Steampac 3D – Steampunk Meets PAC Man

Update: 32-bit binaries and .deb packages have been added.

Right now the game is only available for 64-bit Linux systems. That said, you can run steampac_1_0.blend directly on 32-bit systems by executing the following command “blenderplayer *.blend” from the SteamPac_1_0_linux64 directory.

About: Steampac is a maze game inspired by the popular Pac-man (also known in Spain as “Comecocos”), even with a different aesthetic (steampunk style) and with characters and scenes made in 3D. This game is fully developed with Blender and uses his game engine. Except a couple of lines of code in python, all programming has been carried out by “logic bricks”. The Standalone Player has a 640×480 resolution and uses a GLSL Shader.




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