Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Torvalds Strikes Again

NASA opens the source! Solus sorts Optimus, General Arcade goes full SDL2, and Razer acknowledges Linux. All this, plus your feedback!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


Nasa Soft

  • A lot of software available with Linux versions and for multiple different purposes.
  • The software is free but it’s not Free Software.
  • The NASA also has another collection of software at and it’s all open source
  • I’m more interested in the website itself which is built with the Polymer framework.
  • Unless you’re building a rocket or an aircraft in your backyard”
    • Hybrid rocket engine annoy the hell out of your neighbors master race!


Badly Shoop’ed Book

  • The CPU is weak but that’s to be expected for that price range
  • Doesn’t seem to have a backlit keyboard so, for me, it’s a no.
  • No option for an additional SSD?
  • If you order a lappy from a company that has two shooped pictures on their buy page… you deserve what you get.
    • Seriously, that’s the kind of grade school shooping Craigslist buyers try to pull to sell their old crusty cars.
  • 250 would be a good price point, in a world where Chromebooks didn’t cost as much and gave you android app compatibility.


Beard Certification

  • A server grade motherboard, an old refurbished Thinkpad and a cheap USB soundcard, that’s an unlikely combination.
  • You can get X200 Thinkpads for half the price on ebay
  • You want to charge me 5.95€ for installing Linux?
  • What Libre-Friendly CPUs do these critters support again?
  • OpenSPARC? LEON?
  • I get why people want these type of devices, but I don’t know anyone who actually owns one.
  • These would be great not only with a proper Libre CPU but also if they had wider adoption and were made considerably cheaper.
  • Seriously, 300€ for a laptop I can get refurbished for €200 in a store down the street?



  • Everyone knows how Linus will react to poor quality patches and yet they keep coming, looks like some people are just looking for trouble
  • Does Not Improve Ryzen performance.
    • Unless they start shipping kernels with the Brainfuck Scheduler enabled by default, I don’t see too big of a performance boost in the future either.
    • Oh, that’s cute :)
  • Yeah, I’ll allow this one too”
    • Is it just me or is Torvalds getting a little soft in his old age.


Not Dead Yet

  • The FSF takes this matter quite seriously
  • If Munich wants to shoot themselves in the foot why not let them?
  • They have until 2020 to pull a Summer.
  • During the “transition” they can continue using LiMux.
  • The administration shall without delay propose a strategy how to unify the city’s client-side IT architecture by 2020-12-31, building on a yet-to-be-developed ‘Windows-Basis-Client‘. Baseline functionality (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, PDF reading, e-mail client and Web browser)”
    • It’s not looking good, Brad.
    • I hope they’ll enjoy having to pay a metric effeton of licensing fees on top of everything else.
    • That’s the kind of brilliant decision making that drains municipal coffers.



  • I was about to say that Razer is Dell but no, I was thinking about Alienware. Good to see another company jump on the Linux train.
  • This could almost be considered a Steam machine
  • Translation: Quit bugging us about Linux support in the general forums.
  • Admittedly the Razer Blade laptop always interested me as a tinker tool.
  • TIny LCD screens in every single key, a touchscreen as a touchpad, and the hardware/firmware support to rebind every single key/trackpad motion already baked in.
  • I’ve always been curious try… Just not €1100 curious.



  • It’s kinda like sc-controller but it works on more than just the Steam Controller.
  • And it can work off of an environment variable as well as replacing the SDL gamecontrollerdb.txt file.


Optimum Solus

  • How many years has Optimus been around? Many! And every single distro has failed to provide a working setup for it.
  • And from out of nowhere, you have Solus that always does the right thing.
    • It’s not working 100% yet, in fact you have no option but to run both GPUs “always on” the whole time for now.
    • The end goal and the thing that was always problematic is to allow switching the discrete NVidia chip on and off at will/as necessary to save power.
    • Which you still can’t do without logging out and back in yet, anyway.
  • This is the result of a distro that cares more about the desktop experience than running the system on an phone.
  • At this point, I don’t believe that the big names in the Linux world believe in Linux on the desktop. But Solus, Elementary and Ubuntu Mate, they are true believers.

Slice of Pi


  • Now your raspberry pi can vape too
  • Do NOT go digging around in a E-cig!
  • Lithium Ion batteries will melt your face off.
  • The 18650s in my vape-o-tron 9K are grenades.
  • Got some extra capacitors lying around and nothing to do, here’s a way to make sure they will no longer work.



  • This will invalidate the FCC certification.
  • I was going to talk some smack about the soldering skills until I remembered how tiny this critter was.
  • And if you do want to use a bunch of these as the base for embedded wireless devices, that antenna will help considerably with the signal boost.




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