Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Achtung

HandBrake 1.0 is out! CyanogenMod is no more, OBS Studio gets a replay function, and was 2016 the best year for Linux?

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan



  • I’m still getting nightlies on Manta.
  • I’m not going to say the usual “I’m surprised Cyanogenmod was still around” because I’m not that type of person, instead I will say “I’m surprised OmniROM isn’t more widespread”
  • For those who don’t remember, when Cyanogenmod started to be a commercial project, a bunch of developers left and started OmniROM, that was 3 years ago.
  • Back when I was into alternative Android distros, I used Cyanogenmod then switched to OmniROM which was providing support for the device I was using at the time (a Galaxy S2), unlike Cyanogen
  • Outside of “we’re relocating everything in the Silicon Valley”, it’s very unclear why the project was dismantled but there seems to be some very ugly stuff going on.



  • I don’t know in what terms the OmniROM team is with Cyanogen but since they are creating a brand new fork, I’m guessing that there still must be a lot of friction between the two teams.
  • If you have to choose between the 2, I’d strongly recommend going with OmniROM which hasn’t seen any open source drama in the past years.
  • CyanogenMod team insists that it’s more than just a rebranding effort.
  • Had to change the name since the brand could be sold to a third party.
  • Available as source code over on GitHub


Good God

  • If we only had an interface.
  • We reviewed the project a few weeks ago and speculated that it wouldn’t meet its goal, guess we were right.
  • They have only  reached 5% of their goal, which does not surprise me
    • I was expecting at least half.
  • I can see the project having a future by abandoning any plans for hardware and only focusing on an OS, pretty much like Ubuntu did.
  • And Venn is right, it needs an interface. Gnome Shell is not meant for touch screens even if a lot people (including its developers) strongly feel it is. I use Gnome Shell as my main environment and it is *very* keyboard focused (it’s the reason why I like it).
  • I find it strange that openSUSE wants to back that project when they haven’t released a single proof of concept on existing hardware. Ubuntu Touch was already running on plenty of devices when they had their crowdfunding campaign for their phone (and compared to the SUSE tablet, the Ubuntu phone campaign did much better)
  • If this was an “interest gauge” campaign, similar to what Canonical did with that Ubuntu Phone, they failed miserably.


Was it?

  • I’ll have to agree with one thing, yes 2016 was Linux’ best year
  • I’ll have to disagree with one thing: I expect any year in the future to be Linux’ best year. Source: it has been Linux’ best year every year since 1991
  • It’s like people saying Ubuntu <version whatever> is the best version ever released. Well, duuuh, every Ubuntu distro ever released has been better than the previous one.
    • I’mma have to stop you right there, 10.10 was leagues better than 11.04.
  • What would have to take place for 2017 to be a worse year?


Betteridge’s Law of Headlines

  • Are hashtags in headlines a thing now?
  • They claim that Chromebook sales have surpassed Macbooks, ipads and Windows devices but I still haven’t seen anyone running ChromeOS in my entire life.
    • According to sales numbers Amazon released in 2014 and 2015, Chromebooks outsold everything except phones and tablets.
  • I don’t know how these stats websites work but I do hope that they include ChromeOs with Android and not desktop GNU/Linux.


Reverse Electron

  • I’ve been hearing about this Broadway thing since 2013, I guess it’s approaching a usable state?
  • In 3 years, I still haven’t found an answer to “but why would you do that?”
  • It’s nothing more than a fancy VNC
  • I haven’t found news about this after 2014 so I’m guessing it’s not a priority within the Gnome project (and why would it be)


Hand 1.0

  • Bunch of new presets.
  • Seems a little slower?
    • “Seems” is not a metric, show us the benchmarks! For the great Ryzen!
  • Fun fact: I’ve never used it to rip anything.
  • Ver 2.0 expected Q3 of 2029.
    • That’s strange, by those standards Wine 2.0 should be released in 2023 and yet, it will be released in 1 or 2 weeks.
      • There are Strawman fallacies and then there’s this argument from Strider. What the heck are you on about?



  • Protip: Use our script from the one time Frech and Germany had cexy time.
  • Reminds me that I should run said script again to give ffmpeg and OBS an update.
  • Turns out you *can* capture UWP games on Windows after all.
  • But will it capture games running in Wayland?
    • That would depend on FFmpeg, which means no, it won’t.
    • And that also implies that there are any games which run in Wayland natively, which I don’t know of any.


Final dark

  • Please go watch our previous episode where we talked about the release candidate, it’s pretty much the same thing now.
  • If you don’t want to I’ll make a short summary: it’s the best photo post processing software on Linux, if you are into photography, you should have this installed.

Slice of Pi


  • When I was a kid, there were toys that could play 8 different sounds and they didn’t require a device with a 1GHz CPU (mostly because those didn’t exist outside of research centers)
  • But let’s not forget that you can also run Kodi and Retroarch on the very same device that you’re using to play 2 wav files.
  • Neat, but I would stick /w picking up up crackers at Poundland.



  • I will pronounce it like the french word ‘certain’, minus the ‘c’

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