LinuxGameCast Weekly EP53 — Angry Gets Sh*t Done

We announce the winars of our Away of GIVE! Pedro screams about the latest AMD drivers. Jordan tries a “100% realistic” sloth simulator and Notch nopes the hell out. Then we throw the pre-review chairs at Sir, You Are Being Hunted. All this, plus your hate mail.


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//Special mention to Strider because I LOL’ed my balls off at his post. Unfortunately, he forgot ze link.


TAR ze files (again)

  • We have a LOT of new Unity devels on the market and the best thing we can do is explain permissions.

  • It works on Windows and MAC but not so much with the penguin.

  • Yes, chmod +x is easy but for a new Linux users you just sent them something that doesn’t work, son.

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

  • “Thank you for coming. I have purchased the Springfield YMCA. I plan to tear it down, and build a nature preserve where I will hunt the deadliest game of all – Man.”

  • Early access game

    • Made by RockPaperShotgun’s Jim Rossignol.

  • First-person stealth and survival

    • Wish it was DayZ.

  • $19.99? Is it worth it? Hmmmm questionmark

    • Nein, but we’ll get to that in the review section


Hate Plus

  • Some thing (one) gets fucked in this. I guarantee it. I mean, graphic novels and banging go together like the Special Olympics and hugs.

  • It can’t be a full on hentai graphic novel, but I can see it having “implications” that some “phallic protuberance” got “intimately acquainted” with some “quivery and moist” area.

  • Spoke to the developer at Fan Expo.   Developed in python, nice lady


L4D2 big boy edition

  • All it does is remove the no-violence patch for countries like Germany and Australia in which the game was refused rating in its original state. (refusing classification means the game can’t be sold in said country)


Race The Sun 1.0

  • A game which the LGC crew was almost certain wouldn’t even get its kickstarter funds.

  • Linux version still needs some work.

  • The first update will likely add resolution/fullscreen/input mapping options to an in-game dialog instead of command line.


Notch out


    • Seriously though, I was looking forward to this.   Fuck

    • As was I… goddamnit!!

  • section .data

  • msg db  ‘Bwahahahahah!!!11!!’,0xa

  • /r/Rodina will be the spiritual continuation of 0x10c


    • Sweet mother of NOPE!


AMD Beta 2 calculator drivers

  • Beta2 has the exact same problem beta1 did.

    • Fuck all idea what they changed, since the changelog is still the same.

      • My previous fix doesn’t work in the newer version. /facepalm

        • Fuck you AMD!

  • Imma stay with 13.8-beta1, at least I know how to fix it.


Assault Cube reloaded, version 2.5.8

  • Better speedhack detection when using the M82

  • More Intervention damage

  • Better explosive damage fading

  • They “sponsore” gamers, apparently.


100% realistic sloth simulator

  • Yup.   Definitely a sloth simulator

  • Motherschmuping, bullet-hell, cell shaded sloth simulators!

    • The papercutscenes made me giggle.

  • Well, pissed me off with a quickness but remember kids as uncle Yahtzee says “angry gets shit done”

  • Controller or GTFO


X Speed Race

  • Sweet mother of non-cohesive physics, Batman!

  • This reeks of the Trackmania clone minus the login (so I’m okay  with this)

  • Needs resolution option and gamepad support.

NOTE: Why pre-review a “Early Access Game”? Because it’s 20 wet stinky. Our lawn chairs are covered with soft fuzzy material.


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies 

Game: Sir, You Are Being Hunted


Devel: Big Robot

Engine: Unity

Price: $19.99

Makes with the working


  • UBUNTU 12.04 LTS


  • Fedora 18?


  • Korora 19 in a 4 year old mid-range laptop.

  • It takes forever to load and I have to force my screen to refresh so I can actually see the progress.

  • Otherwise I’d be looking at a black screen for like 10 minutes.


Shiny / Sounds


  • For an alpha it looks like a bit of alright.

  • The atmosphere works and I think the sound is spot on.


  • Well, it is an early build, so this guy comes with an asterisk for the looks

  • The sounds add a nice touch of paranoia



  • Most textures flicker like christmas lights, the ones that don’t are blurry as fuck.

  • Sounds are great, you can tell exactly in how much shit you’re in by the sounds alone.




  • It’s a bit herky jerk but I like my gerbil sensitivity high.

  • Aiming is a bit of a PITA


  • Mouse sensitivity is all jacked, had to use the hardware switch on my mouse


  • Mouse sensitivity is way too damn high.

  • Lowering it makes it too damn slow.




  • I ..get where they’re going with this but it’s a long way from it.

  • A multiplayer option would be most welcome

  • The initial load is loooooooooooooooooooooooooong.


  • I noped out of this game fairly quickly….twice

  • I wanted to like it, I really did, but the game needs a lot of work

  • There isn’t much room for creativity, as pedro mentioned

  • You can’t attack your puruers much either


  • The 80’s called, they don’t want their technical limitations back.

  • Also, this is a game about survival, right!? Think about it… You’re being hunted, what’s the best place to hide and wait for things to cool off? Out in the middle of the tundra or inside a building?

  • Say you’re trying to aim down the barrel of your gun to kill your pursuers, where would you rather be shooting? Inside a nice place where nothing moves and you can hear things clearly or out in the same tundra where the grass moves, bugs fly and enemy balloons can spot you?

  • This isn’t a game about survival, this is a game about running. You run from smoke pillars to the standing stone, rinse repeat.

  • The pieces of the machine you’re trying to build take ⅓ of your inventory. Means in a normal situation you can carry 1 maybe two at a time. Making it for what I foresee to be a very frustrating (read boring) game of There and Back Again™!


Final – *

  • Is it worth $20? In my opinion, no. But it is still an Alpha, so I may yet eat my words.

  • If this was priced at $9.00 wet stinky I would say pick it up but @ 20 it’s a wait.


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