LWDW 165: Microsoft’s Perfect World

Visual Studio Snaps, GIMP plays with buckets, Purism becomes PIA’s first OEM partner, and Fedora on ARM.

Linux on social media
Fedora on ARM
Purisim PIA
GIMP 2.10.10
DaVinci Resolve 16
Open source Video conferencing
Visual Studio Snap
Abandoning Windows
Shameless self promotion
Disabling Pi logs
Listener feedback


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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

Linus on social

  • Linus, like us, loved Google+ for the many reasons he complains about the other social media platforms.
  • We’re getting old, culture is changing around us.
  • Adapt or yell @ clouds.
    • They’re mostly comprised of Linux servers, anyway.
  • And he has a point!
  • Twitter is fighting a losing battle with bot farms.
  • Facebook has landed itself in enough hot water to boil a medium sized sovereign nation.
  • And Google+, to the end, was absolutely littered with SPAM.
  • Social media is crap.
  • Crap where the maggots grow into the scum of the earth.
  • Scum which inevitably starts to shape the real world around them and the crap that it was fostered on.
  • I’ll get off my soap box, now!


Fedora on ARM

  • Great battery life for the win!  The Lenovo Miix 630 is one of these Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 devices Red Hat is focusing on and it has a 22 hour battery life under Windows.
  • Red Hat has always been at the forefront of improving Linux hardware support, and this is no exception.
  • ARM-based laptops running Linux with 20 hour battery life have long been a wish for many.  
  • Right now Snapdragon 850 laptops are underpowered and overpriced but you have to start somewhere.
  • Don’t expect Fedora on the ARM laptop to ship in this cycle.
  • Price is the big one, here.
  • Why would you spend £700 on a laptop that, while it lasts for a Venn wake cycle, is constantly outperformed in everything else and can’t play the games an x86 laptop will for half the price?
  • It’s a hard sell, especially if you want to make the case for Linux in a corporate environment.
  • Yeah, the battery life is awesome-sauce but editing that spreadsheet in Excel 365 is painful, and it’s more expensive!
  • A tablet + keyboard can do 95% of this business for like, $300.


Purism PIA’s

  • This is a perfect fit for both companies, that have both fought in court for our privacy protections and are aligned with the EFF.  Todd Weaver, CEO and founder of Purism, was in court fighting for much stronger consumer privacy protections and Ted Kim CEO of PIA, was in court stating that they do not log their customers’ data.
  • This is really an amazing partnership, and I have been impressed with the progressive nature of Purism and their products, but have realized that this really puts them at the next level in the industry and they may become the new standard of security in businesses today.
  • PIA’s continued support of Linux projects and contributions to Linux in many ways are the reason I decided to pay them, when I was basically forced to get a VPN to retain the same level of access I did  in Portugal.
  • They have a fancy GUI for Ubuntu, but if you setup OpenVPN to work with NetworkManager you can set PIA to work in a more “integrated” fashion.
  • It’s the best way, in my opinion!


GIMP 2.10.10

  • I have been eagerly waiting for this!  GIMP 2.10.10 has been released with lots of new features and bug fixes.
  • The Bucket Fill tool has a new algorithm for painters. You can now use the “Fill by line art detection” tool which allows you to fill areas surrounded by “line arts” which fills pixels near the lines and closes line gaps automatically.
    • This is a huge!  Bucket fill tools in all graphics applications have the problem  when there is a gap in a line or a path isn’t closed color spills out into unwanted areas
  • The Scale tool now scales from the center instead of the outside corner.
  • The Unified Transform tool defaults to preserving the aspect ratio when scaling up or down.


Black Magic DaVinci Resolve 16

  • DaVinci Neural Engine for AI and deep learning features
  • Improved GPU performance for Fusion 3D operations.
  • Cross platform GPU accelerated tools.
  • I tried to get it running using the little deb converter tool but no joy.
  • DaVinci Resolve 16 now comes with an amazing and innovative new editing interface called “cut page” which features dual timeline editing.
  • One timeline is like the traditional non-linear video editing, and the other like a classic analog tape stream of all your clips from your project bins.
  • This makes searching and editing thru all your clips faster and easier.
  • Zooming in and out of your timeline is extremely slow and cumbersome, especially with large projects, and this new cut page feature helps eliminate the need, and carpal tunnel syndrome!
  • Cut page is a new editing workflow aimed at television commercials, newscasts and other productions that need to meet tight deadlines and fast turnarounds on their projects
  • Blackmagic Design now does all their new software and hardware announcements at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, and one of these years I will attend.


Top 10 video conferencing

  • It’s a checklist for when Jitsi next done goofs!
  • RocketChat is built with Meteorjs and uses MongoDB on the backend, and is a self-hosted open source equivalent to Slack.  It features separate channels, audio and video calls, file sharing etc.
  • Mattermost is another open Slack alternative that is written in Golang and React and runs as a single Linux binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Since the advent of the WebRTC open source project, there are a lot of free chat and video conferencing alternatives.
  • The only product here that gets my coveted seal of ”don’t completely hate it” is Jitsi.
  • Discord being a distant second.


Visual Studio Snap

  • It’s been in a Snap before but this one is official.
  • Makes sense for Microsoft who now won’t have to support multiple distros by using a Snap.
  • They already have a .deb of Visual Studio Code.   
  • Between this and Powershell, I can see why this would make sense for Linux people.
  • What I don’t get is why an electron app needs another container around it.
  • Or why this is worth this much attention.


Reasons to abandon Widows

  • Unless “I like learning new things” is at the top of your list, don’t.
  • In their closing thoughts they do mention something along those lines.
  • But if you’re listening to this, chances are this is nothing new.
  • Even if you came into Linux land recently and you’re only looking for validation, you’re read this article before in many other sites.
  • The news to watch out for in this front is when Adobe says “The Creative Suite is now available on <some Linux flavor>”, that’s the turning point.
  • I think it’s also important to point out that switching to Linux for internet points is not a sound strategy.

Slice of Pi

Log to RAM

  • /etc/rsyslog.conf
  • After
  • ###############
  • #### RULES ####
  • ###############
  • *.*     ~
  • No more pesky logs.
  • Also, a fantastic way of preventing people from finding out what you did to their Pi.
  • Another great use of a RAMdrive, saving write cycles!
  • If you’re on an A series, disabling the extraneous logs is preferable since you’re already starved for RAM as it is.



  • Zoey, I am actually a bit of an openSUSE fan girl myself and have installed it on several computers as well as my blade render farm servers.
  • I love the innovation and community partnership that openSUSE shares with SLES, and enjoy attending the SUSE Expert days conferences.
  • I would have never met my good friend Mirppc and the wonderful openSUSE community if it wasn’t for me talking to them at the openSUSE booth at SCaLE every year.
  • Zypper is one of my favorite package managers too.



  • Oh, XFCE has its quirks but no showstoppers.
  • Thank you so much MikeG :-D

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