LinuxGameCast Weekly 250 – LutrisOS

Steam Direct names its price! Ashes of the Singularity considers Linux, Martin plays with a Razer, and HITMAN™ receives an update. Then The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Direct fee

  • $100?
  • Explain to me again how you not a hobbit how this will fix FK and or ALL?
    • It will get rid of the voting bullshit. So it eliminates one issue!
    • The people running and profiting off of vote scams.
  • It doesn’t get rid of THE issue, though.
  • So much for our tree fiddy estimate
  • Honestly, I think that’d be a reasonable amount. This is the same as a google play account
  • They’re also changing curation so that we can post our reviews next to games. Or our streams. God help us, we’re going to kill the games we curate


  • Fuck you CNet, and your autoplaying videos
  • Didn’t HTC acquire some wireless HDMI company a while ago? Guess Intel had the better solution
  • It’s a bit of a stretch to say that the next version of the Vive will use this
  • I’m curious how dedicated the 802.11AD Frequency space needs to be completely clear for this to work properly
  • They better have that latency down pat otherwise you will be leaving a barf trail while walking around with your VR headset on.

Linux Ashes

  • While porting a game to the Linux is still non-trivial having a Vulkan render nopes several roadblocks.
  • 40 pages of people saying yes, should send some sort of message.

Gilf /w Friends 1.100.0

  • Fuck this stupid monkey game
  • That said, they’ve upgraded the engine to unity 5.6. I wonder if we’ll ever get Vulkan with Friends
  • Also, I’m half convinced these “Fixes” are actually very subtle breakages that serve to fuck with you even more

Revolt Of Gamers

  • Is it full of eels?
  • So mirror’s edge meets jet set radio future meets Kinetica?
  • You’ve got my attention
  • I can’t help but feel shoehorning “Gamers” into the name is doing it a bigger disservice than if they’d just called it Hover Revolt, or some such.

Micro Machines World Series

  • Those “additional notes” smell a bit Feral.
  • Aaaaaand it’s a VP ””””””””””””’port”””””””””””””.
  • The fine folks who brought you such nope as the Witcher 2, Biocock Infinite, and Saints Row.
  • And don’t think for a second their special brand of jank is exclusive to Linux, nay.
  • They have been pumping out MAC ports of equally poor quality for years.

Brawlerz : Nitro enters Early Access

  • I kinda want to play it but I don’t $14.99 want to play it.

Can you Hit’the’Man

  • I thought this studio was teh ded.
    • Square just pulled out a bunch of funding. Ostensibly this work was done before that
  • A bunch of new Community created content is being added
  • This may be a ploy by Io-interactive to try and attract some investors



  • Guy raises some valid points about removing some older drivers from the main repository into a legacy branch
  • Those are very good points and would make driver improvements for current (r600 and newer) hardware much easier.
  • But it would have to get a proper branch and, while they don’t have to keep working around the these old drivers with newer stuff, you would still need to support those legacy drivers to keep them inline with the rest of the Linux stuff (kernel, X, Wayland, etc.).
  • Still, the Matrox drivers are in a legacy branch and those cards still see some use. I think at this point having modern drivers that support all of the nice features is a little more desirable than a bunch of older hardware that really doesn’t support things like vulkan

External GPUs

  • Martin Wimpress bought a Razer Core, put a GTX 1080Ti in it and plugged into as many devices as he possibly could.
  • As it turns out, that PCIe x4 bottleneck isn’t really killing performance as much as I originally assumed.
  • According to Martin, he’s getting 20-30% less performance through the Razer Core than directly inserted into a system.
  • His intention was to see if gaming on a laptop would see a significant improvement from using an external GPU and it does.
    • By several orders of magnitude.
  • So, if you’re not really into desktop PCs and your laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port (and you don’t mind shelling out 500 of your local currencies for the Core, plus whatever for the Video card), this is something to consider.
  • Also, if you change laptops at any point, assuming you get a new one which also supports TB3, you get to keep using the same GPU.
  • Oh yes, the big kicker? He bought the Razer Core and the 1080Ti with half a bitcoin.
  • I actually dig the hell out of this. One of the big things I look for when buying a laptop is battery life, and i often need to compromise that desire with the want of a decent GPU
  • Thunderbolt technology and it’s ilk is only going to get better over time (What, we’ve had 3 iterations in 5 years?) and that promises some sick gains for tech like this

Adult Humble

  • I thought Glittermitten Grove was Frog Fractions 2?
  • Only 4 Linux games. Shame Headlander never actually made it to linux, as it seemed pretty fun.
    • The one Double Fine game they just refused to bring to Linux.

And that’s why they left

  • Granted, you don’t get to make games at vALVE but it’s better than working for take-two.
  • Rocket fuel purchasable through micropayments in 3.. 2..
  • I don’t think ze timeline matches up on this…
    • What timeline?
      • Folks left a year ago. Could’ve been that the buyout was announced then internally, but not a definite thing


  • Banning L4B3 is a bit optimistic.
  • Good thing Phantasmagoria 2: A puzzle of flesh isn’t banned, considering Sodomy is illegal there
  • SOMA? Why SOMA?! You’d think either of the Amnesia’s would’ve been a better fit. For completely opposite reasons, between Dark Descent and Machine for Pigs, but a better fit nonetheless.
  • And only the first Silent Hill? Silent Hill 3 carries on the exact same story.
  • I hate politics!

Open text adventure

  • Someone had dug out the tapes to this game and converted it to modern C a couple of years back. It worked.
  • This is the nicer version with some version control
  • This would make for a riveting stream.

Object Pascal

  • Is there an update or something I’m missing here?
    • Wrong link. I put up the correct one, now.
  • One of the guys behind the Castle Game engine wrote some chapters to an e-book on Objective Pascal
  • Why? Same reason people maintain Objective Caml. Sunk cost fallacy!

CHAIR– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile
Devel: Ska Studios / Flibitijibibo
Engine: FNA
Price: 9.99 / CDN 10.99

Wazzat: Embark on a blood soaked quest of vengeance as either Yuki, a machine-armed, mentally unraveling prisoner, or The Dishwasher, a relentless, reanimated samurai, against the corrupted leaders of society: the Banker, the General, and the Judge.

Mandatory Disclosure: They Sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • Holds a solid 60 @ 1080.
  • Had to restart once in multiplayer.
  • Button prompts reverted to the keyboard while using the controlla.


  • Holy shit you guys! The multiplayer works!



Shiny / Sounds


  • I just really dig the art style from these cats.
  • It’s fluid, dark, and gory as all hell.
  • Yeah, it still has that cardboard cutout vibe but it works for a brawler.
  • It makes noises and shite when you hit stuff so nothing to complain about since you won’t be focused on it in the first place.


  • I really do like the art style in this game
  • However, what I don’t like is the monotone colour scheme that makes it super easy to lose your character
  • Combined with the random blood spatter effects, I can’t see what the hell is going on, and that frustrates me
  • Would’ve gotten 3 chairs if it weren’t for that


  • You know how in Charlie Murder you’d keep losing track of your character in Multiplayer?
  • Here, you keep losing track of your character, in single player!
  • That said, I didn’t hate the background music on this one.
  • And while the animation is a lot rougher than their latter titles, the general visual aesthetics fit the game very well.
  • You can tell that this game came out before Charlie Murder and Salt & Sanctuary.
  • But more on that later.




  • Yeah, everything works and makes /w the binding but something is slightly off with running up walls.
  • Seriously, you cannot rely on that works 100% of the time.



  • Button mash, the game!
  • I’m serious! I don’t feel like I’m improving all that much in this game as I play.
  • Often I feel like it’s blind luck that my button mashing has just the right timing to stun lock 3 or 4 enemies at once.
  • That said, each thwack of the Violence Hammer feels very satisfying!
  • Only boss or miniboss style monsters don’t get immediately pummeled into the floor with it.




  • On normal this game is being hard on purpose.
  • In multiplayer the hard is almost welcome since it causes you to break out of fk around mode and actually focus.
  • In single player the hard can simply fk right off because you are already focusing on why your friends never come around anymore.
  • Does that sound fun?
  • No, it sounds like a mixed bag.
  • Here’s the dice, like Charlie muderator this is a no apologies brawler.
  • Upgrades, power ups, low-yield thermonuclear nukes, enchanted weasels yeah, none of those are going to save you from getting killed to death early and often.
  • Hell, the game is quite proud of how efficient it is at killing you, but I will let Pedro rap about that.
  • So, boiled down what do you have? Streets of Rage on fk mothering 11.
  • Does it have a story? Dunno and don’t care in the slightest because games like this server one purpose… mash buttons and chill the fk out.
  • Unfortunately this one had a big ole swing and miss on the chill out part.
  • I don’t need hard in my chill the hell out games.
  • This was just another step closer to SKA making Salt & Sanctuary, which they did.


  • This is a much less refined charlie murder
  • Where that game had a lot of attitude and charm, and colourful characters to compliment the gameplay, this one, just devolves into straight button mashing, and doesn’t really do much for me
  • While the pretty princess mode is there just to taunt you, the easy mode is genuinely a little too easy. After getting stuck in a few places on normal, I decided to give it a whirl just to see what the difference was, and you have to be a special kind of dumb to drop below 50% health on any of the fights
  • I like a learning curve in my games, one that lets you see how well you’ve improved. This, again, just teaches you how to button mash with greater efficacy
  • There is a moves list that tells you the combos for the various weapons you find, but it feels a bit spray and pray when you actually try to execute them


  • This game mocks you if you’re not doing good enough.
  • Die twice in a row? You unlock the Pretty Princess difficulty level where, not only is everything piss easy, the game gets a rainbow style color palette and instead of blood, enemies bleed out those pink glowy hearts.
  • The “Achievement” you get when you unlock Pretty Princess also takes a nice pot shot at game reviewers who bitched the previous Dishwasher game was too hard!
  • And while I appreciate a game calling me a scrub and beating my ass down, case in point, I very much enjoyed Hollow Knight, Salt & Sanctuary and other such damn hard games.
  • But damn hard is only enjoyable to the point where you feel like with each failure you’re getting better and eventually overcome the challenge.
  • In Vampire Smile, like I mentioned in controls, I don’t feel like I’m getting better.
  • The simple fact I managed to beat the game still feels like blind luck.
  • I didn’t feel like I was improving and overcoming, I felt like I kept getting really lucky and stun locking as many enemies as possible in one combo.
  • While I still enjoy a great deal of things about this game, it is painfully obvious Ska Studios still had quite a bit to learn.
  • I’ve mentioned many times that, in my opinion, video games live or die on their mechanics. Aesthetics and narrative should serve to complement those mechanics and not get in the way.
  • But when you’re actively taking control away from me to show an overlong kill animation, or to show me a door has opened, or to tell me where to go, or to show me that the key I just picked up unlocked the door I’m standing in front of, that doesn’t feel like an organic video game experience.
  • It feels condescending and a little bit pretentious. “Look at this awesome art I put in. Look at it! Don’t want to look at it? Tough! You’re going to be sitting there for a full 3 seconds until you learn to enjoy it.”
  • So no, I didn’t enjoy The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile very much.



Hate Mail:





  • Use GCDemu to mount the ISO or use a physical copy, otherwise you won’t be able to launch a campaign. Do not convert the bin/cue to an ISO. Do not mount the bin, mount the cue.
  • Run Xephyr :2 -screen 640x480x16 -reset -terminate
  • I didn’t have any luck using Xephyr on the Nvidia driver, works fine with Mesa 17, try out DISPLAY=:2 glxinfo to see if Xephyr supports OpenGL apps.
  • Replace the game’s executable with this one:
  • The game should now launch properly!
  • To play in full screen, set your desktop to 640×480 (if your display supports it) and add -fullscreen to Xephyr

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