LinuxGameCast Weekly 227 – Dongle Inside

Steam gets attacked! Star Citizen swaps engines, XCOM 2 supports AMD GPUs, and Lugaru opens all the source.


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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan

Steam Down

  • I’m more perturbed that Steam can be taken down by a bunch of script kiddies.
  • Valve’s improved their security significantly, but it’s not at the forefront of their focus. Which I guess is haberdashery


  • “Steam must now introduce a compliance program and place an notice in size 14 type on its Australia website informing consumers about their rights.”
    • Nanny state much?
      • I’m all for making people read what the fuck they sign, but 14 point seems excessive when the standard is 11 or 12
  • Like with all things VALVe don’t do shite until they are forced to.

Link protip

  • Wyrd 4 lyfe
  • I’m not surprised people didn’t know this.

ArmeOn 3

  • Good ol VP. Just barely squaking by
  • Remember kids, VP ports = jaaaanky.

Gonna give it to ya

  • Now that ubuntu has a stable mesa PPA, y’all AMD graphics users get some out of the box support
  • I tried playing xcom with the steam controller back in the day. Wouldn’t recommend trying with a plain ol xbox controller

Origami Patchwork

  • Good to see some patching being done on this. We don’t need any more unity abandonware
  • MASKS!
  • I was about to give them shite about releasing DLC but turns out it’s priced to sell.
  • They also added a hard mode.

Children of Orc

  • The requirements are a bit odd. If you have an older-than-broadwell-sandybridge CPU, you can’t play this game
  • If you’re on AMD, unless you have one of the last gen APUs or Zen, you’re fucked
    • Nevermind, that’s AVX 2. Just need bulldozer or later. Sorry Empty

Spy games

  • The video player for Linux is not allowing players to view the intro video and so has been temporarily disabled.
    • So it’s a feature?



  • Turns out free-2-play wasn’t the future.
  • Or VR.
  • How about focusing on that Vulkan backend

Enjoy snuu

  • I suppose having ec2 backing your huge ambitious mmo isn’t a terrible idea
  • Still, switching game engines in the middle of development is never really a good idea
  • I wouldn’t exactly call this switching engines.
  • Lumberyard is basically CryEngine /w built-in Twitch integration.
  • Then again, Lumberyard will probably still be around at the end of 2017.
  • And no, no amount of wishing will get this game ported to the Linux so calm, yo, tits.
  • These motherfu*kers have not said a word about delivering a port.

Open Luga

  • Now it includes the data files.
  • Updated to SDL 2.
  • I really enjoyed lugaru, so I’m glad to see the open sauce version getting some love
  • Y’all got any of that overgrowth though?

Civ update

  • At this point they are just trolling for cookies.
    • Should I bring up the point that their logo kind of looks like a jewish star?

Super Stonking Great Tits Cars

  • Pedro was playing this a while ago with the devs and seemed to really like him
  • So if you like his homerian epics at the end of the chairquisition, you might want to check it out

Hate Mail:



  • The neo.gif here is that we do not entice people to become Pats.

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