LinuxGameCast Weekly EP139 – Steam Drinks Your Milkshake

We’re giving away 42 games! Steam introduces two factor authentication, Project CARS gets delayed, and we have a special word from Jim FKN Sterling, son. Then Slinki faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Away of GIVE #10







Hate Mail

Away of GIVE! #10


Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Double Steam

  • This will cut down on account hijacks if people use it. They won’t.
  • Blizzard has been doing this for a while with WoW
  • Not gonna diss Two factor auth support though
  • 2FA is nice, but I always feel like it’s a damn chore.


No Country for VPNs

  • This will also break cross-region price comparisons in SteamDB and IsThereAnyDeal type sites.
  • Your country is now part of your Steam account, so no matter where you travel, you’ll see the store in your country’s prices and be able to make purchases as you would normally.
  • Steam also requires a payment method with a billing address in the country specified, so you can switch up your country as long as you have the goods to pay for it
  • Steam, drinks, your, milkshake.


And for our final act

  • If you can’t be bothered to spend five wet stinky then VALVe does not want to support your freeloading arse on its network.
  • So, that’s a $5 spam/phishing tax?
    • For the most part, yes. It will kill 97% of the phishing and allow VALVe to crack down on the big boys.
  • It’ll stop the rookies, but the big scammers will still be there.
    • Mostly because they’ve already hijacked accounts with plenty more than $5 in Store purchases.
  • What really bothered me was a few people from X country on /r/Steam SWEARING there was no way to get $5 in their accounts.
  • Then having people from X country calling them the FK out.
  • “Voting on Greenlight, Steam Reviews and Workshop items”
    • This will cut down on shite games giving away free keys in exchange for votes.


Storm United

  • Epic gave them 10K
  • Now that’s an Early Access I can believe in
  • I was about to pick up a copy until I read this
  • Too bad he couldn't dodge those sequels.
  • And they are forcing their beta tester to purchase Early access copies.
  • It looks like a well done shooter but FK and ALL if I’m paying for a public beta that will go F2P with a yet to be released business model.
  • I have to agree with shatrealm on this one, it does look a lot like Halo.
  • Really just reminds me of UT4 mixed with TF2


Age of Wonders III

  • In addition to linux Support, the 1.5 patch also contains a play by email mode.    Finally, we can add sendmail to the system requirements
  • I’ve watched roommate play a bit of the previous game.  Looks like high fantasy Civ with more focus on combat


How about fixing the first one?

  • Who cares about releasing busted games?   The fans of the original oddworld games now have disposable wet stinky to throw at garbage!
  • I’m not buying shite from a company that thinks “fixing controller support” =’s edit a txt file and hope it kinda works.
  • Really, do you expect an ARCH user to figure that out?


Rock the Dragon

  • Son of a bitch!   For a second there I thought I might be getting my xenoverse linux port…
    • Oh, sorry about that.
    • We'll see how much you enjoy laughing AFTER I BREAK YOUR LEGS!
  • Indiana Jones meets Final Fantasy with more than a little Zelda thrown in for good measure.


Gratuitous Space Battles 2

  • Brought to you by flibit. And hey, simultaneous release on all 3 platforms is pretty good in my book
  • Oh hey, you can actually control the ships now.  Bonus soda
  • I put 50min in the original and still have no idea what I was doing.


Square Heroes

  • Talked about it on EP110, and these guys finally made it to steam
    • I knew I had seen this somewhere!
  • It’s still a liero clone for $10 though.   No amount of horse is gonna fix that


He’s going for speed charity


Will you at least listen to him, son?

  • As Venn has mentioned, we’ve been screaming this for at least a year now
  • The problem is exacerbated on linux due to a naturally smaller selection of games, and lazy devs who think having a port qualifies them to tell us to shut up
  • And when it comes to engines that support Linux ootb, there wasn’t much in the way of choice.
    • So 9 out of every 10 games that came out for Linux were of the shitty Unity kind



  • Wish they would fix the “IMA running at performance lvl 3 #YOLO” bug when DVI, HDMI, and Display port are connected at the same time.
  • If you’re tracking the beta drivers, this is nothing new. Supposedly this is supposed to be the new long-lived driver
  • Added support for the new Maxwell Architecture Mobile cards.
    • Speaking of Maxwell and firmware!



  • “Nvidia said it was moving to signed firmware images to improve security and prevent knock-off graphics cards that were really lower-end Nvidia cards with firmware from higher-end GPUS on them.”
  • ^ That is a legitimate problem.
  • Guess the electron microscope can’t really see what lies behind Maxwell without NVidia’s help.
    • And until NVidia sees a way of profiting from helping with the Open Sauce community, more than they have shitting from up high and outright lying about the 970, I don’t think they will.
    • I hate NVidia, but without them we’d be paying AMD for hardware which we would only be able to use 30% of, or overpaying intel for shitty performance in comparison.
      • Guess I hate every single one them and I’m only giving money to the one that provides the least amount of issues.
  • John Noble commands you to go fuck yourself!


Project CARS delayed for Linux


Hipster pixels

  • I’ve never been able to put it words but THAT is what bothers me about hipster pixel graphics.


G Gerbil

  • I might have a spare g500.  I’ll see if I can get this working
    • Nope, tossed that fucker out a while ago.   Oh well.   Use at your own risk



  • I’m okay with this as long as creepy space biotech monsters aren’t easily defeated by space-chairs
    • The Imperium of the Chairquisition
  • It’s not space, it’s underwater!
  • I’ll be sorely disappointed, what with all the HP Lovecraft in AmnesiaDD, if I don’t see at least a mention of Cthulhu in SOMA.
    • Azathoth would like to have a word once he’s done his nap
      • Again, underwater; not space!
        • Azathoth is technically everything, but fine, if you want to be a pedant, Dagon has an appointment with you at noon
        • Hope they include Buzz Aldrin

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Slinki??


Devel: Titan Forged Games

Engine: Unity

Price: $/€ 4.99

Wazzat: Hack your way through this maddened forest with one angry bunny’s razor sharp Independently Targeting Bionic Shard of Concentrated Mayhem that serves as the titular character’s right arm. Now fully detachable and slingshot capable, for when you just need to fling yourself across the screen.

Makes with the working


  • You lose a chair for every day your game was available for sale in a non-playable state.



  • Unity pop-up, minus 1 chair!
  • If you’re not going to commit and take your game seriously, I can’t commit to giving you a proper score.



Shiny / Sounds


  • One soundtrack with no option to disable it. Right.
  • Dear FSM what noise does that thing make when hit?
  • I haven’t heard anything that disturbing since we picked up the sex swing for the office.
  • So, much, screen tearing.
  • I can hear my 980 begging to have a go but nope.
  • It’s locked at 60 FERPS.



  • It was loud! And the music isn’t even that great!




  • Unity popup screen of NOPE? Minus two chairs.
  • While the controls are mapped to the Xclone controlla they are mapped in such a way that makes it unplayable.
  • And anyone who claims they can sort that moon-glyph Unity config is a damn liar.
  • Using the keyboard + gerbil “worked” but the input sluggishness would make Superman 64 blush.
  • Just for shites and giggles you’re unable to set the sensitivity.
  • Then we have the physics. In what universe does a character accelerate at the end of their jump?
  • I could live with that but the FKN thing looses gerbil focus if you Shift+Tab in windowed mode making it wholly unplayable.
  • Try to quit the game using your gerbil. I FKN dare you.


  • The controls, while ass-stupid, are manageable.
  • Real tempted to give it one chair though.


  • It’s a platformer and the controls are floaty as all fuck
  • Like Venn said, physics don’t work that way.
  • Here’s the kicker, 50 minutes into the game and the spacebar stopped being recognized.
    • I thought it may have been my keyboard but it was still working outside of the game.
    • So I tried reassigning it to another key. Wouldn’t recognize it either.
    • I tried removing the config files and reinstalling the game. No dice.
  • So I lost the ability to make to my character jump on a platformer.
  • *golf clap* That takes a special kind of busted to pull off!




  • I get you are trying to make Sonic on a budget with a grappling mechanic.
  • Thing is, Sonic (even on the Genesis) conveyed a sense of speed.
  • This? The little guy is hunched down like he is ready to skull FK the sound barrier but moves at the speed of smell.
  • What’s the story? Who am I? WHAT am I? Why do I care about the running and the jumping.
  • Oh right, I don’t.
  • And where the hell do you get “Slinki is a hard-as-nails 2.5D action-platformer” from?
  • What are nails made if in space Porto? Mayonnaise?


  • This is very clearly a first attempt at a game
  • The platforming is stale, the gimmick is done and I’m really not having any fun.
  • You wasted an hour of my life and I want it back


  • My first Portuguese Unity game.
  • If I wasn’t so jaded about bad Unity games I might even have considered some leniency, on accounts of them being Portuguese and everything.
  • Unfortunately, I’m far too jaded on that department.


Final –CHAIR


  • You could have sold a few copies on Linux but you half arsed it, Brad. You did, yes you did!
  • This is the first trickle of “Unity Personal Edition” games that will soon flood Steam.

Hate Mail:


  • You can also sign up with email. It’s right below the Facebuts option.
  • Example:
  • Now keep in mind Patreon is owned by two indie musicians.
  • But if you really want to give your wet stinky to a faceless corporation we have you covered.
  • Just keep in mind that while we really dig any donation only the Pats count toward the MileStone goals.



  • Except for the part that we’re a technical podcast for people who like to linux and do other stuff good too?
  • “I mean, this is about ascension, enlighte” ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ!
  • You see Brad, this is a Linux review. We already have the 980’s, 970, and the 4Ks.
  • We’re explaining how/if they work on the Penguin.


Hardly (kept anonymous because raisins)


Pillars 2

  • Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked KOTOR 2.   The game was still busted though.
  • If by “way better” you mean they found new and interesting ways to introduce even more bugs to both the Aurora and Gamebryo engines, then yes. They made them so much fucking better!
  • As buggy and busted as Fallout 3 was on release day, I was still able to finish it within 48 hours without patching it.
  • You literally could not fucking finish KOTOR 2 or Fallout New Vegas without 3 or 4 patches.



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