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CrossOver comes to android! KDE gets productive, Ubuntu lawyers up, and GNOME cooks.

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Cross Droid

  • WINE proper is also getting android support in a coming release, so don’t fret poor people
  • I wouldn’t trust your little android x86 tablet to play skyrim or the like, but if you have a windows app you’d like to take on the go without having to deal with windows 10, this might be up your alley
  • Their claims of the apps working though, I feel, are a bit stretched.  
    • Which ones? Limbo and Wizard101? Those aren’t very demanding games
    • On the videos, we can see they had installed Left4dead but they didn’t demo it, probably because it didn’t run so well
    • I’m more talking in a general wine sense, but sure.
  • Are they going to do something about the Android taskbar? That’s a deal breaker when playing games.
    • That is often the responsibility of the people developing the ROM.
    • So no, Crossover isn’t going do anything to it if the functionality isn’t there.
  • It’s a good initiative but Android devices with x86 aren’t that common
  • Games from your Steam library will run with CrossOver Android at native speeds.”
    • Bold claims, considering that’s not the case in desktop Linux either.


KDE… Productivity… same sentence… WAT?

  • TIL you can make screenshots of windows with <Super>+<PrintScreen> or selection with <Shift>+<PrintScreen> … on Gnome … while reading something about KDE.
  • The drag n’ drop from notifications is good stuff
  • The other feature which lets you launch applications with <Super>+number is much less interesting IMO, mainly because it requires me to count stuff. I’ve never used that feature in Unity and I don’t use motions with numbers in vim. What I’m saying here is: I can’t count.
  • They promise lots of goodies but they only mention 2 and one of them is redundant when you can set keyboard shortcuts for everything already.


Kodi Kids Chorus

  • Not available for Kodi 16.1 but you can use Chorus 1 which is also quite good
  • Sure beats having to install a dedicated remote on every Android device
  • Pretty handy if you want to change stuff up and you can’t find the TV keyboard, but you do have your tablet or phone handy.
  • Seems like something that should’ve been promoted a bit earlier than this though
  • I keep forgetting Kodi is XBMC.


Become a Stallmanyte

  • Can we stop /w the coloured hair?
    • Rassum frassum making me go buy a neon wig….
    • ^ Racist.
  • GPL enforcement needs some muscle, so donating to the cause isn’t a bad thing.   Plus I hear at the top tier, they actually mail you a piece of stallman’s beard
  • Can we stop with the webcam privacy stickers? What’s the point of running Linux if you don’t trust your system?
    • My Webcam is only plugged into this box when we’re doing a show.
    • And the laptop has an HyperX sticker over its.
    • I trust my system, I don’t trust the proprietary firmware webcams come loaded with.



  • So if I’m reading this right, this is the Solus equivalent of mock
  • So that’s why Ikey wanted to get rid of Pip in G+


Cooking with Gnome

  • Disclaimer: this is somewhat of a competitor to a product I’m building
  • The UI is very primitive but ok, it’s the very first release so I’ll give them a pass
  • But to share recipes, you have to create an issue on Gnome’s Bugzilla?
  • What kind of idea is that? Are they from the 90s? Haven’t they heard about web APIs?
  • I like the idea and I like native apps but some things don’t fit right as desktop applications.\
  • I just use google for recipe hunting.   I don’t really think I need an application for it
    • Hells to the this^
  • Herr Chef may have some objections to either though.    Needs more mustard
  • I will submit a few hot sauce sammich recipes.
  • Flatpack? I was told Snappacks were the future.



  • I’ve had servers from OVH with Ubuntu installed on it that fit the description quite well.
  • The kernel was patched and cgroups wasn’t available, making it impossible to run containers until the kernel was reverted to the stock version.
  • There was also some sketchy files that weren’t supposed to be here.
  • I don’t know if Mark is referring to OVH but if he isn’t and if they wasn’t changed their ways, they should be sued as well.
  • As a company attempting to play ball with the big boys, they will have to inevitably resort to the same types of behaviors we often condone from those other companies.
  • But as long as Canonical keeps a pretense of being open and makes its decisions public before taking action, I’ll take them over Microsoft or Apple any day of the week.
  • It’s also nice to see what seemed like admittance that Canonical doesn’t get the same “respect” as RHEL or Microsoft.
    • I guess it fits the underdog comment from the top of the article. Shrewd, Mark! Real shrewd.
  • Gotta love the subtle push for their partner program
  • This kind of shit is problematic.   Even at the desktop level, I”m against custom install images
  • The fact that linux works out of the box in any number of setups should be embraced.   Everything should be upstreamed.    UBUNTU….


Mir Lutris

  • Interesting project to see what games can run on Mir
  • The launcher itself is very basic, you can read the whole source code in a few minutes but it’s good to see that running games is making some progress
  • I lack the setup to be able to test this so I welcome anyone to try this and send us some feedback about it.
  • Love watching all of this effort being put forward for what is essentially nothing
  • What’s it like working on a project that you know will never become a thing.



  • This tool can be used to monitor and limit download and upload rates
  • Do not use if you have a custom iptables setup! This will wipe any custom rules (from the mangle table, and probably others too)
    • Sorry brad, not interested
  • Ideally you would want this QOS done at the gateway level IMO.


AMD Presentation PDF Leaked

  • Is the Crimson ReLive edition going to be another joke/lie AMD tells Linux users, just like the first Crimson drivers?
  • I like the one slide (53) that has the big ol pile of cocaine dumped on the GPU.   That’s how you squeeze performance out of hardware

Slice of Pi


  • I’ve actually used rasplex when the TV box was out of commission.   It’s a cheap DIY solution for an HTPC
  • I’d stick with the wired connection though
  • Hope it is better than the Plex web player


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