VLC 3.0 has arrived! Razer snubs Linux, KDE Slimbook receives a hardware refresh and 1080p Netflix is now a thing. All this plus your emails.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro


VLC 3.0

  • 4K video decoding at something faster than the speed of smell is a welcome addition.
  • Experimental wayland support.
  • Support for the Samsung Dex dockable devices.


About time

  • Wow, that’s about two years too late for me.
  • Chromecast and Fire sticks are now my thing.
  • Mind you, it works.
  • Netflix locking down 1080p playback on Linux unless it sees it as ChromeOS.
  • You have to be really petty to pull something like that!
    • Remember kids, it’s the studios that make these artard rules.


Git the trend

  • And the trending stuff was… drum roll, please… Electron framework apps.
  • Sorry, “cross platform development”.
  • Well, there is also a rise in machine learning so with some luck the singularity will realize Electron is a cancer and do something to stop it… or find Sara connor.


Speeking off Elektron

  • Oh sweet mother of FSM hurry up and enable this.
  • Also, Canary #TIL.
  • Seriously, I did not realize how dependant I was on Mr. Red Squiggly Line until Discord became a thing.


Default snaps

  • Long as I’m free not to use them.
  • I like the Snap but it needs quite a bit more time in the oven.
  • Have snaps finally stopped spawning a retarded lowercase folder in $HOME?
  • Cuz I’m going to keep all the snap*.services disabled until it doesn’t.


USB in 2018

  • You guys and gals really done goofed on that one KDE.
  • I knew the sliding notification thingy was busted because sometimes it would scale the icons to 512×512 when I plugged a USB flash drive in, I didn’t know it was this bad.
  • 5.12.0 LTS and 5.8.9 LTS now properly sanitize the name field of the flash drive regardless of where you’re mounting it from.



  • TIL indeed.
  • Just use auto-apt.
  • It picks up on most dependencies.



  • Y’all got any of that, Ryzen?
  • Power button is still in the worst place.
  • Keyboard looks pretty similar, as whole actually.
  • It’s about 1K for a usable (8GB RAM) config.
  • CPU refresh, DDR4 memory, and better wifi.
  • Oh, and a clicky touchpad.


Cutting edge

  • If your gerbil requires special drivers you have made questionable life choices.
  • <reee>
  • How is this news?
  • I have a mouse which while it doesn’t need special drivers, it certainly gains a lot more functionality with them.
  • Roccat themselves have never officially supported Linux, they gave Stefan all the hardware so he could try and figure out how to reverse engineer a driver on his own.
    • Eventually he just burnt out.
  • This isn’t burning out, this is throwing your toys out of the pram and stomping your widdle baby feet, saying “Razer was mean to me”.
  • So, this guy learned a life lesson.
  • Don’t believe anything said by a soulless corporation, nay!
  • Judge them by what they do.



  • That’s one way to sort the issue.
  • People deliberately doing their own thing and claiming ignorance on the license for the software they’re distributing can be infuriating.
  • But the moment you lash out against one of those projects, everyone else is going to think twice about including your stuff in their repos.
  • If that’s your intention, kudos! If not… your project will fall into oblivion.
  • Openbsd-wip: This tree is to be used to maintain and eventually migrate ports into the official OpenBSD ports tree.
  • “You must comply with the directive or you must disable official branding for your builds.”
    • *removes project*
  • That, ladies and gents is 100% a “I don’t have time for this” move.

Slice of Pi

Knock knock


It was not our fault

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