All your penguins are belong to The Last Federation

No use asking your first officer for a status report! Arcen Games’ The Last Federation is officially out for Linux and its phasers are set to keep you in your chair.

If the name Arcen Games means nothing to you, they’re the good looking time vampires who made  my favorite game of 2013 Bionic Dues. Unlike Bionic Dues, TLF’s combat system is more akin to Gratuitous Space Battles with mandatory turn based decision making. I’m almost sure I can hear our benevolent overlord, Venn Stone, cursing at their choice of gameplay mechanics.

You play as a Hydral, an extra-terrestrial hydra, who has  hijacked a very important flagship and is now trying to fight its way to freedom. If that alone doesn’t make you scream “Hail Hydral” at the top of your lungs, I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

The Last Federation The Last Federation The Last Federation The Last Federation

Charging your warp drives a total of $19.99, you’ll be able to partake in this quadruple-headed dragon-type alien adventure and enjoy what is likely to be another heavy contender for the Linux gaming scene in 2014. Want to know the best part? Well, I’m telling you anyway! Even though you have to redeem the game on Steam, it is absolutely DRM-free otherwise. From their webzone: “The Steam Client allow you to download and update the game. However, if you wish to take the game “on the go,” or otherwise back it up for archival purposes, you can simply copy the game files out of your steam folder and they will remain fully functional even without Steam.

Hail Hydral!


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