LWDW 144: Space Penguins

A Linux powered supercomputer on the ISS opens for business! Sysget 2.0 adds support for Flatpaks, FMA needs your help and debunking the fragmentation myth.


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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro


  • I was really sad to hear about this.
  • The Free Music Archive is one of the websites that I send my students to to get music for their animations.
  • Glad the music will be archived at archive.org so we will still have access.
  • It was a great project for a quite a while.
  • Last few years it has/had become a dumping ground for copyrighted indie music.  


Suso to install

  • And I stopped reading at the point they say it needs to be granted admin privileges to run.
  • If you’re downloading or copy pasting sudo commands from the interwebs and running them without a second look, you had it coming!
  • IT and system administrators should use good security practices and common sense:
    • Minimize the use of unverified libraries or repositories.
    • Employing good security and access control policies.
    • Regularly patching and updating systems.
  • Wild guess, it requires installing a media streaming plugin?
  • *checks story*
  • Oh look, it does.
  • The headline should read “What happens when filthy Windows users pirates try Linux”



  • When we covered the news on LWDW two weeks ago when IBM acquired Red Hat, Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical, put out a statement on the IBM acquisition of Red Hat.
  • After reading that article several times, I felt that Shuttleworth was saying that Ubuntu will remain committed to business as usual, and no company will be acquiring its assets.
  • This most recent article reaffirmed that belief, and that his vision for Canonical and Ubuntu has not yet been achieved and he was not ready to sell to anyone.
  • Canonical is in an interesting place because as the article points out, they don’t really need the money.
  • The problem with an IPO is that it comes with strings e.g. investors.


More music

  • Another Electron app with a really nice user interface.
  • Gradio, Radio Tray, Lollypop and the all around music players VLC, Rhythmbox and Clementine are great alternatives.
  • And the first one that I ever used and still use is StreamTuner 2.
  • I’m glad the top comments pointed out the obvious!
    • Something something Pidora.
  • I’ll keep giving Electron a tough time, don’t you worry, but it can be really useful in some situations.
  • Like having a nice GUI designed to give you a unified experience among several different services, as is the case here.
  • It’s only available as a Snap so yeah, good luck with that.


Android DNS

  • It’s no VPN but handy if you are out and about.


Space Linux

  • Pizza box servers for the win, and can withstand the perils of space flight!  Doesn’t surprise me a bit ;-D
  • Why did nine of the computer’s 20 solid state drives fail?  
    • Cosmic rays do have noticeable effects on electronics.
  • You got a bad batch, and spinning rust should be used as a backup.
  • Most space station built computers use hard drives that are embedded SoCs.
  • SSDs don’t do well in space, apparently.


Sysget 2.0

  • This is nice!
  • If I had to throw one bit of criticism is that sysget is 3 characters longer than it should be.
  • syg install <package> should do just fine.
  • Command line universal package manager for the win!
  • Sysget is a front-end wrapper script for package managers, and it uses Debian apt-get commands and is easy to use.
  • When you run Sysget for the first time you are asked to choose which package manager you want to use.  And of course, you pick the one your distro is using.



  • He’s going to bring up the fragmentation argument, guaranteed.
  • “The Linux desktop has also been plagued by fragmentation.”
    • Ah, there it is.
  • While I will reluctantly agree on the Desktop issue (one that could be easily fixed by everyone installing XFCE) another point is a bit head scratching.
  • The containerized package system work no matter the distro because that’s kinda the point, Brad.

Slice of Pi


  • This, this is about a 1000x better present vs one of the store bought deals.
  • This is awesome!
  • It’s a controller console like we’ve seen in the past but with sensible design.
  • It even makes the controller a bit thicker for helping with grown up manchild hands!
  • The SNES controller is my favorite controller of all time!  One of the best RasPi Zero projects ever!


RISCy business

  • Yeah, RISC OS goes Open Source under the Apache 2.0 License!

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