LinuxGameCast Weekly EP88 — Male Hating

Nuclear brings the compatibility! Apps invade Steam, AMD accidentally creates a working driver, and Diablo makes with the open. Then we throw the chairs at The Last Federation. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


Humble “!” passes for a waning Bundle


  • Really, what the hell? Try picking that little fkr out on a mobile. Just list the fk mothering OS FFS, FK!

  • just hover over them!

  • Because mobile device.

Steam News :

Nuclear Nucular Dawn update 7.1 released

  • Seems like a lot of learning for a game nobody plays.

  • Linux players can now play against Mac and Windows players.


  • It works, you can play on the regular servers now.

  • Unfortunately, Linux users came a little late to the party and other players are a bit too good for lil’old me.



  • “The first and only official Rube Goldberg puzzle game.” whatever the hell that means  

  • App game is app. Really, this shite should be flagged.

    • Yeah, I thoght “This might be neat” until I realized that the reviews came from touch arcade and “pad gadget” (giggity)

  • 1.99 in Play Store

  • 2.99 on the iTunes

  • 4.99 for clicking “export” ??? PROFIT!

    • It looks like Steam has become the best place for Unity developers to make a quick buck.


Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

  • Nightmares of the Steampunk

  • Don’t even need to watch ze trailer. Somebody gets kidnaped and you point-and-click shite ..the end.

  • FFS! Just watched ze trailer. Exact game mechanics as Nightmares from the Deep.

    • Well duh, welcome to every point and click adventure ever!

    • Also its the same people.   Not very original thinkers these ones

  • Light PnC/Hidden Object game makers are better off sticking to what they know and Artifex Mundi is stuck, nailed and riveted to what they know.


Out of the Park Baseball 15

  • Has anyone ever met a baseball/football management sim fan IRL?

    • yeah, he hangs out with that sober irishman I met at the gay klansman’s synagogue

    • I heard him and Peter Griffin hang out at the bar most nights.

  • 3D ballpark and 3D ball flight support

  • New Playoff matchups editor

  • Various AI and core engine improvements, making the most realistic game even more realistic.

  • Hot Pocket recipe booklet



  • The interesting part of this is, I was hitting my head on the wall a few of days ago trying to remember the name of this game. The next day, lo-and-behold!

  • But this is one of those cult games that if you get into its mindset, it’s pretty damn good. I think I’m going to get it now that it is on Linux.

  • I like how this thing needs to be played at 800×600.   Its imperative


AMD Catalyst 14.4

  • AMD was forced to fix the cg shader mip mapping bug that caused Ogre3D games to segfault at launch, in order to get all the features out of OpenGL 4.4.

  • Guess they are taking the Steam Machines seriously after all.

  • Frame latency is still all over the place, but 3D performance is still reasonably better than the open-sauce variant.

  • I knew the drivers were shite but after reading “hey I can almost play L4D2 at a proper frame rate” just ..damn

  • I’m only seeing minor performance improvements on my APU system.


Suck it

  • In all fairness I never expected a BL2 port.

  • The president of Gearbox Software can’t get shite done

  • The hell do you mean “talked to some people”? You’re the fk mothering president. Whip out your cock, recite America, Fuck Yeah (as is tradition) and go president some shite.

  • I mean, it would be nice if a large group of linux users just spammed this guy until we get a port, but I don’t expect we’ll be seeing any Borderlands on linuxes any time soon

  • I gave him the numbers and he asked me why don’t I try it myself. I felt like slapping a bitch at that point!



  • Using OpenMWs coding standards.   Neat

    • ^ I thought it was a nice touch.

  • Now to dig out my Diablo CD.

  • CEL / CL2 decoding

  • Level rendering

  • Level Generation

  • Level switching

  • Town NPCS

  • Not bad for a0.1 release



  • “Play an MMO while we use your PC to mine for bitcoins” the game!

  • All hail magic internet money!


Colour is expensive you know

  • Prequel to Guacamelee, now with less whitewashed genocide!

  • Looks like it was made in flash

  • Turn based strategy beat’em up

  • A b&w game in 2014 is just ..racist

  • More than a little inspired by MadWorld for the Wii.


inSynch is now available

  • …“entirely crafted and animated by hand using traditional stop motion animation techniques, giving a fragile and delicate feel to this musical experience.”

  • Is this an art project or a game?

    • Both

  • Came out april 24th.

  • $/€/£4.99


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The Last Federation


Devel: Arcen Games

Engine: Unity

Price: $/€19.99

Wazzat: “From the creators of AI War: Fleet Command and Bionic Dues comes an all-new grand strategy title with turn-based tactical combat, set in a deep simulation of an entire solar system and its billions of inhabitants. You are the last of a murdered race, determined to unify or destroy the 8 others.”

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • The colour scheme of the menu is FK all mental.

  • Ship and planted models are meh and don’t get me started on the chip-bit soundtrack


  • Once you zoom out to get a good look at the scenario, everything looks samey

  • Soundrack is forgettable at best



  • The static backgrounds look a bit jarring. Especially after Jordan mentioned it!




  • Controls work for what they are.

  • Dinging it a chair since the thrust/weapon/shield thingy is in the upper left.



  • It has the exact same problem Bionic Dues had with the camera controls and the game sort of freaking out when the cursor leaves the window without it losing focus.




  • I don’t like TBS games and this did nothing to change that.


  • I don’t like political turn based strategy games and this did nothing to change it


  • They’re not kidding when they say grand strategy! One effective way of completely annihilating opposing factions, is to convince every one of your allies to dump toxic waste on their planets.

  • Have yet to be able to win a single playthrough though.


Final –

Hate Mail:

Beyond Earf


Vipor’s Linux Station

  • We exclusively use Linspire for all of our testing

  • Zenwalk, Zenwalk all the things!



Retrobooster updated

  • Speedrun timer and proper widescreen, woohoo!





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