LinuxGameCast Weekly 263 – Tipsy Danger

Pedro pokes a gerbil! Venn builds a Ryzen box, ARK: Survival Evolved exits Early Access, and Vulkan comes to SDL2. Then Human Fall Flat faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Confirmed again

  • There’s a release of several polished-up unfinished prototype levels for Episode 3
  • Doesn’t seem to want to launch

Evolving from Early Access


  • It’s potentially a bug with steam’s refund flow. This happened just as the game left early access
  • I know Sandy was enjoying the Terror Birds, but is linux support really the only thing that would keep this being played?

War of the choosin

  • When we were told september, I didn’t expect september 0th
  • It’s going to take my shit internet connection over 24hours to download XCOM2 again.


  • Procedurally generated starfox. Could be interesting. Starfox was never really one of my go to games
  • I always liked Starfox but I don’t know how well that will translate into 2017.
  • Oh, 2014 called and it wants its procedural generation back.

Free 2 Burst

  • Requires Mesa drivers only. For the elusive Linux DirectX
  • Another game riding the PUBG bandwagon it seems. Mostly negative reviews seem to back it up
  • It looks like one of those proper shit asset flip shovelware titles what we see come out on Steam all the goddamn time, now.

Sunless ZZzzzzZ

  • It has space trains, so I’m already almost sold
  • Hopefully they’ve given you a bit more fuel so you can explore just a little bit more without fear of getting trapped
  • I didn’t get the first game and this looks like an expansion pack.

Bringer of Songs

  • Kudos to the devs for sending us keys.


Pedro pokes a gerbil

Dx12 BRA!

  • As if you needed another reason to start Using SDL2, now it can vulkan
  • At this point you might as well be using it, because it’s the easiest way to get stuff running on basically everything
  • I distinctly remember hearing Icculus say, specifically, that he wouldn’t be doing this.
  • But he also did say he wouldn’t stop other people from doing it.
  • Not only did he not stop them, he personally merged their patches.

Humble Sorta Linux bundle

  • 10 bucks for Verdun, Human Fall Flat and DLC-less american fuck simulator
    • Has Verdun not been in a Bundle?
  • There is also a spooooky Bundle but will only have one day left at time of recording.
  • $10 for ATS is worth it!

Slightly less functional Lutris adds offline mode & webkit 2 support

  • It’s nice that someone is trying to maintain this and all, but lutris does a bunch of this stuff, and more. Go donate to Strider’s patreon so I can continue to give him shit about the project


  • Better compatibility and performance.
  • Playable games almost increased by 1.5x
  • They’ve moved Vertex processing on to the GPU
  • Metal Gear Solids are all playable, as is Ni No Kuni (which is actually pretty fun). DMC works, but the Lucia campaign doesn’t seem to start due to some parameter passing issues
  • They were briefly considering megashaders, much like dolphin, but it looks like that might be a wee too complicated. They are looking at eliminating frame stutter though

Venn talks about Ryzen gaming to pad out the segment.

  • Sensors
  • Memory
  • Boost
  • IPC
  • NVME / LVM
  • Gaming… meh
  • Encoding… QMGWTFBBQ

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Human Fall Flat
Devel: No Brakes Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £11.99/US$14.99/CA$16.99
Wazzat: Human:Fall Flat is a quirky, open-ended physics-based puzzle and exploration game set in floating dreamscapes. Your goal is to escape these surreal dreams by solving puzzles with nothing but your wits and physics.

Makes with the working


  • Can’t get the damn thing to 1080p window.
  • Holds 60 @2160.




Shiny / Sounds



  • The game is definitely going for an aesthetic. It works for the most part
  • Your weird play-dough man looks like a play-dough man
  • I struggled to really pay attention to the music while I was muttering profanities under my breath though


  • The graphics serve one purpose and that purpose is for you to know where your character is and for you to see where the level designer wanted you to go.
  • The visuals do that and only that.
  • No bonus points there.
  • The music on the other hand I feel like it actually turns a glorified wonky physics platformer into a derpy epic adventure.
  • Sometimes, the music kicks in at just the right time for you to actually feel motivated in finishing the level.




  • Really really good use of the controlla.


  • This would get two, but bad controls are kind of the point of the game. To work within your limitations
  • That said, goddamn it! When I face something I want to grip it!. I really need individual arm control


  • For game which relies on shoddy flaily physics, the controls feel surprisingly responsive.




  • This is a fun little fk around game.
  • A raddically overpriced fk around game, but fun nonetheless.
  • Drunks know how to do this.
  • Qwerky?
  • Tutorial too long.


  • Honestly, the only thing I can see online multiplayer doing to improve this game is allow you to spread the suffering
  • The puzzles in this game aren’t anything insanely complex. Sometimes they’re not immediately apparent, but some short exploring usually fixes that
  • I get that it’s the point of the game, but doing any little minor task is a fucking ordeal
  • Plus your man bounces and tilts all over the place. Which is really annoying when you’re trying to climb up narrow handholds
  • Every time you make a little mistake, you’re not quite back at step zero, but you gotta go through all the motions again, which resulted in quite the audible sigh emanating from either the den or my office
  • There’s also a lot less open-worldy stuff than you might think. Most of the non-climbing focused puzzles really only have one solution. You can just arrive at it in some convoluted ass ways


  • As a 3rd person platformer, Human Fall Flat is infuriating.
  • As a challenge sandbox with wonky physics where you’re given almost complete freedom to reach the end of each level, it’s almost unmatched.
  • Unfortunately, it is still and infuriating wonky physics, 3rd person platformer.
  • It also suffers from a lack of content and variety of content.
  • It’s not boring, it’s not long enough to be boring.
  • It feels like a chore, at points.
  • There are things I like in the puzzles, namely being able get past any one situation in a multitude of different ways.
  • Thing is, as puzzles go, it’s not hard to figure it out. It’s just hard to fight the physics to do what you know you need to in order to progress.
  • And, much like Goat Stimulator, I feel like Online multiplayer would have helped the experience quite a lot.
  • This score only applies to the “for now”, category.
  • When the game does get online Multiplayer, be free to come back and add one chair to this section.



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