LWDW: Wayland Zombie Apocalypse

NVIDIA drops 32-bit support, KDE travels back in time, Grsecurity gets slapped and Wayland hates zombies. All this plus your emails!

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Pedro


Ha HA!

  • The judge denied the SLAPP claim in the best possible way.
  • “…the plaintiffs [GR Security] have not shown a probability of prevailing on their claims.”
    • HAH!
  • Breaking: Expressing an opinion alone does not amount to intentional commerce disruption.
  • With luck they will now catch a clue and drop this nonsense and they should.
  • Why? Because this has harmed their company far FAR worse than anything Bruce Perens could have done.
  • In closing: Dear Grsecurity, quit acting like absolute tools #comeatmebro



  • Fixes and more fixes.
  • Adam Jackson says there will probably be another 1.19 release with the remainder of the patches from Master.
  • If you were expecting new features, you will have to wait until the 1.20
  • Fixed a non-argb cursor conversion /w xwayland and speaking of.


Not dead yet

  • That’s an odd way to fix zombie object issues.
  • Instead of killing the zombie object, it changes it to a generic zombie and when the compositor sends the delete request it deletes the generic zombies.
  • Since this wasn’t a fix, Derek sent another round of patches to create a zombie per object which respect the delete request from Wayland.
  • army of bespoke zombies would make a proper band name,



  • If you don’t want to use the default screenshot tool in your Wayland session, you don’t have much of a choice.
  • “now master works with Ubuntu 17 Gnome Wayland (it should)”
    • Well? Does it work or not?
  • gnome and plasma desktop only
  • If you were thinking Wayland still has a looong way to go well, claim your prize.
  • Also, something something security argument.



  • They will keep the security patches until 2019, at which point those will drop too.
  • I like to play the FSMs advocate on things like this but I’m unable to come up with a reason to maintain 32-bit driver support.


Official Atom

  • Tried the *.deb and it installed without issue.
  • Oh look, electron nope.
  • The *.deb uninstalled with issue,  


Jack 3

  • As someone who has been using Jack for the last three days I believe myself fully qualified to speak on behalf of the community.
  • JACK1 is in bug-fix mode only.
  • From now on the focus will be on JACK2.
  • Development of new features will happen in the JACK2 codebase.


Decided lack of Linux BOB

  • Why?
  • Because Linux does not ship preconfigured enmass like windows.
  • Until that changes there will be no Year of the Linux Desktop, period.
  • You could pretend it was other factors at play… but you’d be wrong.


Remember when KDE was good?

  • If you think the Trinity Desktop is not retro enough, there you go!
  • Damn kids, with their new fangled KDE2 nonsense.


Oh look, it’s useful now

  • We mentioned Anbox a while back but the main issue still stands.
  • The Play store is not installed by default and there is no easy way to do it.
  • And Google could frown on that and nope it.
  • You could use F-Droid or other third party stores, but that’s not where the meat of Android is.


Try try again

  • Do I need to explain why these projects never work, again?
  • I’m sure Google’s lawyers will have something to say about that logo.



  • This is a fantastic idea to let your loved ones know you care about the pointless things they share on social media.
  • That is, until you get caught.
  • And you gonna get caught, eventually.

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