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Kernel 4.7 is here! Ubuntu receives a point release, Raspberry Pi goes racing, and we finally get a Node.js powered window manager.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu



  • The biggest change here is the support for the Radeon RX 480 is now built into the kernel.
  • It’s going to be a while before major distros see a 4.7 kernel.
  • The update also adds the support for creating virtual USB device controllers in USB/IP.  
  • Yeah, 4.7 will allow users to share USB devices over the network, even virtual ones.
  • If you need something in this kernel, you can install it on Ubuntu by downloading the debs from
  • There’s currently an issue with the NVidia drivers and the latter 4.6 and 4.7 kernels.
  • You may want to hold off on it if you have an NVidia GPU, like the three of us.
  • 480 support is on par with the rest of devices of the amdgpu drivBLAM.


Ubuntu 16.04.1

  • This is the .1 release for the 16.04 LTS and, as usual, it includes all of the updates released to 16.04 up to this point in a neat .iso.
  • I’ll give myself a full three hours to do the upgrade tomorrow morning.
  • Protip: If 14.04 still makes /w the working leave it be… for now.  
  • Can’t say I’ve noticed a difference between the initial release and its current state
  • I should probably consider upgrading to 16.10
  • You can now search and install Snap packages \:D/
  • Unity now uses less animations in “low graphics mode”
    • IF you need “low graphics mode” get a big boy DM.  


Because Pi

  • Just a quick mention to Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1, since that’s what I’m now using.
    • *Because the Mate team were able to buy you for a video card.
      • Yes, I am a $hill. I will use your stuff if you buy me stuff.
        • Unless you’re Microsoft or Apple.
    • Where do I sign up?
  • The major differences to the standard Ubuntu update are:
    • Ubuntu MATE Welcome fixes.
      • Fix Raspberry Pi partition resizer.
      • Remove obsolete linux-firmware-nonfree from the install options.
      • Correct some strings so translations are exposed.
    • Ubuntu MATE Artwork fixes.
      • Fix Calendar styling.
      • Fix progress bars so they are one colour.
      • Make GTK2 and GTK3 scrollbars consistent.
    • Ubuntu MATE Settings fixes.
      • Fix switching keyboard layouts using Alt + Shift.
      • Ubiquity fixes.
      • Now prompts to join available WiFi networks during the install.
      • Fixed shutdown/restart of the live session in Virtualbox and VMWare guests.
  • I’m waiting for the first Ubuntu release without Unity 7 to switch to Mate


Zoom zoom

  • £35 entry for the winter series.
  • I want to build a racer whose sole purpose is to mate with other vehicles.
  • Because battle race competition \m/
  • If the goal is to make people more comfortable with the idea of self driving cars, maybe the cars shouldn’t bump into each other
  • Anki Drive with Pi? Why isn’t it open sauce?


Free WiFi

  • Don’t use the free weefees.
  • VPN all the public things.
  • I honestly didn’t know that URLs were also encrypted when using SSL
  • Why do they only consider public internet access unsafe, do they trust their ISPs that much?
    • Indeed, MRROBOT hacker man works at the ISP.


Because 14.04

  • It should now work with both 16.04 and 14.04.
  • Up next, Fedora 24.
  • Should take a moment and explain why the gosh darn heck this is useful.
  • I’ve used the OBS build a few times with very good results
  • I’m glad that this is a thing, let’s congratulate ourselves



  • Because if there’s something we really need is a browser layout on our desktop.
    • And nwm won’t provide that because Node != browser
  • A dynamic window manager for X11 written with Nod*closes tab*
  • Why?”
    • Why indeed.
    • He never really explains “why” but it’s most probably “because I can”
  • The core of the project is still C/C++
  • It looks even worse than i3 or awesome
  • Works with Node 4. Great but we’re at Node 6 now.
  • And we got ourselves some hate mail for next week



  • Artex Anon
  • We’re giving away a copy of PAYDAY 2 or SG to our Patreons.
  • Just leave the message “gimmie” in the comments section of this week’s post.



  • They glossed right over that $45,028 Kickstarter for 2.0 development… in 2013.
  • That busted-arse POS 2.0 prototype of nope does not count as a delivered product.
  • Good thing you wasted resources developing MAC/WIN versions.
  • I tried the AppImage: segfault
    • You got the gist of it.
  • What is it with 2013 Kickstarters not delivering?



  • More D3D shaders and performance improvements for GDI.
  • And they fixed a bug with mIRC
  • Kings Quest 8 no longer crashes when loading saves… the future is here people!
  • Usual Wine release that happens every 2 weeks
  • Not much to write home about but I noticed that Duke Nukem Forever was less glitchy
  • And remember, when you read the list of closed bugs, it does not mean that this particular release has fixed the issue, it just means that the report was marked as resolved before the release but the bug itself might have been fixed a long time ago.
  • The changelog on the other hand lists things that have been done in the past 2 weeks, or merged in the main branch.
  • Still no progress made on DOOM


OpenGL 2016

  • Updated OpenGL implementation dedicated solely to bringing it up to spec with the July 7th OpenGL 4.5 Standards.
  • Good on NVidia for not only using the GLVND but also keeping their OpenGL implementation up-to-date with the upstreams.
  • Given the adoption rate of new OpenGL features, those new extensions might never get used since everyone will have made the switch to Vulkan



  • Basically it combines the output from already existing tools and prints them in a readable format.
  • Fails to install on 14.04.
    • That’s because shebangs go on the first line of a script and not after a stupid header that is offset to the right for absolutely no good reason
  • Ah, from the fellows at Tecmint, one of the very few pages I have muted on Google+
  • The script is very unimpressive and barely readable, did I mention that shebangs go on top of a script?
  • If you want a good monitoring tool, install Glances which is made by a professional and experienced sysadmin


Electron Linux App of the Weeeeeeek

  • Or, you know, read it in Thunderbird.
  • It works great and adds a few nifty features to the webpage, like being able to rapidly switch between accounts or native notifications.
  • But nothing can make me stop using Thunderbird
  • Why is there a included?




  • I actually searched for “VR headset vomit” on Youtube.
    • Try Hamster.

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