LWDW: Kneecapped Linux

NPM explodes! Canonical wants you to opt-in, Wayland needs documentation and where is XFCE 4.14? All this plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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  • V5.7.0 either crashes the system, various local apps, or prevents the system from booting.
  • Dude on Reddit noticed some wackiness and opened a pull request.
  • It was ignored but that’s the norm for outside pull requests.
  • The issue is that if you run NPM with sudo, like say you would if you were deploying it to a server for use by several people, it messed with /usr and /boot permissions.
  • I think we all know what happens when you mess with the permissions of system-wide folders.
  • <Le>I’ve had a look at the pull request that was supposed to fix the issue. Deleting whole chunks of code and changing a tool’s behavior is NEVER going to get approved, the guy noticed something weird (that could have been easily fix with a small patch) and went on and removed the whole sudo related code from the project.
  • THIS is an example of how the Node community is immature. No experienced developer would send a PR like that.</Le>
  • 1. Don’t test in production, kids (yes, deploying something that has just been released == testing in production)
  • 2. Developers, if you are going to ignore pull requests make sure you don’t do something as boneheaded as this.


Lappy refresh

  • Purism announced that it has successfully integrated Trammel Hudson’s Heads security firmware into its Trusted Platform Module (TPM)-equipped Librem laptops.
  • Heads is an open-source computer firmware and configuration tool that aims to provide better physical security and data protection.
  • They also now offer free international shipping.
  • Which means people ordering from all over can get their purism laptops for slightly cheaper.


Opt-in Upgrade

  • It’s a start.
  • If you are upgrading Canonical will ask permission before collecting your data.


Browser alternatives

  • Ah, a list of browsers i’ve never heard of.
    • We did hear about Pale Moon last week, even if it was just because the dev went in to the BSD proposed packages git and told them to stop.
  • Moral of the story is this.
  • If you are going to use a fork make dang sure you have a valid reason and understand (for the most part) you are using a less secure product.


Yaba daba

  • Another ChromiumOS respin to give Hexxeh a run for his money.


Linux on Linux

  • Don’t know if i’m a fan of this.
  • Rather like the KISS mentality of Chrome OS
  • Would much rather see Android apps run on Linux with official google support than this.
    • That’s a great idea unless you are in the business of selling Chromebooks.


WHAR 4.14

  • “Xfce’s situation is a bit concerning because by the time Xfce 4.14 is out, GTK+ 4 could already be released as stable.”
    • Didn’t stop them from releasing 4.12 with barely any GTK3 support.
  • Honestly, having used Fedora 27 with XFCE for a bit, I wouldn’t mind a few of the apps which need work being replaced with something else which already does have GTK3 support.
    • Replace Squeeze with file-roller,XFBurn with Brasero, volumed with pasystray or volume-icon.
  • Not broke, don’t need fixin.
  • Ever wonder why XFCE users look at you a bit sideways when you talk about issues with your Desktop Manager?
  • It’s the Debian stable of DM’s.


RTFM argument defeated

  • Points, dude has them.
  • I was surprised that there is no real central documentation.

Slice of Pi

Water Pi (fan of cavity searches?)

  • Zero, this has a TSA acceptance factor of ZERO.
    • That’s a homemade pipe bomb!


Car Pi

  • Not entirely sure how the etymological side of me feels about the the word “carputer”



  • ARCH is a good way to learn Linux because it has a massive community behind it.
  • You know what communities foster?
  • Yeah, all the stuff that helps you learn the Linux.
  • Also, even all you’re doing is following the wiki you learn that the wiki is a good place to go to solve issues.
  • I don’t know about you, strider, but I wished the Arch Wiki was a thing back in 2005.

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