Project Bliss Kickstarter (Linux Demo)

Fantasy puzzle adventure game: ✔
Reasonable funding goal: ✔
Linux demo: ✔
ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney: ✔

The critters at Enlightened Games need $150,000 wet stinky cashes to complete their fantasy puzzle adventure game Project Bliss. Check with the judge.

Bliss is a fantasy puzzle adventure game where the player makes the powerful choice to take control of their own destiny to explore a sacred and mystical land full of physical challenges, inner discovery, and healing. Bliss is about walking towards the path of enlightenment or our truth. Shining light on the darkness, accepting who we are, and freeing ourselves from the shackles of unhealthy patterns.

The final game will feature a large environment with 7 hidden levels connecting to it. Each level requires your attention and healing with specific aesthetics, challenges, and themes which connect to the world as a whole.

B1 B2 B3 B4

Play the demo and decide if Project Bliss deserves your support.

Kickstarter: Bliss

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