Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Penguin Flavoured Lappy

Let’s Encrypt roots Mozilla! Linux hacks Windows, Chrome cancels Flash, and a simple script for exploring your Ballmer Peak.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu


Foxfire 50

  • Oh, LE is going to be trusted as their own root, neat.
  • Creating a new root and getting it trusted is no small task.
  • This is a step in the right direction.
  • Doesn’t really matter until all major browsers and OS also trust Let’s Encrypt’s CA
    • So, Google?
      • Yes. And Apple, Microsoft, Debian, Red Hat…
  • And, if they weren’t before, this is when the rest of the certificate providers should start to worry!



  • Sudo apt-get nope python
  • At least this shows that some people are showing interest to PyPy.
    • Well it is superior to Python in every way.
    • And yet, everyone uses CPython, including myself


Chrome Flash

  • Oh, for the love of Santa!
  • How is flash still a thing?! Especially from Google! Why haven’t they killed it yet? They’ve had the power to do it for several years now! What’s with the “progressively phasing out” bullhonkey?
  • GG FF already nuked it from orbit.
  • I remember the days of only having a Flashblock plugin installed.  
  • That’s a good thing but Flash still has to stay included in Chrome, otherwise a large chunk of internet history would be lost.



  • Hello, I’m the Redundancy Fairy! I’m here not just to introduce you a new music player but an Electron Framework one at that! Why? Did I not say I was the Redundancy Fairy?”
  • I’m putting it to the test, the one all usable media players must pass: add my 60000 track library
  • Pffft! Okay Google play ____ ___ __
    • The best part is, if you enable the Google Now functionality on the desktop browser and install the Play Music extension, you can do that on your PC!
    • Money says Museeks can’t do that!
  • Something something Plex.
  • Oh, it didn’t pass the test btw



  • Don’t forget pacmixer and pulsemixer. (I see he added “not literally”)
  • I’m fine with Pavucontrol, thanks
  • Nothing like the good old days of Ubuntu 9.04 when the first thing you needed to do was install a CLI tool (alsamixer) and unmute the internal audio sink.
    • sndconfig, 1996, RedHat.
  • If you use KDE, you get the same functionality from the KMix tray icon that you do from this.
  • Still it’s a neat little project.
  • I guarantee some ARCH users already has it installed so they can look like a L33T HaX0rs before booting back into Win10.


Differently branded Clevos aka The Linux Store

  • Seems pretty reasonable as far as the price goes
  • I hate that the total amount doesn’t update when you add or remove options
  • Really detailed “About Us” section.
  • Yeah, I have yet to hear of anyone buying stuff from them.
    • Would you buy anything from a site /w a black “about us” section?
  • If they decide to reply to my email, maybe we’ll update this story next week.


Katana approved

  • X86 convertible Linux table… OMG the price!
    • That’s the price of freedom!
      • $1.05
  • Had custom MOBOs made.
  • They did a pretty good job avoiding any mention of Linux or Gnome.
  • This is great! Although, you still can’t get full 3D acceleration out of the Intel Mesa drivers without the kernel blobs.
    • But, since the OS is Debian based, you can install that with an apt command.
  • Whoever greenlit the VO on their video should be shot.


No more Ubuntu phones from BQ

  • This comes as a shock to absolutely noone.
  • Wouldn’t it be better to wait for an usable OS before selling devices running Ubuntu?
    • Something something FoxfireOS.
    • It makes sense to have at least a few prototype-thing models to showcase the OS.
    • Unfortunately, they decided to go with some slow ass phones to show an OS which is still woefully unoptimized!
  • I mean, who thought this was going to fly in the first place?
  • You want to compete with Android and iOS?
    • Get a time machine.


Introducing the “NSA! Look here.” stamp

  • The “streamlined interface” was sorely lacking!
  • The only reason MS Office got away with a 100 pixel tall ribbon at the top was because it gave you the option to hide it when it wasn’t in focus.
  • And I can’t help but think sharing an odt file with a big “Confidential” flag over the internet is the exactly the kind of thing the NSA is always looking for.
    • Aren’t supposed to encrypt those files as well? (yes, the NSA would also be looking for those but it’s harder for them to access the contents)
  • Unless you’re Hillary Clinton.
  • I want to know how many still use a non cloud-based office suite thingy and why.


Bring the guac

  • After running a bunch of scripts, you should be able to fire up Ubuntu Mate desktops from your browser
  • That’s very neat, but that project name though… What if lutris was called Python-Gtk-Steam-wine-emulators-games?
    • Then people might know about it?
  • For when you can’t CLI over SSH and need some GUI hand-holding.
    • Gotta do something for the MATE crowd.


MS story

  • BREAKING: If you install a 3rd party program, the attack vector gets larger!
  • Are you saying Windows wasn’t developed with the Linux kernel in mind and therefore, what is a reasonably safe bug on Linux turns into a full blown security breach under Windows?
  • I’m far more concerned about the fact that Windows applications could inject stuff into the Linux applications. That seems like a much more worrisome issue.
  • Between the dumbed down article from eweek and the overly technical slides from Ionescu, I fail to see how this could be a problem.
  • Linux on Windows is not running inside of a Hyper-V hypervisor”
    • Jaw, floor.



  • I don’t think I’ve ever regretted code I wrote while drunk (or tipsy), or at least not anymore than code I wrote while sober
  • Pushing git commits while hungover seems way more dangerous
  • It uses the DrinkShield for Arduino as a breathalyzer, and a Ruby script as the git hook.
  • Built for hackNY’s spring 2013 hackathon by Alex Qin (@alexqin) and Geoffrey Litt
  • Upon first use mine… exploded :(





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