LWDW: Big Slappy Penguin Kisses

Linus goes on a tear, Microsoft brings GVFS to Linux, Dell continues to embrace the penguin and nano records a stroke. All this plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Linus hates security

  • So, the proposed patches wanted to create a whitelist of applications and every other bit of software that acted out of place would get killed.
    • Remember how many times Linus has said that the Kernel shouldn’t break userspace?
    • And once again, I find myself agreeing with Linus because the developer submitted a broken patch.
    • He knew it was broken, because he had to go back and create a fallback mode for the few bits of software he forgot to account for when creating the exclusion list.
    • Linus views security issues as bugs.
  • “IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE when security people set magical new rules, and then make the kernel panic when those new rules are violated.”
    • Kinda has a point.
    • The kill on sight approach works but you have to implement things like fallback modes.
    • Because things gonna go wrong.
  • Linus is more of a mark it and track it then sort it if need be vs LOIC.
  • Cook backed down and admitted his fixes could not be tested in a single development cycle.


Linus lets it in

  • AMD too has often been at the end of a Linus denial with accompanying torrent of (deserved) insults.
  • This time, though, instead of going to Linus directly they had Dave Airlie help them with and submit the patches.
  • Good idea, AMD! Because clearly, he is much better at this whole Linux thing than AMD ever was.


Git Filesystem on Linux by Microsoft

  • There is so much wrong with that article title, I don’t even know where to start.


Yet another Google Drive

  • And it will break soon as Googs changes something.
  • This is rsync for Google drive; not a Google drive replacement.


Tunderchicken got you down?

  • Tired of looking at your email through an old version of Firefox with a funky layout?
  • Now you can look at your email through an old version of Chromium with a funky layout.
  • The more things change the more the stay the same, right?
  • For example, the Snap version doesn’t follow your system theme at all.
  • Oh look, it wants me to create a mailspring account to check my mail.
  • Also, gnome-software is rubbish.
  • Tried to install mailspring, it failed complaining about snap.
  • It actually installed but didn’t register so uninstalling it was not presented as an option.
  • Had to snap remove mailspring to nope the critter.


DELL continues to embrace the penguin

  • I still like the look of that Precision AIO
  • “The better option is to buy a computer with Linux pre-installed”
    • Somebody needs to tell Mr. Brian that it’s 2017.
  • DELL offers RHEL and Ubuntu 16.04.
  • Big, honking, downside? AMD graphics.


There’s a black helicopter flying over my house

  • I plugged them digits into the main router.
  • It works (I guess) but don’t really see any advantages.
  • GCA & IBM have partnered with Packet Clearing House to launch a DNS that blocks malware from phoning home.
  • GCA is a non-profit—so the long-term growth of the service is based largely on government and industry continuing to fund it.


Recording strokes

  • Macros… Because if there’s one thing a CLI text editor needs, it’s macros.
  • Improved syntax highlighting? Allowing people to cycle between them in the editor itself? No?


This will eventually happen

  • So, build a glorified Chrome Desktop?
  • That said, MS is slowly pivoting into a services company.
  • They are even taking steps to make windows a subscription service.
  • However I don’t see them using Linux to deliver that anytime soon.


Goodby OS/2

  • I’m more impressed that OS/2 HAD a torrent client.
  • Allow custom tray icons when system icon theme is used.


Speaking of

  • The industry will tolerate programs used primarily for piracy (Plex)
  • However, if they become too easy to use (Kodi) prepare for a smackdown.

Slice of Pi


  • I know we have a few people in Shatrealm with some of that Nostalgia for the Dreamcast
  • Hope you kept your VMUs in good repair, at least the outside!


Gift idea

  • I can think of a gang of things to hook the musical bits up to.
  • Yes, most of them are highly inappropriate.






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