Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – SHA Really

Mozilla acquires Pocket! RetroPie gets trademarked, Torvalds talks about SHA-1, and NVIDIA unveils the 1080Ti. All this, plus your feedback!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan



  • Some people have no shame
  • RetroPie has been trademarked in the USA by some dorks.
  • A LOT of people have contacted them but the more the merrier.


SHA Yeah

  • We shouldn’t be afraid of an attack that requires 6500 CPU years and 110 GPU years to execute?
  • I tried to upload a bunch of files to and I couldn’t find one vulnerable one.
    • Were those SHA-1 encrypted files?
  • Yip, we’re not moving to SHA-256 until it’s too late and SHA-1 is blown wide open.
  • That’s the ticket, right?


Skype Beta

  • We can finally call MAC/Windows users.
  • This makes getting guests on infinitely easier.
  • And they added the ability to pay them money… because you know you want to.



  • I have an impression of deja vu, but we’ve reviewed so many Electron apps now.
  • Shouldn’t the root password be asked before removing system logs or stopping services.
  • Haven’t seen any PolicyKit files in the package, wonder how it’s done.
  • Sourceforge, ick.
  • Tried in on 16.04 and it does what is said on the tin.
  • I wanted to hate on it for being a tonka toy GUI but it’s alright.
  • The System Cleaner is borderline useful.



  • It’s the comeback of the PDAs! It’s the nineties all over again!
  • 10 cores divided in 3 CPUs, will that be enough?
  • Looks like a really neat device, and not overpriced
  • Wonder how that display is going to work with all the Linux apps that don’t handle HiDPI properly
    • Linux can barely UHD, bro.
  • Considering the GPD pocket did as well as it did, it’s probably a good time to be putting hardware up on the IndieGoGos… that way you don’t need working prototypes either.
  • And before Monster Cameron comes foaming at the mouth in the comments: Yes, I saw the MWC shitty 3D printed plastic mockup. It looks like arse and no, it wasn’t a working prototype.
  • Mechanical keyboard… REALLY?
    • Does it come with a pint of Newcastle and a fixie as well?
  • Dedicated button for voice commands”
    • Android already has a button, it’s called Okay Google!
    • That, and Linux doesn’t have a voice assistant.
      • What about Mycroft?
  • Two weeks of stand-by time / 12 hours of talk time”
    • Standby is not hyphenated.
    • How many hours of being a useful device” time?
  • hoping to be able to assemble Gemini in the UK”
    • You think manufacturing in Merica is cost prohibitive?



  • Only mildly surprising since Pocket has been integrated in Firefox for a while now.
  • On the other hand, the founder of Wallabag, an open source alternative to Pocket was surprised that it was acquired by Mozilla.
  • He also doesn’t think it will run on a RaspberryPi when the code is open sourced, challenge accepted!
  • They acquired a bookmarking app, fascinating.
  • I give it 16 months before they kill it.



  • A TitanX for almost half the price!
  • Hold on!
  • They disabled one of the ROPs (along with its memory controller) thus lowering the memory bus to 352bit but still claim to be able to reach higher bandwith (a full 4 GB/s extra) with the 1080Ti than the TitanX?
  • People who bought the Pascal Titan X are gonna be pissed, if that turns out to be the case.
  • The real story here is that the 1080 dropped $100.

Slice of Pi

NTP (From @aenertia)

  • I still don’t get how he got his office to be far more efficient by setting up a NTP server.
  • I guess if you needed your own internal air-gapped NTP server?



  • To the surprise of no one, it’s out of stock on Adafruit!
  • I’m tempted to make a home brew PlexCast with one of these critters.



  • Picard rocks
  • That’s the reason I run Ubuntu, it  runs out of the box, I don’t have to mess with it.

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