A Hardware Thing: Fire HD 10 Root + Nova Launcher

In this quick-and-dirty how-to we’re rooting our 2017 Fire HD 10 and replacing the Fire Launcher with Nova.

Before we get started, we need to become a developer by tapping Serial Number (in Device Options) 7 times and enable ADB in “Developer Options”.

0. Never download files from some random Linux gaming site.

1. Download FireRoot and extract the folder.

2. Install adb

sudo apt install adb


3. Connect the tablet and copy all the files from the FireRoot folder to the Fire’s internal storage.

adb push *.* /data/local/tmp


4. Change permissions on the files:

adb shell
cd /data/local/tmp
chmod 755 *


5. Run the exploit

./Matrix /data/local/tmp 2


6. Wait for the process to complete (it will take a minute or two). If it’s successful, you will see something like the following as it completes:

[*] exploited 0x7f83021000=f97cff8c

NOTE: If it does not report success as depicted above (note that the memory address exploited might be different, but the end result has to indicate “0” and “Done”), delete everything from /data/local/tmp/, hard reboot the tablet, and retry (starting from step 3). Failure is likely if an exploit check takes greater than 30 seconds, in which case the device may have to be manually rebooted.


7. Confirm by getting to a root shell:



8. Exit the adb shell and install SuperSU

adb shell pm install -r -d /data/local/tmp/eu.chainfire.supersu_2.82-SR5-282_minAPI9(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk


9. Open SuperSU and update binary as Normal (should be successful).

10. Click to reboot.

11. Set SuperSU to Grant as default access.

12. Delete the two wondershare directories in /data/data-lib/:

adb shell
cd /data/data-lib
rm -r com.wondershare.DashRoot
rm -r wondershare


1. Download and install Nova Launcher like you would normally.
2. Disable the Fire Launcher.

adb shell
pm disable com.amazon.firelauncher | com.amazon.device.sale.service
pm clear com.amazon.firelauncher



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