LWDW 113: Con Of The Pengui

We’re talking Penguicon 2018! MATE releases a cybernetic beaver, NVIDIA drops 32-bit drivers and System76 goes native.


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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Pedro Jill


Local 76

  • This is awesome and will allow System76 to have full creative control over their hardware manufacturing and allow them to iterate hardware and design changes immediately.
  • This will not only allow them to have full control over their open software with their Ubuntu Linux based Pop!_OS but also let them achieve their dream of world class open hardware for desktops and laptops.



  • That GIMPshoop is bad.
  • A curved 24” monitor is laughably pointless.
  • I like the idea of All in Ones.
  • I’m their target audience but as far as “your typical user” is concerned, AiOs sound really good.
  • But you’re still stuck with Intel integrated graphics and no type C port.
  • I like the idea of AiOs, but this one isn’t selling me on it.
  • And for €850 you can build yourself a much more powerful box.
  • AiOs almost always suffer from upgradeability.


Spectre slowdown

  • Hate all you want but unless you are full-metal Black Helicopter there is no reason to keep it enabled if you receive a performance penalty.
  • See, calling your kernel -insecure is a great tactic. That way no one is going to want to use it.
  • If no one uses it, you don’t have to maintain it.


Robot beaver V2 (beta)

  • LTS’s are like XMAS for me.
  • I can finally start breaking things in new and interesting ways with the knowledge that the foundation will remain stable.
  • Don’t worry Martin, I will give Mate the business as well.
  • The Minimal Installation for the new stable release is a nice addition.
    • This only installs the Mate desktop, utilities, themes and Firefox and is a great base for web and entertainment kiosks, such as for Kodi boxes and setting up a dedicated Steam Machine.
  • I’ve tried Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu and Mate 18.04.


VRML 2.0

  • Until I can get that AR dream pair of shades in which to browse the internet and get hit by a car because I stepped out onto the street and didn’t realize it.
    • *furiously begins development on said AR headset*


Not Chrome

  • So it’s a browser made from Android WebView.
  • A browser made from the embedded renderer of a Chrome.
  • Are we finally hitting peak Electron?
  • Is this Chromeception?


Video 2018

  • We have two “Pro” editors on the Linux.
    • DaVinci Resolve
    • Lightworks Pro
  • Native 10-bit support and the ability to import 4K *.r3d files are the minimum accepted level for “pro”
  • As it stands, Kdenlive processes at 8 bit, regardless of source depth.
  • You can export 10 bit ProRes, but the extra data is just padded.
  • Broadcast standard is still 8-bit and most TVs are 8-bit, except for the latest HDR sets that are 10-bit.  So “Pro” for broadcast still will work for Kdenlive, just not for film/movies.


Brake UI

  • Still waiting for it to hit the PPA.
  • It appears to be more, condensed.
  • Proper support for QuickSync, though you could already use it with the CLI version.
  • Updated libraries for video and audio codecs, which will increase rendering performance, quality and speed.


lupDujHomwIj lubuy’moH gharghmey

  • While the usefulness is questionable it’s still wicked neat.


There 4 lights users

  • These surveys have never taken into account, nor can they accurately count, one of the many ways linux is shared, via flash drives, ISO copies, optical media and virtual machine installs. In this way, one download of a distro can result in hundreds of desktop installs.
  • Also, not all linux installs, like many RasPi projects and Render farm networks for example, are necessarily connected to the internet and can be measured by web browser usage.
  • Many of us Linux users also know how to block the tracking methods used to generate the numbers used for these surveys.
  • There are millions of desktop Linux users despite the fraction of 1% that the NetMarketShare, StatCounter and Digital Analytics Program surveys report.


RIP 32 bit

  • I really want to know if this affects anyone within the sound of my voice-organ.



  • If those 2700X drop to like £250, I don’t even care.
  • Looks like I will be building a new Ryzen 2700X rig in the very near future :-D

Slice of Pi

Pi Speed

  • I have played around with overclocking the card reader in one of my RasPi 3 Model Bs to increase the Read speed of loading large video files, and noticed about a 15-20% speed increase on a Samsung Evo Plus.
  • Of course, overclocking can corrupt your cards quicker so it is not good for

long-term use.


HighQ Pi

  • Someone actually used a Compute Module, neat!


Arch Deux




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