Crazy Belts for Linux

It seems there have been quite a lot of Android games getting a desktop Linux port, lately. Some are alright, others not so much. *Cough*Ravensword*cough* – Oh man, I better get something for this cough.

Today I bring you Crazy Belts, a game that is clearly better suited for a touch device but is still very much enjoyable if you have a gerbil to navigate with. If you’ve played Angry Birds at some point in your life, you’ll find the menus are extremely familiar.  On the other hand, the gameplay isn’t about shooting birds with a slingshot but about getting luggage from the chute at the top and into the conveniently color coded tube at the bottom. All you need to do is ensure the conveyer belts (get it!?) are going the right way in order for the luggage to get sent to the appropriate flight.

As you progress you’ll unlock new airports with new and interesting challenges. There’s even an infinite mode that lets you compete worldwide and have your best score show up on the leaderboard.

Crazy Belts Crazy Belts Crazy Belts Crazy Belts

Setting you back a modest $3.99, €2.99 or your regional equivalent, Jemchicomac’s accurate airport luggage simulator is set to have touch-screen enabled Linux users tapping furiously at their LCDs.



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