Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Our BFF Microsoft

It’s our one year anniversary! Microsoft kills old Skype, Olimex releases an open source laptop, and Kodi gets a makeover.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


Positive in the freedom dimension

  • I wonder who is the target market for such a device
  • Can it still be called a laptop if it doesn’t have a SSD?
  • Does this thing come with a fixie, PBR, and a pack of american Spirits?
  • In all fairness if I was still in secondary I would probably be the kids /w one of these.
  • $242 is almost in the buy one out of curiosity price range.
  • Running an OS off of SD card flash makes Hard Drives look snappy by comparison.

What about Linux

  • It’s funny how they avoid mentioning Linux at all cost, like it was some kind of disease.
  • No mention about the sound quality either, it’s all about the cool cloud, nothing else matters.
  • Part of me wants to believe they are planning to leave the service up until they sort the electron wrapped piece of nope.
  • It would be really really nice if MS would loosen the restrictions on using the SILK CODEC.
  • If all platforms are now using the webRTC version, this should in theory make it so everyone can go back to talking to each other regardless of OS.
    • In theory… We’ll have to see how it actually does in March.
  • What’s up with March this year? Everything is coming in March.



  • Something something ncdu.
  • It’s a shame that we don’t have a tool to visualize directory sizes shipped with almost every Linux distro. It could be named after a huge tree, like baobab. Oh wait… It does exist.
    • I’m with Strider on this one.
  • It seems to be a tech demo to show how cool flame graphs are but like flame shirts, I’m afraid they went out of fashion.



  • The real question is why do they still use the NPAPI for Flash when they could be using the more modern PPAPI which works fine with Firefox.
  • Look at it this way… if this affects any of your plugins, good.
  • Stop using them.
  • Why are you excluding Flash? Let that piece of junk die the awful death it deserves at this point.



  • This is probably one of the best updates for kodi, it comes with an amazing new ui on the TV and on the web interface
  • Also, that wasn’t mentioned in the release notes but it should be possible to control kodi with a standard gamepad, something that was not possible yet for some strange reason.


Game over

  • I’m on the side of a judge… for once.
  • I just hope this is the last time we hear about this ps3 Linux stuff.
  • The people actually using otherOS (you know, actual scientists) will probably be smart enough not to run updates offered by the PSN.
  • the settlement agreement is not fair, reasonable, and adequate”
    • You go girlfriend.
  • Sony’s due for a proper kick in the shins after the crap they kept pulling around the PSP/PS3 era.


Agent 47

  • Hello and welcome to Linuxgamecast weekly
    • This is LWDW.
    • However, one of the neat things about a Wed show is getting out the breaking news.
  • Feral is still on fire, but after hitman and dirt, do they have other ports that we know of?
  • It’s really nice to have another Hitman game on Linux.
  • I was a bit worried when they announced DiRT since I called Hitman as the next one.

Slice of Pi


  • At least it’s named after an Amiga game and has a Far Side comic



  • Hi TSA!



  • Translations, translations, translations!



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