LinuxGameCast Weekly EP188 – Super Saiyan Demo

Desura is dead! Punch Club talks piracy, XCOM 2 receives an upgrade, and VALVe wants you to design their next controller. Then PAYDAY 2 faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail!

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Hate Mail

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  • Mathieu Lance

Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro


  • Ugh, do you know how long it’s been since I created a penis in CAD?
    • Is your plan to 3D print a dick to tittyfuck an areola controlla?  Because if so I am 100% on board
  • Can’t find anything to open the fkrs.
  • That a good idea! It’ll let people with 3D printers print accessories or enhancements for the AC.
  • And it’s not just for the visual stuff, it may even make the controller more accessible for those of us that don’t exactly have symmetrical hands.
    • Changing the button layout would be tricky unless VALVe sells you the internals and you print your own PCB.  
      • I mean, theoretically you could disassemble it and move the guts around, but that’d be a very involved mod


  • TLDR: Expect Vives to start arriving April 5th
  • I propose we mark the day by calling it “The Facefuckening”

PAYDAY 2 launch

  • MAC users already throwing a shitefest.
  • Holding a steady 60 @ 1080 on YOLO.
    • And by 60 I mean it will not go above that.
  • Not an EON port.   Awwww yeah
  • Damn good port from the looks of things.

As we breath a collective heavy sigh of relief

  • As we had suspected
  • #noteon
  • Soooooo, your announcement was an announcement #yodawg
    • Listen man, between this and Payday, I’m fine with announcing the announcement of the annoucement.  
    • And if this goes well, we might be getting some other Squenix games.   Like Deus Ex.  That would be nice
  • Good!
  • “coming this spring”

DLC & Patch

  • The Children of Anarchy DLC had been delayed for Linux and Mac but it is now available.
  • If you bought the premium/deluxe/turbo edition, you already have this.

$pace $im

  • You want $39.99 for FKN Early Access?  
  • An ambitious single player VR version of EVE online.
    • I wonder if it will ever exit early access

OMG u guyz it iz finally time! Candice is out & ready 4 u 2 play!!!!!

  • According to my estimate, this game will give you cancer faster than standing out in the sun for extended periods of time
  • I saw Jim Sterling’s video on it, I’m good thanks!
    • “IS THIS MEMES?!” –JSS

Ground Fox 64

  • I don’t think this critter has AI opponents.
  • Doesn’t Race the Sun do pretty much the exact same thing?


Non-Beta Vulkan

  • Not only Vulkan support, but EGL support for both Wayland and…that other one.
    • Don’t forget MIR support motherfu*kers!
    • Not 100% sure if this plays nice with the wayland implementations of Gnome/KDE etc that are shipping with fedora/arch/whatevers.   Will definitely try to fuck around a bit with it this week.
  • Something something lulz@amd
    • At this point it’s just… sad.
  • GLVND is now primetime, so no more shady nvidia hacks
  • Vulkan TALOS bench is within +/- 1FERP.
    • I’m getting about the same performance I did with .29.


  • Kill performance on AMD cards!
  • It’s available now in UE4, but it doesn’t look like it supports OpenGL or Vulkan.
  • This is DX11 only for the time being, guess NVidia’s looking for the community to help them migrate this over to the Vulkans.

SOMA – 6 months later

  • “people lump both titles under a “Current Horror From Frictional Games” label.”
    • This was on the topic of each new game causing decreased sales of previous titles.
    • I love Frictional but let’s be honest, you can spot one of their titles from orbit.
    • That’s not a bad thing, they are the clit-commanders of this genre.
  • “but since SOMA is in many ways quite different from Amnesia, we thought it wouldn’t happen this time.”
    • So, you’ve seen it happen every single time and you expected this time to be different? You lot are insane!
  • I liked SOMA, but I didn’t like it quite as much as I did The Dark Descent. And I didn’t like The Dark Descent as much as I liked Penumbra.
  • What really killed it for me in SOMA were the glowing head WAU monstrosities which caused the camera to go full metal headache inducing pixely.
  • Honestly, I think they’re right about the survival horror thing
  • There have been a lot of games recently that have borrowed a lot of the tropes from the amnesia games, and that can cause some fatigue
  • To frictional’s credit though, they are some of the best at doing that genre.   


  • So what I took away from this article is that if you want to curtail piracy, neglect the Portuguese.
    • Real Portuguese, not those wannabes over in Spain.
    • Yeah, the brazilian game price mark up is astronomical.
    • Until developers realize that, shit’s gonna get pirated.
  • Also, and this is a personal thing, don’t localize stuff in Portuguese on accounts of Portugal.
  • Most people here will just cringe with each every mistake made by the amateurs you got to do the localization.


  • It’s just, gone.
    • Even the Google Cache won’t load properly.
    • I found that Web Archive link with the latest snapshot being from March 16th.
  • I hope you all downloaded your games when I told you to.
  • I’m honestly not surprised, considering they supposedly ran out of monies a while ago.

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Payday 2
Devel: Overkill (a Starbreeze Studio)
Engine: Diesel Engine 2.0
Price: 19.99 / CDN 21.99

Wazzat: PAYDAY 2 is an action-packed, four-player co-op shooter that once again lets gamers don the masks of the original PAYDAY crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains – as they descend on Washington DC for an epic crime spree.

Makes with the working


  • The first few times you start this critter up is launches in 8X6 and that’s a bit jarring @ UHD.
  • I think I had to set the res twice manually but it eventually obeyed.
  • It took a performance dip while playing /w an AI team but that was sorted in the 2.2.GB update.


  • Empty and Venn both reported that the resolution setting kept getting reset.  I ran into no such issue



Shiny / Sounds


  • Even with Anisotropic filtering set at 16X the jaggies were visible at 1080.
  • Cranking the res to 2160 sorts most of that.
  • Visually the easiest way to describe PAYDAY 2 is L4D2 with a slight graphical upgrade that takes place (mostly) during the day.
  • The environments rage from Malls, to banks, to warehouses and a somewhat unique meth lab.
  • Oh, there’s also a freeway map that will get you killed to death. True story.
  • The gun sounds are there along with the radio announcer who will update you on your current tasks but all that is drowned out by the wub wub.
  • However you might want to keep that playing since the 5.0 shows up at the drop.


  • If you’re focusing on the soundtrack instead of the screaming of your buddies,  or you screaming at the AI, you’re doing it wrong
  • It definitely makes with the jaggies
  • The voice acting is competently done, despite it just being random yelling


  • The wub-wub got muted pretty damn fast.
  • I didn’t think I’d ever NEED AA as much as I do for this game.
  • The sound effects are on-point, but I’d like an option to have surround.
  • I’m not even going to ask for 7.1 which this headset supports, just 5.1 would do.
    • Counter-Strike Global Offensive has it, why doesn’t this one?




  • WASD + gerbil with a logical layout that you can rebind.
  • Didn’t need to futz around with any settings. OOTB
  • If I had to gripe about something it would be the on/off crouch but it kinda makes sense.


  • Standard FPS fare.  Had to switch q and c because why would you not make your switch weapon button Q?   Like every other game ever?
  • I’m not really a fan of the ironsights style shooting, to be honest.  I get what the game is supposed to be, but it’s just a nitpick


  • Rebindable controls and a mouse sensitivity slider that actually works.
  • The shooting feels responsive enough for a game that actively pushes stealth or at least a much more tactical approach.
    • As someone who plays a lot of CS:GO I don’t particularly like the shooting in this one but more on that later.




  • Let’s get this out of the way; PAYDAY 2 has some thirty odd bits of DLC that it really really wants you to buy.
  • In fact, it’s hard to find a single in-game menu that does not mention some type of available DLC.
  • And yes, I know all about the pay-to-win SNAFU but everything I’m about to say comes from the perspective of someone who never plans to spend a dime on it.
  • Minus the initial purchase price.
  • We cool? Alright!


  • This game gets three chairs because of one fact and one fact alone:
    • Multiplayer with your friends is stupid fun
  • The game basically boils down to Left4Criminal, and it works.
  • Having played the single player after trying multiplayer, I can tell you that the fun factor for single player is severely lacking.
  • There’s a fairly detailed customization system as well, however most of that is locked away behind a metric fuckton of DLC
  • Joining their steam group gets you some stuff, but you had to pick up a ton of cross promotion DLC to get any of the cool stuff.   And that isn’t cool man
  • Despite all that, I had a blast playing with Venn and Empty.   Fun  is fun
  • Also, the police in this game apparently have mastered the instant transmission technique


  • First thing I see when I start the game, a fucking ad for DLC.
  • Guess that’s to set the tone for the rest of the game.
  • When you’re not in a mission, there’s always ads scrolling down the bottom left hand side of the screen telling you to get the new DLC.
  • The top item in the Main goddamn Menu is a big blinking button telling you to buy DLC.
  • This is usually a $20 game! Why are you pushing Free-to-Play marketing bullshit?
  • Weren’t these the guys that said they wouldn’t do Pay to Win bullshit DLC but then totally went and did it?
  • I suppose it’s a good thing they let you play for free until the 31st.
  • But enough bitching about the DLC, let’s talk gameplay.
  • You may remember the past few weeks when I said that, in a game, I’ll take solid gameplay over narrative any day of the week right?
  • You may also remember when I’ve mentioned I don’t like Real Time Strategy games.
  • While I think the gameplay and mechanics of PayDay 2 are damn solid and you should at least try it out on the free until the 31st, I don’t like Tactical FPS.
    • The only one of those I ever played was the OG Tom Clancy Rainbow Six from 1998. I didn’t like that either!
  • The only reason I’m even remotely competent in CS:GO is because that game actively rewards lone-wolf tactics.
  • I can run around and nope people with any gun I damn well please and no one gives me shit for it. (Unless I kill them, then they’ll call me a cheater and a hacker)
  • PayDay 2 is a stealth game that requires everyone to know exactly what to do or else there’ll be cops.
  • And everyone starts with the same shitty AMCAR and the same shitty Glock ripoff.
  • What’s that? You don’t like those weapons and would rather have a shotgun or a sniper rifle in order to be useful? Well, hope you have some friends to carry your picky ass over a couple of missions so you can buy it.
    • Or you know, drop some actual money on the bullshit DLC. Bad Pedro, we were done with that!
  • If you’re playing offline, the brain-dead AI teammates will get shot down within minutes of the first assault.
  • Forget getting into an online game with randos. You’ll get kicked almost immediately until you’re anywhere north of level 20.



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