Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Cute Vulkan

QT enables support for Vulkan, GNOME gets tweaked, Fedora 26 Beta adds a Night Light, and Inkscape moves to GitLab. All this, plus your feedback.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


GNOME tweak

  • Kudos to Ikey for porting the app to Python 3!
  • It’s now possible to place the windows buttons on the left side without messing with dconf!
  • It’s now possible to see the Gnome Shell and GTK version from this tool, no more messing with apt!
  • Jeremy is right, there’s no need for a maximize button, I’m removing is right now… there, I feel much better now!
  • Gnome Tweak Tool is amazing!
  • I don’t see any improvements regarding the scaling of GTK stuff.
  • Ikey was complaining about it a while back on G+ when he got his UHD screen.
  • Good thing about the GNOME Tweak tool is that it works with proper desktops instead of just HUDs.
  • I can’t imagine running a DM that requires the use of a separate tool for “advance” configuration.  


What this program do

  • First thing I noticed is that it’s inspired by a software named winsys (by the same author)
  • I appreciate the intent but I wonder if this can really be reliable
  • This should provide linux newbies new and exciting ways to break their box!  
    • It’ll certainly lower the time from first install to full breakage from a few hours to a few minutes.
  • If you’re just getting into Linux, stay away from this!
  • You will break something, otherwise.
  • executing actions to blow of mouse click”
    • At least that’s right at the top so you know to immediately close the tab.
  • Enable-disable sudo without pass? So, Windows mode?



  • First thing to remember: Vulkan is cross platform, DX12 isn’t
  • Second thing: it’s a good idea to isolate platform specific code and provide generic interfaces
  • Now both Gtk and Qt have plans for Vulkan support!
  • Vulkan rendering in my GUI is something I’ve been asking for awhile!
  • This is a step in the right direction, but we still need a lot more.


Poof, no more data on my phone

  • We’re not spending more than 3 minutes on a goddamn file system for mobile devices.
  • Since Android devices are much more likely to be shut down abruptly, this gives even more opportunities for btrfs to crash the filesystem
  • This is likely to be only for the system partition so your personal data should remain safe
  • I’m sure Google wouldn’t ship devices with btrfs as I’ve experienced it. This might lead to an usable filesystem in the end!
  • It really baffles me when Google asks btrfs maintainers for the status of encryption. Can’t they implement it themselves and send patches? Aren’t they a multi-billion company with thousands of top-notch engineers? What don’t they understand in the concept of open source?
    • You’re talking about the people that polled Chrome(ium) devs if they should remove ext3/4 support from ChromeOS.
    • Something they didn’t need worry about and decided it was a good idea to just scrap it.
  • Google doesn’t give a flying rodents backside about Open Source or anything the sort.
  • They use it because they can, without having to pay Microsoft, Apple, etc., money for Licenses.


Systemd rsync

  • This might provide a nice way to version large directories of binary data which makes me very happy.
  • I don’t care if this is yet another systemd related project, I only care about whether the software is actually any good.
  • And I think systemd now provides even more functionality than svchost.exe.
  • Next step, a built in text editor!



  • If you would have asked me what large open source project is still hosted on Launchpad, I would have replied Inkscape, now I have no idea (not counting Ubuntu obviously).
  • Only good things will come out of this.
  • I had never questioned the proprietary state of Github until I read this.
  • I always associated it with open source, free software and source available software.
  • But yeah, it is very much a proprietary implementation of Git.


Full Time Farmer Cap

  • What you’ve seen so far is Solus maintained by Ikey Doherty as a side project. Now imagine what it will be like when he works full time on it! That’s right, you can’t, it’s too overwhelming!
    • 20% better XML performance.
  • So… Ikey is going at it full-time bringing his undivided attention to Solus.
  • It supports MATE and possibly, maybe, KDE in the future.
  • The /lib* and /usr/lib* folders will eventually be merged.
  • As much as can deal with Ubuntu MATE, it’s still Ubuntu.
  • Sorry, Martin! I think I may be changing to Solus at some point.
  • I still think you should rename the rolling release Punching Bag.



  • 2 new spins, one based on LxQt and the other one named Python Classroom Lab. I approve!
  • I always liked the idea of LXQt.
  • LXDE with Qt and KWin as the window manager.
  • But every time I tried it it managed to break in new and interesting ways.
  • Blivet-gui
  • Go Language 1.8 /w 32-bits MIPS support.
  • Simultaneously releasing 64-bit F26 Beta for ARM (AArch64), Power (both little and big endian) and s390x architectures.
  • Workstation edition includes Night Light for the two people who don’t run their monitors on minimum brightness.  



  • So this is the version where they ship multi process Firefox for everyone
  • Other than that, I don’t see a lot of changes
  • Check about:support and see if Multiprocess Windows is enabled.
  • It could be disabled because addons.
  • Force: about:config create a new boolean pref named browser.tabs.remote.force-enable and set it to true.

Slice of Pi


  • Moral of this story, don’t use the default credentials in your RasPis.
  • Better version of the moral, don’t use the default credentials on *any* device exposed to the internet (if the device is behind a router then you’re probably fine)
  • vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    • 22 5578008


Humble books




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