Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Linus Surprise

Ubuntu Core comes to the Compute Module 3, Fedora wants to record Wayland, LibreOffice needs mascot and grsecurity makes Linus grumpy.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan

Beyond GStreamer

  • A big part of the motivation for this is that we want to make Fedora Workstation the best place to create content…”
    • Given Fedora’s continued hypocrisy issues with software licenses, this will never be a thing!
    • If I am building a workstation it’s what i’m using because support from vendors.
  • We expect to start shipping PipeWire with Fedora Workstation 27…”
    • PipeWire slated to start shipping with Fedora 35, gotcha!
  • ensure that PulseAudio applications can still be run without modification”
    • Long as they can pull this off it should limit most of the headaches.
  • And having something to do proper capture with Wayland will be a bonus soda.



  • The last time Linux shocked me (and I mean shocked) was plugging in that BT adaptor.
  • On the leadership bit I do wonder if Linux is Raptor Buss Proof.


Linus for president!

  • Grsecurity has been around for 16 years and yes, caused a few problems but I would not call it garbage.



  • Remember that Math bug which caused Skylake processors to brick themselves?
  • This one is worse!
  • It affects both Skylake and Kabylake and without the microcode update, your only option is to disable hyperthreading to prevent this from happening.
  • It was brought to the attention of the Debian project
  • The defect can potentially affect any operating system
  • FIX: Disable hyper-threading immediately in BIOS/UEFI


Let it go!

  •, formerly known as clickARM realized this thing was never going to ship and didn’t want their name attached to it.
  • They were responsible for “designing and developing this product from the beginning, including the prototypes”shown off at trade shows.
  • Never agreed to the release timeline BECAUSE
  • The guts of the critter will not ship until years end and the Smach team said it would ship in April.


Design a Mascot

  • The task is simple: design a new identifier for LibreOffice Community and ideally provide a name and a description to understand your idea. There is no restriction whether it’s a true mascot or just a symbol like Java’s Duke
  • The design should be completely new, even if based on some initial artwork

Slice of Pi


  • I only threw this in because I didn’t know Ebook servers were a thing.
  • You can also add books to the library from other content providers



  • Scratch 2 uses Flash. FLASH!
  • Considering Scratch 2 is even meant to work offline, WHY the effing effe are you using flash?!
  • Especially when you consider Scratch 1 was written in Squeak/Smalltalk.



  • I’m still waiting for someone to do something cool with these.




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