Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Security Pitches

Dell releases a monster all-in-one Linux workstation! Devuan gets a stable release candidate, Ubuntu 12.04 reaches EOL, and Android Nougat comes to the Raspberry Pi 3. All this, plus your feedback.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan

Phase 3

  • Time to make our laptops even more expensive.”
  • I don’t believe the prices will jump up
  • Remember, we’re talking about cases here, not motherboards
  • They’re starting with desktop computers, and I’ve never really been interested in pre-made desktop computers
  • But they have finally made a laptop I would buy, the Galago Pro. Shipping in May.
  • Starting with desktops and plans to move to laptops.



  • I always liked the idea of AIOs but was always disappointed with the glorified laptop parts.
  • These, on the other hand, have full on workstation parts including proper graphics cards.
  • You get your pick between Quadros or Fire Pros.
  • With the highest end Fire Pro reportedly letting you push 6 UHD displays at 60Hz.
  • Everything about this screams business machine. It’s a “workstation”, not a “personal computer”, it ships with professional GPUs, it has a Red Hat option
  • So, yes, it’s a bit expensive. But it’s not supposed to go in your home (unless you work from home)
  • So, now that we have the machines, can we have companies using 30 of those in their offices developing AAA games on Linux using Unreal Engine and Blender?
  • Oh look, a DaVinci Resolve workstation.
  • BTW 27-inches @ UHD (It don’t do 4K) will be unreadable.
    • You DO realize that’s not how Hi-DPI works, don’t you?



  • I am in great pain, please help me
  • Ryzen was tested with an updated 4.10 kernel and 4.11 kernel as it has code implementation for Ryzen’s simultaneous multi-threading.
  • Y U no Handbrake?
  • Kinda sad that the 1800X only offers 11% over the 8350 in Unigine Valley.
  • Why not Superposition?
  • Stay away from Gigabyte motherboards, gotcha!



  • Calling yourselves “Veteran Unix Admin” does not give you more credit
  • I wonder how many mainframes are powered by Devuan
  • There an OS used by actual Veteran Unix sysadmins that doesn’t use systemd, it’s called BSD, there’s even a Debian version of it.
  • This project was born from hatred, I’m amazed they managed to reach the Release Candidate stage
  • Eight projects use it as a base.



  • What does this mean for all those games which claim 12.04 minimum requirement?
    • Nothing! Because neither the developers or VALVe give a toss about it.
  • And if we’re being fair and the Steam Runtime does its job, you could in theory still keep it.
  • If your company still relies on 12.04, you might want to check downstairs in the server room because your sysadmin might be dead.
  • And there are companies like TravisCI that have wait until the VERY LAST MINUTE to offer something more recent.
  • You might think they would have jumped directly to 16.04, but no they are migrating to the already antiquated 14.04 which forces me to take the Docker route because I have no use for something that old.
  • Give Canonical $150 for ESM support and be done with it.


Dead and Buried

  • You think people were wary of buying full Linux devices before.
  • The number of people who got an Ubuntu phone or tablet and who are not capable of migrating it to Android is exactly zero.
  • And there’s nothing to complain about, if you buy a device from Samsung, Google, Sony or whatever big brand, it would have become unsupported even faster.
    • What if they closed the Google Play store?
  • Now it all depends on how good the community support will be. (Remember, we talked about UBPorts)
    • Ha! These things were DOA.

Slice of Pi


  • We talked about the TinkerBoard previously and it’s now available!
  • And yes, it’s still the best board you can get with the same form factor as a Pi
  • Asus may have dropped the price a bit, if I remember correctly it was announced slightly above $60, now the MSRP is $55 (but it will likely be more in the first few months)
  • Gigabit ethernet, 4 USB ports which are now on a different bus than the ethernet.
  • Integrated WiFi and bluetooth.
  • HDMI is limited to 1.4, you’ll only be able to push a 4k display at 30Hz, and even in regular desktop use you won’t get 2160p proper either. It’s upscaled 1080p.
  • And if you want to play 4k video with hardware acceleration, you need to use the TinkerOS media player.
  • Android support is also coming at a later date.
  • You’re going to need a 5V 2.5A USB power brick to drive this thing, which means, unless you have a really power hungry tablet which came with one of those, you’re going to need to buy one as well.
  • Even my SHIELD tablet only uses a 2.1A USB power brick.



  • This is giving me an idea.
  • I’d like to do the opposite, instead of intercepting IR signals from a remote and sending them to a device, I’d like to control my TV from my phone or computer
  • Replace the IR receiver by an emitter, change the software a bit and it’s done.
  • Or, you know, buy a Playbar.


Android N

  • It just reminds me that 1) I have to get a Raspberry Pi 3 and 2) I have to get Android 7 working on my Nexus 4
  • You lot get the tubes working (and someone confirm Plex) and you will have my attention.
  • Not really ready for the prime of time.



  • Short answer, no.


  • Thing is, if you want to upgrade just flash the BIOS.
  • Okay Cameron, you yourself just admitted they’re comparing it to the Maxwell chips to make it look more attractive.
  • You seem to be the one who doesn’t listen, because we said as much.

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