LWDW 328: HP Goes POP!

HP unveils the Dev One with Pop!_OS Linux! Framework releases a 12th gen motherboard, Kernel 5.18 adds support for the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, and open-source AoIP with Netjack.

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00:00 Intro
04:05 HP Dev One with POP!_OS
07:55 12’th Gen Framework Laptops
13:55 What’s new in kernel 5.18
21:45 What is netjack?
28:10 Turing Pi 2
31:50 Emails

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Linux Kernel 5.18


  • Last month we talked about the Linux Kernel 5.18 Release Candidate 1, and now last Sunday, Linus Torvalds officially released the stable version of the Linux Kernel 5.18.
  • And there is something interesting added to the kernel:
    • Linux kernel 5.18 includes an Intel driver that could allow the chip maker to enable new silicon features after users pay for a license.
    • Intel’s Software Defined Silicon (SDSi) driver will be supported on Xeon CPUs, and could be limited to future server and workstation processors.
    • Intel could, for example, use software upgrades to tailor CPU features to datacenter or other workloads.
  • This Kernel has support for 64-bit integrity checksums on NVMe devices.
  • It has support for HP laptops using Realtek audio.
  • FreeSync is enabled by default in the AMDGPU driver.
  • And the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W picks up full mainline Linux kernel support in this release.

New Framework 12th Gen


  • Can you believe the little upgradable laptop that could is a full year old?
  • Welp, Intel has released their 12’th gen hotness and maybe you need / want an upgrade. 
  • Traditionally this would require taking your old laptop out back and putting it down. 
  • Then buying a new one. 
  • Keeping true to their work Framework has released the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ upgrade kit for $538. 
  • Pull out your old one and pop in some 12’th gen goodness. 
  • If you’re upgrading to a new Mainboard, check out the open source designs released earlier this year for creative ways to repurpose your original Mainboard. 
  • Also, there is a new 2.5Gb ethernet module. 
  • Framework has been listening to the Linux and tech community, and has spent the last year gathering feedback from their early adopters to refine the product as they scale up.
  • I think it is wonderful that they have dropped the prices of the first generation Framework laptops, and then you can upgrade to the latest modules for better performance whenever you’d like.
  • Living up to their motto of sustainability, upgradability and reparability.
  • The Framework Laptop DIY Edition 11th Gen Intel now starts at $679, instead of $749, and the prebuilt Laptop 11th Gen Intel Core i7 dropped $100.00, to $899.00.
  • And Fedora 36 works great out of the box, with full hardware functionality, including WiFi and fingerprint reader support.

HP Dev One with Pop!_OS Linux (Strider)


  • So this is exciting news, and it was Tweeted by Carl Richell, the founder and CEO of System76 last Friday.
  • System76 has teamed up with HP to make an HP laptop preloaded with Pop!_OS Linux!
  • It is called the HP Dev One, and as the title says, it is built for developers.
  • It is coming soon, and you can get on an email list to get notified when it lands.
  • At a price of $1,099 it features:
    • A Linux keyboard with a Super key.
    • 8-Core AMD Ryzen 7 PRO processor
    • 16GB memory DDR4 @ 3200MHz
    • 1TB fast PCIe NVMe M.2 storage
    • 14″ diagonal FHD anti-glare display
    • AMD Radeon Graphics.
  • A handy option if you’re stuck with buying from HP @ work. 
  • I want some details on how support is handled. 
  • 14″ is a wee small for my taste. 
  • Is the memory upgradable? 
  • 16GB is on the low side of things in 2022.  

What The $H*T Is Netjack?


  • Everything you ever wanted to know about netjack but didn’t know to ask because you didn’t know what a netjack was. 
  • If you have been curious about AoIP on Linux, this should get you pointed in the right direction. 
  • A handy open-source way to move audio between multiple PCs that does not require any special hardware. 


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