LWDW 127: Twenty-Five Years Of Slack

Slackware turns 25, Debian joins the KDE advisory board, Liberapay is in trouble and a handy guide for USB over IP. All this plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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  • This is the distro that taught me Linux \:-D/
    • I remember configuring XF86Config, getting Slackware installed, and running WMaker for the first time!
    • I still have my original install of Slack on one of my 486s.  It still boots and runs great!
    • The ZipSlack FAT DOS loopback directory install was fun also, and was the predecessor to the Linux Live CD/USB.
  • The Wine project, which many people first started using on Slackware, also turns 25 this year.
  • I remember installing 1.00 because I had to buy a multipack of floppies.
  • It needed something like 20 and CD burners were still astronomically expensive.
  • First time I managed to get XFree86 up and running.
  • Mother of FSM did I squee.
  • I was full time RedHat (The Ubuntu of its day) by 1997.


Linux light

  • Looking forward to Lubuntu 18.10 which will be the first distro to use LXQt 0.13.0 as its default desktop.
  • If you are only running one monitor this distro works great!
  • The 18.04 LTS release of Ubuntu will be the last to support older 32 bit hardware.  Lubuntu will have to switch to a Debian base to continue to support older hardware.
  • Lubuntu has replaced Puppy on the T42.


GNOME direction

  • Debian and KDE have always had a close relationship and this formalizes it.
  • Does this mean the default WM for Debian will be KDE Plasma running Wayland?
    • This wouldn’t surprise me, since KDE has always ran very stable on Debian.
  • Is this Debian saying GNOME isn’t scratching their particular itch?
  • Are we going to get a passive aggressive blog post from GNOME about this like we’ve had for every other time?
  • Honestly, I don’t think so.
  • Debian’s default has always been gnome and they have an official KDE spin, there’s no point.
  • Though it may shake up Neon. Debian based KDE Neon incoming.



  • I had no idea catfish was a thing #TIL
  • It’s a handy little search GUI.
  • Probably going to continue using locate.
  • Nice GUI alternative to the “find” terminal command.
    • sudo  find / | grep ftw!
  • I have been using Catfish for years.




Cash out

  • One of the downsides of using an external processor.
  • Cutting a business partner off without a proper reason is a good way to start a very nasty fire.
    • Depends on the size of the business.
  • Basically payment processors don’t want to be party to money laundering or anything illegal.
  • While I don’t agree with the processor cutting them off without notice I understand their position.
  • It’s going to be a learning process for Liberapay.  


Hardware over ethernet

  • USB/IP lets you use USB devices connected to other machines on your network as if they were plugged directly into your computer.
  • USB/IP is not a well known service, but is included in all modern linux kernels 3.17 onwards.
  • This is a great way to network old USB printers and scanners across a network that do not have ethernet ports.
  • This is great for all kinds of businesses to give people access to printers, scanners, cameras, etc. and all they need a laptop connected to WIFI



  • If you don’t update your firmware from 4.1.0 to 5.0.0 on your Switch, you can still use the fail0verflow exploit we talked about in May on LWDW116 to run Debian Linux on it.
  • Nintendo figured out how to bypass the crispy fuse!
  • Firmware baked into the flaky USB debug boot shell.

Review: $70 1080p60 HDMI Capture Card

  • Thing, I made a thing.
  • Short story long, it’s worth $70.

Slice of Pi


  • Moral of the story, buy an old router and slap DD WRT on it.
  • An article from PC Gamer about how to set up a wifi hotspot with a raspi.
  • I-… I can’t help but feel like the author of this article wishes he was writing for some other outlet.


ButterPi in the sky

  • I’m amazed that the glider didn’t catch on fire after the wire was burned to release it from the high altitude balloon.
  • This time it landed in the same zip code, progress.
  • Going from 10K in the first run to 10m with this latest one is actually pretty dang impressive.


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