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ReactOS is still alive, NVIDIA releases a $3000 GPU, someone hates PulseAudio more than we do, and GIMP goes to Wayland. All this plus your emails!

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Pedro


And nobody noticed

  • I for one welcome our Progressive Web App overlords.
  • With most of the relevant Chromebooks now supporting Android apps, I don’t see the point in duplicating efforts in maintaining 2 stores.


ReactOS 0.4.7 released

  • Nice to see that Windows 2000 simulator is still plugging along.
  • Moved from SVN to Git.
  • Became the top contributed to project in the win32api and osdev categories.
  • Supports a great deal of Windows XP msstyles themes.
  • Only really old games work properly ootb.


ARM flavoured laptops

  • Because the Surface RT was such a good, well received and unit shifting product.
  • Oh, no. Wait! It wasn’t. It was a load of lukewarm spooge with gimped functionality and barely any use.
  • Unlike the Surface this is something people might actually want.
  • I’m willing to bet these things will Linux within the first six months of release.


Chrome flags

  • Finally, a nice, clean interface that allows you to break your browser in new and interesting ways.



  • That’s a bit much even for enthusiast.
  • It’s basically a consumer level Tesla card.
  • Bandwidth has been neutered at only 653 GB/sec due to the 3,072 bit Memory Bus Width compared to 900 GB/sec of the Tesla V100.
  • “poor man’s” Tesla V100 built for AI.
  • This is not a GTX card.
  • Unless you’re doing CUDA work or any kind of compute really, you probably don’t want to spend $3k on a GPU.
  • Also, $3000? Nvidia has gone full Intel now, with the lack of competition.


Wanna get Hi

  • You have my attention.
  • Also, WHAR code?
    • Probably will be in the source file in their ppa.
  • So even if you have a 3840×2160 13” display laptop, you can plug it in to a 1280×720 projector and get the “ideal” DPi all around without having to sacrifice three goats to the elder gods, on a waxing gibbous of a leap year.


Alsafox because you really hate pulse

  • I have several legit issues with Pulse but it’s 2017.
  • Does Pulse really nom 10% more battery or is this guy desperately trying to cling onto something?
    • 97% of all percentage numbers you see on the internet are made up on the spot.
  • Here’s someone with a one track mind, so he can only listen to one stream per device and he’ll be damned if anyone will make him move on.
  • Most of pulse’s problems nowadays, outside of the gripe some people (legitimately) have with Lennart Poettering, is the alsa compatibility layer.
    • The moment that archaic piece of crap is dropped, I’m sure pulseaudio will less much less battery than it does now. I’m gonna say 11% less.


Discord RNG

  • Changing your input device will now properly change your input device \:D/
  • I know that might not sound like much but it’s a big deal for people unfamiliar with pavucontrol.


GIMPy Wayland

  • Implemented screenshots for KDE/Wayland
  • Color Picker widget will now also work in KDE/Wayland.
  • GIMP should now be able to paste contents of the clipboard at exact coordinates the contents was originally copied from.


UHD BD support incoming

  • This could get me to install a spinny drive for the first time long time.
  • I own The Martian and John Wick in the UHD but neither have been opened.
  • Mind you, I’ve watched them #ethicalpiracy
  • UHD has built in copy protection, it’s call file size.
  • I’m not talking about storage, nay.
  • I’m talking about 8MB DL speeds.


Will have you in stitches (no not that one)

  • Check it out!
  • A genuine case of fragmentation in an open sauce project!

Slice of Pi

Super non-Pi

  • The first SBC with up to 4GB of DDR4, 4K, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB 3.0
  • WARNING: Indiegogo with flex funding.
    • This was what stopped me of just throwing them $35 right now.



  • You can easily access a Pi Zero’s GPIO pins from your x86 laptop without using SSH.
  • Ethernet-connected computer running pigpio will provide you with remote GPIO pins.
  • Good if you have a gang of projects on different Pi’s?



  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahah NO.
  • I plan to Strider the technology and see if it’s worth tinkering with.
  • In all fairness XFCE4 does a proper job dealing with it OOTB.


  • Yeah yeah, it’s in the works.
  • Most people are interested in our audio chain and that business is in a state of flux, Brad.
  • If I did a video two weeks ago I would have to do another tomorrow because I am altering the plan further.
  • Depending on how this month shakes out I should be able to yoink the BEHRINGER U-PHORIA on our Wishlist.
  • That will big the last BIG thing in the audio chain.
  • So Patreons should expect something resembling a “tour” mid Jan?

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