  • It was stupidly fun, more so than I imagined.

  • In its rogue-like, top-down shooter thing, it shines above many of its kind.

  • Can’t give it the fourth chair because no fullmetal pixel game justifies $13.




AGS Linux Engine


Why is Mr Cwang so averse to engaging with his audience

  • Awww, does you want me to give you some atenshun?   Does ya?   Does Ya?

    • In all seriousness, I do post there occasionally as Frojoe, I just really don’t have all that much to say.


Plee the Bear*-

  • A few things “Unfortunately we have not enough spare time anymore to keep developing the game in these conditions” let it die. If someone really wants to keep the project going they will fork it.

    • Needs some blue. There! My work is done!

  • I don’t think you’re going to get 1112.79 € for a game that was last updated (on Ubuntu) in 2011.

    • Same for the sourceforge page.

    • And not just that, I hadn’t even heard about game until today.

      • At the start of this episode we had a PSA about indie game development and how marketing is one of your top priorities.

  • Maybe they’ll take a better look at their marketing department guy, now.

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