LWDW 260: Wayland By Default

VLC turns 20! Ubuntu 21.04 will Wayland by default, Pine64 kills community editions, and NES emulation with a $4 Pico Pi. All this plus your emails.

Special thanks to:
Dodger (inc pledge)
Zeno (inc pledge)



00:00 Intro
07:55 Wayland by default in Ubuntu
13:31 VLC turns 20
17:51 Tuxedo Pulse 15 with Ryzen 7
21:08 Bogus USB 3 HDMI encoders
24:00 RIP Itanium CPU support
28:15 LibreOffice TNG
31:32 Jacktrip Webrtc
34:13 CLI stonk ticker
35:37 End of Pine 64 community editions
46:06 NES on the Pi Pico
48:57 Emails

Ubuntu 21.04 Will Try To Use Wayland By Default

  • Don’t back down from this one. 
  • So Ubuntu 21.04 ‘Hirsute Hippo’ may be really harry after all! ;-)
  • Last week we talked about what was and wasn’t going to be included in the upcoming Ubuntu 21.04 release, but this week it was announced that it will include Wayland as the default display server!
  • Although Ubuntu 21.04 will default to Xorg on Nvidia based systems.
  • You can test out Wayland now by logging out to the login screen, click the ‘cog’ and select the “Ubuntu on Wayland” session, and then login as normal.
  • And you can easily switch back to Xorg from the login screen as well.
  • XWayland patches were sent in by Erik Kurzinge early last month. 
  • I said it then and I will say it now. 
  • Yall about to see that’s it not Nvidia holding Wayland back.
  • Mind you, this is a good thing for Canonical to do but it’s not going to be pretty. 
  • This will have the added benefit of getting people to hammer on Pipe Wire. 
  • Also, he mad
    • Positively blinded with rage.
  • I hope this is successful and the final few bits are hammered out to get at least a semblance of feature parity between Wayland and X.


20 years of VLC

  • 20 years ago a traffic cone was open-sourced and changed desktop media. 
  • It was a dark time when you would often need two or three separate applications to view media. 
  • RealPlayer, Quicktime, Windows media, whatever the heck was decoding DVDs that week. 
  • VLC kinda-sorta did them all. 
  • I’m not saying it was smooth sailing from the start but the idea of having one media player made a lot of sense. 
  • Over the years things kept getting bigger and better and now VLC can handle nearly anything. 
  • And that’s why in 2021 I’m proud to tell everyone I use mpv.  
  • VLC ❤!  The cross platform media powerhouse that streams, encodes, decodes and saved millions of people from having to use Windows Media Player!
  • Me and my 100s of students thank you!
  • It’s still my go to, for at least a sanity check when mpv poops the bed.


Tuxedo Pulse 15 with Ryzen 7

  • This is an absolutely beautiful Ryzen laptop, just wish it had at least a 1440 resolution screen.
  • That is a fine looking laptop!
  • It’s as thin-and-light as a 15.6” laptop can get and it packs a chonky APU.
  • Configured how I would like it (Ryzen 7, 2x8GB RAM, 500GB SSD), it comes in at €1085.
  • That’s a very nice price for the amount of oomph inside the casing.


HDMI 3.Nope

  • Consumer activism at LGC! 
  • I picked this up for the lulz and morbid curiosity. 
  • Didn’t expect this level of nonsense. 


SS Itanic

  • Remember when Intel wanted to go 64-bit?
  • The plan was to play catchup with the likes of DEC Alpha and SUN. 
  • AMD64 ended up winning out in the consumer / server space. 
  • The last shipments of Itanium have been sent and support is nigh. 
  • All that talk about getting rid of 32bit and here we are, dropping support for 64bit.
  • Just imagine where we would be today if DEC could have continued the development of their 128 bit processor, and even a 256 bit processor they were planning after that.


LibreOffice New Generation

  • LibreOffice has just announced LibreOffice New Generation which is a project to bring new and younger people to the community.
  • This is a great idea, because a lot of LibreOffice users are students at schools and colleges using free and open source software.
  • And LibreOffice is asking them to give feedback on what they use it for and how it can be improved.
  • The Document Foundation has been issuing Open Badges for community contributions and wants to give these to younger users.
  • Anyone can join their Telegram group and help them with ideas to get young people involved in LibreOffice.
  • Devs need a lot more recognition, especially open sauce developers.
  • I support this initiative.


JackTrip meets WebRTC

  • Wow, this is especially needed today, and would solve all those out of sync orchestral concerts we see on Zoom and other webRTC platforms.
  • I’m going to be playing around with this since Jordan has taken the time to spool it up. 
  • If you’re thinking about using this for video conferencing look elsewhere. 
  • It does not have echo cancelation, noise reduction, high-pass filtering etc. 



  • Because of the Linux kernels ability to pass messages very quickly, Linux is used in the financial sector and Wall Street.
  • So having a stock ticker in terminal makes sense!
  • Considering how Linux users are usually down to “fight the system”, I’d be surprised if quite a few didn’t jump on the current investment bandwagon.
  • That said, having a little extra tool to keep you up-to-date on those stock values and trends could be very helpful
  • And not just for the memes either.


RIP Pine Phone Community Editions (RTheren)

  • Okay?
  • Mobian Community Edition PinePhones is still available so go hoard them.
  • As for software – it won’t be long before an OS worthy of being your daily driver becomes ready.
  • These were effectively dev kits.
  • They’re moving on to work on the real deal.
  • Pine64 said on Twitter:  “We are currently in the process of working out alternative ways for supporting all existing projects. Stay tuned.” and “We’re looking into implementing a solution to support all eligible OSes directly.”

Slice of Pi

ES Emulator on Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Looking to make a $4 NES Mini?
  • And you thought it was only for making LEDs blink. 
  • This is a $4 microprocessor board simulating a 6502 plus all the NES hardware (PPU, APU) while bit-banging VGA signals and PWM audio.
  • Thar be some glitches but, yeah. 






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