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Spotify gets a new desktop client, Firefox done goofed, Fedora stays classy and HDCP on Linux isn’t the end of the world. All this plus your emails!

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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  • Limiting software availability in a server distro, unless the maintainers/packagers/developers jump through a bunch of new hoops for the sake of “modularity”, is a sure fire way to get some negative feedback.
  • I’m pretty sure everyone who’s ever packaged software for a distro could have told you that from the get go.
  • Also, how do you get off on creating another, completely different, packaging system for the sake of “modularity” in the face of the flatpack vs. Snaps war?
  • 2017, the year of backtracking stupid decisions.



  • Putty is perfectly serviceable and portable.
  • While I agree /w Rene it’s nice knowing this is built in.


Secure the lightning

  • Adding one more layer on top of DBus for the sake of security.
  • Granted, this layer of security could entice developers to expose more stuff directly on the firmware level instead of needing their own proprietary software to access them.


Noscript is your friend

  • This is what happens when autoplay video becomes the norm.
  • Took’em long enough.
  • That said, they still haven’t killed Flash.
  • “on websites that display non-compliant ads”
    • That’s important to note!


Do no evil

  • It took’em a weekend to come up with a non-apology.


The Non-Apology

  • We didn’t get paid for it so it’s all good, right?
  • We’re sorry for the confusion and for letting down members of our community.
    • So, you’re not sorry you pushed adware on your users without asking for permission, not giving anyone a choice to opt-in/out, or even not giving people a bit a of a heads up.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Mozilla! A soulless corporation like any other.
  • Not malicious but holy hell they should have known better than to push anything, minus security updates.
  • People don’t like knowing that they can do that.  


The end is neigh

  • Do you have a GLX compositor running? You can pirate the pants out of everything HDCP, then.
  • It’s actually so pointless to bitch about HDCP as DRM, I’m surprised anyone at Google even gave enough of a damn to implement this.
  • And, if this means 4K Netflix/Prime for Linux, the net result is actually positive.
  • Also, if this means laying the groundwork for Android apps on desktop Linux, bring it!
  • HDCP is the TSA of DRM.
  • It’s all security theatre.
  • Problem is, it don’t work half the time on devices that support it.


Smooth proxies

  • This is a maintenance release focused on stability.
  • Proxy clips were given some attention and should provide a better seeking experience as well as reduced memory usage for images.
  • Appimage is available.
  • Now if they could only get MTL to take full advantage of my Ryzen 7.


See Spot Linux

  • Good to see them support Linux.
  • Snap only at the moment.
  • Electron?
    • CEF, same smell different chromium derivative.


Can’t stop the signal

  • Someone looked at the radio bits of Rhythmbox/VLC and said: “That needs an application all of its own!”
  • If your hobby is finding and listening to internet radio stations it might worth a look. 


VLC Snap

  • It’s now available for snap testing.
  • Protip: Ya might consider letting people know what’s in the RC.



  • Electron wrapped NOPE.
  • And, and (get this) it’s not available for Linux.  

Slice of Pi

Classy Pi



  • This is all well and good but we need motion tracking guns.




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