Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Old Man Skype

Old Skype lives! XFCE4 gets a makeover, Humble releases an amazing bundle, and Munich ditches Linux?

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan



  • The price of this machine is an absolute joke. This has an Atom processor, I wouldn’t put more than $200 for what it is.
  • That’s way too expensive. Which is also the reason those VAIOs never really sold all that much to start with.
  • It has active cooling, wow.
  • It’s basically my $50 Winbook /w 4GB or RAM and a keyboard.



  • This is a brilliant idea that bring something really missing in the open source community
  • It’s from the Elementary team so you know it will be done well, they are part of the very few teams that give a close attention to details and design
  • I hope this platform will grow outside of ElementaryOS, it’s needed everywhere!
  • Ubuntu already has an app store.



  • In most of the leaked tests, keeping in mind these aren’t game benchmarks, the 1700X (8c/16t) at 3.4GHz is outperforming the 6900K and the 5960X.
  • In the single-threaded tests, the i7 7700K mops the floor with everything else, seeing as it has a 4.2GHz clock speed.
    • I did some maths on the side and if we are talking 1:1 scaling in clock speeds, which is never the case, the 1700X would be slightly faster at 4.2GHz than the 7700K in single-threaded tasks, read games.
  • This isn’t exactly destroying Intel’s performance but, if the final round of official benchmarks from most outlets confirm this, this is going to force team blue to revise their pricing.
  • There’s still plenty of time, from now to “early March”, for AMD to screw this up, though.
  • I wonder what’s the performance on Linux specifically
  • And yes, I’m referring to gaming, not video encoding or 3D rendering
  • Lucky me, I don’t have to change my CPU until 2020 and I’ll get something much better (pretty sure it will be an Intel)
  • I’m looking at you, AMD Ryzen 5 1500.


Humble Freedom

  • That has to be one of the best bundle ever released, if not the best
    • …if you don’t already have most of the games.
  • And it’s for a very good cause
  • I’m finding it very hard to drop €28 to help the US get out of the stupid-hole they dug themselves into.
  • You do get the sliders to decide where your money goes.
  • Unfortunately I (like most of you) already own most of the games.



  • STAHP!
  • Keep XFCE fulgy!
    • Saying that you know a thing or two about making a desktop ugly would be quite an understatement!
    • You could even consider making a /r/unixgore subreddit!
  • Things are shaping up quite nicely, it’s not up to the level of Elementary or Solus design wise but it’s still looking pretty good!


Still kicking

  • My bet is that oldSkype will stop working one day, not because of Microsoft but because it’s so old that it won’t work on future linux distros.
    • The only things it depends on, outside of the usual stuff, are QT4 and libssl1.0.0
  • Short of a distro not including those in the repo – *cough*Solus*cough* – it’ll work fine for as long as Microsoft feels like it.
  • Oh, they planned on killing it next month.
  • They just were not prepared for the backlash.
  • Didn’t want to tell Win/MAC users the service would still be running but they can’t use it.


For no apparent reason

  • Looks like a bunch of old people having a tantrum because Linux is different
  • Still, I can’t blame them. When they say they have issues with Linux, I believe them. Most Linux systems wouldn’t pass a basic QA test.
    • The issues are because the previous administration is gone and so was most of the support for LiMux.
    • Imagine having to use Ubuntu 12.04 now and being told the only choice is to either keep using it or move to Windows.
  • Yes, most of us Linux users think that it is the best OS ever, probably because it is. But do gain real marketshare, it needs to do a lot better. There’s still a lot of work to do.
  • This comes in the heels of a previous story late last year where a Microsoft affiliated consulting company recommended the, self-proclaimed “Microsoft fan”, mayor move the infrastructure back to Windows.


Flat Video

  • Allowing flatpak’ed applications to access the NVidia drivers could be a way of providing video games instead of relying on the Steam Runtime.
  • Of course, this is breaking containerization a bit for the sake of letting applications work with the drivers.
  • So even if the sandbox holds up everywhere else, any malicious exploits coming from a compromised flatpak could use the graphics drivers as a means of escaping the sandbox.



  • In the world of “That’s neat but why?”

Slice of Pi

Gaming Pi

  • Libretro emulation + Kodi? Yes! I’m sold!
  • The only complaint I have about this is that it’s running EmulationStation instead of Retroarch but that’s very minor detail.


Snap story of the week

  • This is probably the most powerful mini-computer soon to hit the market
  • Even better than the Asus Tinker board we covered in the past
  • No price announced yet but I don’t think it will be cheap
  • Sadly there is no official Linux support



  • If it works then it’s not wrong
  • That said, I wonder about would be the performance difference between the old school fglrx and Mesa 17
  • You know what? Just find out for yourself! Install 16.04 on a USB drive and see if you take a big performance hit!




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