Bionic Where Bionic Is Due

If you’re reading an article on a website called then chances are you already know what a roguelike is. What if I decided to throw you a curveball and say Bionic Dues isn’t a roguelike, but a roguelite?

But enough with the technicalities and onto the Mechs at hand.

Bionic Dues drops you off mid robot apocalypse and since you’re the last person capable of leading the Exo (read mechs) team, you’re the one in charge of curb-stomping these rebellious robots.

How the revolution even started is anyone’s guess and standing at the heart of an overrun city, that’s the last thing on your mind. At the start of each mission you’re given the chance to customize the layout of your four Exos. Are you going at it stealthily or guns blazing? No one strategy is going to get you through the game, but you’re in for a lot of fun figuring it out.

Bionic Dues Bionic Dues Bionic Dues Bionic Dues

With a movement/combat system that will make any hardcore Rogue fan feel right at home, you’re set to bring the fight back to the rogue bots. Will you be able to stop this lubricated incursion or will you fall victim to the machines?

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