L.G.C. How-To: Rename PulseAudio Devices

In this quick-and-dirty how-to we’re renaming PulseAudio sinks and sources for fun and profit. This can be useful if you have two of the same devices or simply want something a bit more descriptive than CM106 Like Sound Device.

1.  Launch paman and track down the outputs (Sinks) or inputs (Sources) that you plan on changing.

2. Replace YOURDEVICE with with the business paman spits out and change NEWDEVICENAME to whatever you want.

Sink example: This will change the name for the device output.

pacmd update-sink-proplist YOURDEVICE device.description=NEWDEVICENAME


Source example: This will change the name for the device input.

pacmd update-source-proplist YOURDEVICE device.description=NEWDEVICENAME

3. If all goes well you should go from something resembling this.

To something a bit more manageable.

Note: If you want to reset everything kill the PulseAudio server by running

pulseaudio -k

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