Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – PopKraut

System76 goes Pop! Kernel 4.12 adds support for Vega, the Free Software Foundation certifies several new devices, and a handy guide for building your own PiCorder.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


  • Radeon RX Vega support, BFQ and Kyber schedulers, proper USB type C port management.
  • One of the biggest changelogs ever.
  • Great deal of it because of the RX Vega support.
  • Initial open-source accelerated support for NVIDIA GTX 1K.



  • I’m of the age to where i’m over distros.
  • Give me something that boots and i’ll sort the rest.
  • Pop!_OS is basically a GNOME skin-job with custom System76 drivers.
  • While it’s good for them to no longer rely on Ubuntu I will say this.
  • I don’t know a single person who purchased a pre built anything and didn’t immediately wipe it.  


POP /w kraut

  • Compared to system76, this isn’t just Xubuntu with a different wallpaper and theme.
  • You get that, as well as plenty of tweaks, newer kernel version, optimized RAM and battery usage on their laptops.
  • This is still not a good enough reason to release your own Yet Another Ubuntu-based Distro, but it’s still more justified than Pop!_OS
  • That battery life claim is wicked-fishy.
  • Send Pedro one and let him independently confirm.
  • At least it’s XFCE based.
  • Again, step #1 should always be WIPE the machine and install your OS of choice.



  • Ah, yes! The one that only works on Cent/RHEL 6 and their default 2.6.x kernel.
    • That’s a lot of boxes.
  • Requires use of yet another undisclosed exploit to deploy remotely
  • And if your sysadmin is doing his job, would last as long as it took them to run iptables -F <CIA-chain>; iptables -X <CIA-chain>



  • It’s been so long since there was any I think even Intel forgot what competition even is.
  • It also does not include consoles or any computer systems running operating systems other than Windows.
  • This really boils down to a bunch of Windows users benching their new Ryzen chips.



  • A bunch of thinkpads, an Opteron 6276 motherboard, and more USB wifi and bluetooth adapters both internal and external.



  • Do you want to build a botnet?



  • If you watch that Saturday show what we do, you’ll know that RPCS3 is a PS3 emulator which not only makes with the Linux, but supports Vulkan as well.
  • Over the past few weeks they had mentioned they would like to bring RPCS3 to Qt and ditch the old WxWidgets based UI.

Slice of Pi


  • SSH record.
  • Make a script and map it to a button.




  • Basically stay away from the Samsung 850 Pro and 840 Evo.
  • Price per gig isn’t as good right now as it used to be but this 250GB 750 Evo I have on this laptop cost me €60 at the time, that’s €0.24/GB.
  • I was discussing SSDs with Martin Wimpress awhile back and he says the current Toshiba/OCZ ones are pretty good. I would just add to stay away from the Trion series, they’ve been reportedly flaky.
  • I didn’t have to talk with anyone because it’s 2017 so buy whatever.
  • Seriously, SSD drives are now a commodity and no matter what you end up with it will annihilate a spinning drive.

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