LWDW 123: Will It Blend?

YouTube blocks Blender videos worldwide, Red Hat introduces a GPLv3 “cure” provision and Google releases VR180 Creator for Linux… but not Windows. All this, plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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YouTube gonna YouTube

  • They blocked all the MIT OpenCourseWare videos as well.
  • Taken at face value if a channel gets large enough YT wants to monetize it.  
  • From a business POV it’s understandable.
  • From a fostering goodwill POV it’s not.
  • Go for a copyright deadlock or just include a few seconds from anything we make and YT will de-monetize it automatically.
  • Google, you are a sponsor of the Blender Foundation and this should not be happening.
  • The Blender Fundamentals videos can be viewed here:
  • I use these videos to help teach my students Blender, and am glad I already have them all downloaded.
  • Google’s been trying to make Youtube, if not profitable, to break even.
  • They’re deliberately scaring people away to reduce the amount of money they need to spend on just uptime.
  • Unfortunately, dwindling people means dwindling advertising opportunities and a much smaller return for ad companies.
  • Youtube has entered this downward spiral.


Redhat GPL

  • So you get a little bit-o-time to comply after you’ve been found out.
  • Good on Red Hat for once again fostering the Open Source community and making it easier to submit code.
  • You’re no longer liable the moment you’re made aware and, as the article mentions, GPL2 was not forgiving to people new to licensing.
  • Allowing the same cure period for GPL2 and LGPL 2.1 as they do in the v3 feels less smitty. Like you didn’t just create a license to shaft new users, Sony…



  • Between this and free software being under attack in the EU, things are scary right now for Open Source and the GPL :-(
  • The Free Software Foundation and Electronic Frontier Foundation are busy with the EU, but I haven’t seen any mention of the CPTPP with either of them or the Software Freedom Conservancy.
  • Very good flowchart, it gave my the gist of the issue.



  • This is the way we used to have to install chrome plugins before inline installation was available.
  • This is one of the reasons why I use Firefox for plugins most of the time.
  • The YouTube Downloader plugins used to not be available in the Chrome Extensions store, but are now.
  • I need a list of plugins (people actually install) that are not in the web store.
  • IMNSHO you should have to jump through a hoop to install a plugin.
  • Wait this wasn’t already a thing?
  • I guess this explains some people’s Chrome browser at my work.


ctrl + r

  • Sudo !! is one of my favorite shortcuts, saves time, and have been using it for a long time.
  • !* is also quite useful.
  • And while not a trick displaying the most-used commands in your history is always neat.
  • These articles are always interesting, but you never remember any of the commands they discussed unless you were already using them.


Mesa 18.1.1

  • Better Vulkan and OpenGL performance, updated Tegra, Nouveau, and Intel drivers, as well as support for the OpenGL 4.5 API.


VR 180

  • VR180 Creator is a VR Video Editor and Converter for videos shot on 180 and 360-degree cameras, such as the Lenovo Mirage Camera, and other inexpensive and prosumer VR cameras.
  • Using VR180 Creator you can import and convert video footage shot on a VR camera to a more versatile video file that you can open and edit in a desktop video editor like Kdenlive or OpenShot, etc.
  • Released for Linux and Mac only :-D
  • Easy to install and run, and is a good use of an Electron App.
  • I did several tests with existing 2D video.  You can bring in a 2D video also with the “Prepare for publishing” option and it will convert it to 3D which you can then upload to YouTube.
  • Converts fast.
  • VR180 cameras allow creators to shoot three-dimensional, immersive photos and videos using affordable cameras that are small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • The story here is that Googs has made VR180 available for Lin/MAC only.


Apple on Linux

  • A web player for your Apple music, neat.
  • Granted, it could break at any time.
  • Download the music you bought from iTunes, plop it on something else and stop giving apple money?

Slice of Pi


  • A high-performance RasPi battery power system with UPS and power manager.
  • Power management options include boot-up and shutdown button/touch options, input voltage, battery voltage, and RTC functionality.
  • An older version is available for only $35.00, just a few dollars more than the price of a RasPi:  https://www.tindie.com/products/xorbit/lifepo4weredpi/
  • This is so needed for mission critical RasPi projects, for projects that need wireless solutions, and for using a RasPi server.



  • I have seen many K-9s at Conventions over the years, including one controlled by a RasPi, but none have been quite as sophisticated as this one with machine learned room mapping using ultrasound sensors.
    • But, is he a good doggy?






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