Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Dangling SSD’s

GNOME turns 20! OBS counts to 20, Solus finally Snaps, and the Pi Zero gets Sharp. All this plus your feedback!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan

GNOME turns 20!

  • The only thing I really remember about GNOME was that RH made it default at some point.
  • That, and the early versions let me know that I was in no way a foot guy.
  • In all fairness I did use it when I scrambled my KDE session.
  • GNOME 2 got a lot of stuff right.
  • 20 years of largely ignoring use input and going out of their way to make questionable decisions and enforcing them regardless.


Gnome connect

  • Oh, look! Something that’s actually useful in GNOME3 and it’s a third party extension.
  • What be this KDE Connect?


Discord begins testing video chat

  • Discord is testing their WebRTC implementation with a few select users.
  • Video chat, screen sharing and of course, audio.
  • It’s rolling out slowly for two main reasons.
    • They don’t want to nope all their bandwidth.
    • Bugs.
  • Still a month out before they consider a full launch.
  • It seems to be the logical progression.


Share your terminal

  • It’s a fork of Tmux.
  • Useful if you only want to share your terminal with a team.
  • Connect to the webzone and allows you to generate a sharable link.
  • I would suggest rolling your own by checking out our guide for creating a virtual cam.


Solus finally Snaps

  • You know how everyone is making flatpaks their default? Solus has been in the news for bringing Snap support.
  • Why Snaps? Well, they already had flatpak support since January.


Gnome twitch is looking for testers

  • This is an electron app, isn’t it?
    • Webkitgtk, but close enough.


20 Broadcasting Studios

  • I’ll be that guy, since Strider isn’t here.
  • I like the new theme. Not so much on the colors but the fact that the font is actually sensibly sized now!
  • I may wear spectacles but I don’t need bigass fonts cluttering my desktop experience.
  • Being able to unlock the UI and have each element create a window is massive.
  • New Dark theme of mighty fugly.
  • Default button for filters so you don’t have to re add them after monkeying around.
  • And the audio meter lights up like Xmas if you are clipping.
  • That said, yall need to xcomposite window capture working reliably.


PhysFS tree point oh

  • This week on remind me what PhysicsFS is in under a minute or less.

Slice of Pi

The RasPi gets Sharp

  • You want to impress me?
  • Make the tape deck work with old mini-cassettes.
    • Someone else on G+ suggested the same.
  • That’d be frickin’ awesome!
  • It’d also be a way to make a bunch of hipsters spend a lot of money on old Mini-cassettes.


Okay Google, give me a splinter

  • You lost me at the carpentry bits.
  • This falls under “neat, but only practical if you have access to equipment”
  • You could 3D print all the things and buy some of that 70’s ATARI faux wood covering.
  • Needs poorly drawn eyes and mouth.

Building a new PC


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