LWDW 132: Wild West Mode

Debian turns 25, Mozilla removes snoopy add-ons, GIMP 2.10.6 gets vertical and Flatpak 1.0 is ready for production. Then we discuss the latest edition to Steam Play, Proton.


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Pedro Jill

Debian Turns 25

  • On the coattails of Slackware recently turning 25 years old, Debian now turns 25!
  • Debian is one of the oldest, most popular and actively developed Linux distros.
  • It is the swiss army knife of all the linux distros and supports every computer architecture.
  • The Advanced Package Tool, or Apt, revolutionized the way we install and uninstall software in Linux, and has become the canonical for all the package management tools in every Linux distro, including, of course, Debian based Ubuntu.
  • 14 years of being the less brown version of Ubuntu.
  • Composed of free software only so you can say GNU Linux unironically.
  • Debian Stale is still known for its ability to Just Work™… for ever.
  • Google uses it.


RIP Lubuntu

  • You can now update from Lubuntu 16.04 to 18.04.
  • They’re going to be moving to Wayland+Mir by 2010, so they claim.
  • Yes, Mir! Not Patrick.
  • Moving to Wayland because they are porting Openbox to use the Mir display server.
  • Mir survived, and still has a team of Canonical employees working on it #TIL
  • If you have a NVIDIA card thar still be dragons.


Tube control

  • Works well in Cinnamon.
  • A Firefox extension coming soon.
  • Several audio players under Linux already do playing from the sound applet, so playing YouTube videos from there is convenient as well.
  • Someone integrate this with KDE connect so it’ll pause my Youtube or Netflix videos when I get a call, or allow me to control stuff from the couch.
    • Something something VLC remote.


23 snoopy plugins

  • It’d be great if Google the same with Android
  • I’m shocked Google has not done the same as well, they hate competition.
  • Some developers have pushed back claiming it was not outright maliciousness, just sloppy code.
  • A lot of widely used add-ons, like YouTube downloaders, YouTube ad blockers and Popup blockers are on the list.
  • Good on you Firefox for doing this first, especially since you are the most loved and the original plugin web browser in history.


Calling all NVME owners

  • Ooof! Trusting gnome to update the firmware on my SSD…
  • Give those bits.
  • We desperately need better tools for managing NVME under Linux.
  • Richard Hughes helped get Lenovo to the Linux Vendor Firmware Service and now he needs our help in deciding what brands of NVMe SSD to have Firmware support for.


GIMP 2.10.6

  • Available on Flathub
  • Can I finally draw a circle in under three steps?
  • Vertical
    • T
    • e
    • x
    • T
  • The GEGL-based filter “Long Shadow” lets you create drop shadows easily without having to use several tools to achieve the desired effects.
  • Streamlined file dialog filtering.
  • A GIMP extension repository will be added in the future to easily install plugins and effects.
    • I am looking forward to my beloved GAP (Gimp Animation Plugin) plugin to be available in this repository, instead of having to install it separately after GIMP is installed.


Flat 1.0

  • Is 1.0 really that much of a selling point?
  • And what does that mean?
    • That it’s no longer 0.9.
  • Flatpak 1.0 is faster, more reliable, has fixed a lot of bugs, and has new features.
  • Flatpak 1.0 introduces per app permissions like Snap apps.
  • New features for application developers:
    • Developers can mark versions of their apps as end of life
    • There’s a new mechanism for apps to restart themselves.
  • The Flatpak developers are also taking the beta label off their Flathub service.


Android integration

  • Last May we talked about GSConnect v11, and apparently there was a bug that you could not access files from your Android device in 18.04.  
  • That has now been fixed with GSConnect v12.



  • Audio can be orientated either horizontally or vertically now in the mixer panel.
  • And, most importantly, I noticed that audio decibel levels are more accurate now switching to “True Peek” instead of “Sample Peak” in the audio settings panel.
    • True Peak does use more CPU, but it is worth it.
  • No crashing yesterday, though there was some flickering from the Vsync in game.
  • Having some options for Multiview is a welcome addition since its what we use for return video.


Steamy WINE

  • We do our best to avoid gaming related topics on this show but…
  • It allows you to launch Google Earth so technically not gaming \:D/
  • It uses Proton, a modified distribution of WINE.
  • Valve was backing the development of DXVK.
  • Right now it’s the wild west (far as compatibility) so YMMV.
  • Steam Play makes with the working on Ubuntu 16.04 on most of the Windows games I tested!
  • The Witness, Thumper, Puzzle Dimension, all of which work on Steam Play but still perform better on Lutris with better fps and faster rendering.
  • Am looking forward to more testing . . . especially with the triple A games on Linux.
  • But, honestly, have very few Windows games on Steam library.
  • Am also looking forward to trying more Windows only software in Steam.  Demos are a thing.

Slice of Pi


  • Make your very own Blueberry Pi!
  • An open source Single Board Computer running Linux using the Allwinner V3 chipset and a two layered board that is inexpensive to produce.
  • Beside the ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1.2GHz, the Allwinner V3 System on Chip has built-in 64 Megabyte of RAM and an Ethernet PHY.




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