LinuxGameCast Weekly 262 – You’re All Idiots

Half-Life 2: Episode 3 details leak! Rocket League enables transparency, Robocraft exits Early Access, and Ryan C. Gordon wants to port your game. Then West of Loathing faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:


  • I guess dude finally said FK it.
  • That will not matter in the long run because
    • 1. Damn thing is never getting released.
    • 2. If it does, won’t be this story.
    • 3. It’s an elaborate troll
  • People seem to be convinced that this spells the death of half life
  • i don’t believe that. The death of half life will come after they released the trading card game
  • Also, having watched Freeman’s mind multiple times, I can say for certain that this is not how Gordon would write a letter
  • I’m going to need a bunch of creative people with Source Filmmaker chops to make the Epistle 3 movie.

Clearance sale

  • One of two things going on here.
    • 1. HTC Vive MKII is about to be announced for a fall release.
      • Fall or xmas most likely. They’ve been pushing the new tracker ASIC fairly hard, which would support that theory
    • 2. HTC realized the VR market is reached 100% saturation and they want to nope the back stock before pulling the plug.
  • They chopped the price of the Rift recently. This might also be a reaction to that
  • Still not a lot of choice in linux VR games recently.


  • Spin the wheel of booga booga!
  • Apparently their phone sales haven’t been doing to well, despite the fact that they actually make really nice phones
  • I’m curious about the consequences of selling the VR business though. Will the buyers play nice with Valve? Will they try to close everything off
    • Zuk buys it and shuts down all the things.

Wal_steam (RTheren)

  • Make your steam match your wallpaper
  • Buddy’s PIP package doesn’t work out of the box though. Need imagemagic installed
  • Theme itself is alright, but it fucks up the placement of stuff like the workshop logo
  • I just want a high DPI theme that works!
    • There’s a HiDPi “mod” in the “Unofficial” skin patch.
  • Python PIP kept complaining I need python 3.5 or greater to install it and I have 3.5.1 installed.
  • Let’s just say I couldn’t be assed beyond that point.


  • It looks a bit alright and has multiplayer.
  • Reviews are a bit mixed with mentions of bad controls and general bugs.
  • I like the ARPG genre, and I like Vikings. Seems like a good combo on the outset.
  • If there are serious control issues though, it’ll really kill the game
  • Vikings by way of Diablo/Path of Exile.
  • Unfortunately it’s been developed by the same people who made Air Conflicts Vietnam, a game which currently stands at 29% positive reviews.
  • I want this game to be good and I’ve sent them and the Publisher an email to ask for keys.
  • Outside of the Torchlights and Din’s Curse, we don’t really have a lot of good games like this.

Aluminium goals

  • That kinda takes some of the sport of out of.

Escapist 2 PMITA boogaloo

  • Seems interesting, but Team17 has had issues with non-ubuntu distros in the past

Build your own Robot MOBA

  • Free to play, $116.96 for a good time.
  • So moba-byte punch.
  • I put 73 hours into this in Early Access.


Nvidia Driver Update

  • Alternate title, Nvidia tells Ikey to get rid of mutter already!
  • This seems mainly focused on sorting a hang with Vulkan.
  • Seems to mostly affect Steam VR titles.

You get a free port, you get a free port

  • Oh, this sounds like a fantastic idea… at first.
  • Porting is one thing, support is another.
  • Let’s take another friendly jaunt into the land of “I wish”
  • Seems like a good idea from the outset, but Ryan offering pro-bono porting work seems like something that won’t ultimately be sustainable in the long run

Open game jam

  • I like the rule where the game had to run on Linux
  • There’s no prize or anything, so it might deter people from participating
  • I still say we should try to get brick stimulator to place first

Stress test UI

  • You could run Handbrake, like a normal person.
  • That said, it’s headless and that’s kinda neat.


  • Just leave the damn thing plugged in.
  • It’s a bit of a crapshoot using the DS4 in blueteeth mode in my experience. Some games pick it up, others don’t.


Hate Mail:


  • In all, fkn, fairness… I only feed on Windows users.


  • The question you should be asking is why is a developer selling a game that is clearly broken.

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