Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – GPL Decline

NVIDIA opens DRIVE! Picard hits 1.4, Terminix enables “Quake” mode, and DietPi dispenses Lightweight Justice.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


Make it so

  • Two years have gone by since the last release
  • Last version before Picard 2, which will be Qt5  and Python 3 based
  • I read the entire blog post and still have no idea what a Picard is.


No more Trademark e-Peen swinging

  • Icedove and Iceweasel are going away and Thunderchicken and Firefox take their rightful place back in the Debian repos.
  • Both firefox and thunderbird are in unstable so unless you’re running sid (which you should) you won’t have then before a while
  • Are we pretending that someone actually uses Icedove?


If it’s not broke

  • Well, you can and will break it if you enable HWE.
  • Took me almost an hour to undo all the fudgery it wrought on my system
  • It even changed the Steam Controller udev rules… Who the *beep* had that brilliant idea?
  • I was going to try this today, was. Neo.gif
  • Comes /w the 4.8 kernel and a barrel of nope.
  • Meanwhile, I’m starting to consider updating to 17.04 beta.



  • sudo apt install xfce4
  • Frenchy will tell us all aboot it.
  • Good, I don’t like not being able to experiment with the latest version of GTK
  • Can’t wait to find out which extension or theme will break!
  • Not all GNOME 3.24 apps will be available
  • Includes the Night Light feature,



  • They’re stingy about sharing the sauce on their drivers, but they’ll contribute to other projects.
  • NVidia donated the whole NVidia Drive design studio source which includes the 3D GUI, runtime and Qt integration bits, conveniently.
  • Currently all closed source and all Windows, but that will change. When? ¯\_()_/¯
    • Erm But as we have only just received the contribution from NVIDIA, it’ll take use a bit to sort through the source code and mold it into a form that we can publish.”
      • Seems they will take use the whole thing.


GPL decline

  • It doesn’t surprise me, for a lot of large projects, the GPL can cause some issues
  • The GPL is one of the reasons the Playstation, iOS and OSX are based on BSD and not Linux.
  • Complaining the GPL is bad for people looking to protect software development secrets feels a bit like complaining you can’t go off-road with a Lamborghini Aventador.
  • Of course, the drop of 0.2% share also accounts for the increasing number of software being developed.
  • In recent years though we have seen a newer generation of developers form for whom there is a less critical, and if I dare say it, less religious focus on freedom.“
    • Ding ding ding!



  • I like that’s it’s all in Python and Gtk, I could use a coder who knows this stuff :D
  • But it seems not everyone likes coding with Gtk, sadly
  • X112v4l2 just rolls off the tongue.


The terminal for people with taste

  • You know, Strider, I thought you of all people would prefer a Python based terminal emulator like Terminator.
  • Are you cheating on Python with GTK, Strider?
  • If there is one thing I absolutely don’t care about it’s what language or libraries a particular uses. (Until I have to send patches that is).
  • Terminator is great, I still use it on some machines. Terminix is better.
  • Speaking of stuff we don’t care about, Terminix is written in D which is uncommon enough to be noted.


Four ten

  • One thing this article doesn’t mention were the OG Ryzen leaks which came from the update AMD processor microcode to provide Zen support in the 4.10 Linux kernel.
  • Maybe the first Linux release where the Nouveau driver is somewhat competitive on the performance and features.
  • Bunch of new ARM platforms supported, including better support for the Pi 3.
  • Already available in the Ubuntu 17.04 repos.

Slice of Pi


  • Bunch of updates but not for the kernel which is surprisingly old (4.1)
  • Not snap compatible yet, probably for 17.04



  • It’s difficult to make a raspberry look menacing.
  • 400MB image.
  • Found out about this while looking into AmiBerry, an Amiga distribution for the Pi
  • The setups has tons of different software you can install, desktops, media servers, bittorrent clients, web servers, etc…
  • There’s even an option to directly boot into DXX-Rebirth if you like Descent enough to have a whole machine dedicated to it!



  • Ryzen does the chipset interaction differently from Intel and the old AMD processors.
  • It includes many of the functionality you usually find in the chipset in the processor dye.
  • Which is the case with “IOMMU” support. I don’t honestly know about IOMMU v2, though.
  • Thunderbolt 3 on the other hand, is Intel tech and AMD ain’t payin’ to license even more Intel stuff.
  • Of course, Thunderbolt 3 is basically a more focused implementation of USB 3.1 Type C.
  • If the external GPU market does take off, which it probably won’t, USB 3.1 will give you similar bandwidth with higher latency.

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